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Ewa Fidziukiewicz

Portfolio of the week

August 13, 2018

© Ewa Fidziukiewicz


Who are you?

My background is fashion design, having studied a masters in fine art (fashion) in Poland, since moving to Australia and continuing my profession in the land down under. I have worked with some of Europe's largest brands and was on the team who designed Poland's Olympic team uniforms while specialising in activewear and womenswear. My passion is commercial fashion which enables me to deliver great designs to everyone, not just a select few. My love for activewear originated from the ability to bring new technologies into the fashion industry while allowing us designers to be super creative.


© Ewa Fidziukiewicz


What is your next creative project?

To master fashion photography. 


 How would you describe your work?

I started to work for a Sydney based company with two sister brands where I take care of not only fashion design but also graphics, eCommerce and Social Media content. It is this role which sparked my passion for fashion photography.



© Ewa Fidziukiewicz



Who are your biggest influences in the industry?

In activewear has always been Lacoste runway shows.

For womenswear and accessories, it's hard to point to one influencer but Sonia Rykiel has always been an important influencer for me,


What do you want your viewers to take away from your work?

How activewear due to its intricate design and advanced technology has influenced the entire industry and streetwear. That this type of design takes incredible discipline and has far-reaching implications. 



© Ewa Fidziukiewicz



What do you like about Portfoliobox?

Portfoliobox is flexible, I can always adjust my online portfolio easily in the way I want and it doesn't take any longer than if I was working on a traditional PDF document with Adobe.

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