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Portfoliobox 3 |  Learn Design Colours & fonts

Use a colour scheme

Color Scheme is a set of a ready made colour combinations that Portfoliobox made for their users. This set of ready made colour combination will save you a lot of time when you don't have a specific colour designs/combination in mind that you can use to design your website. It can also be used to get an idea on what colour designs you can use in your website. 

To select a color scheme for your website, just follow these few steps: 

  1. Click on Design in your admin panel.
  2. Select Colors & Fonts.
  3. Click on the Color Scheme button and select from the list of color schemes offered by Portfoliobox.

Use a color scheme

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  • Dynamic Grid
  • Even Rows
  • Golden Ratio
  • Square Ratio
  • Align Center
  • Puzzle
  • Random
  • Horizontal
  • Horizontal 2
  • Horizontal 3
  • Vertical
  • Two-One
  • Three-One