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    Kev Munday

    Portfolio of the week

    March 20, 2020

    We are pleased to announce that this week’s Portfolio of the Week is brought to you by Kev Munday, a canvas artist from Hampshire in the United Kingdom. 


    From collaborating with homewares giant, IKEA, to designing for Walt Disney and drawing on a police car, Kev Munday has had a highly fruitful career to date. Starting out as a street artist at 16 years of age, Kev has found his love with canvas. He has also been featured in a wealth of prestigious exhibitions and publications throughout his time. As a result, he was nominated by The Telegraph as a ‘British artist to invest in right now’, as well as the best British artist of the year on Artfinder. 


    Let’s find out a bit more about Kev and explore what motivates him to design the work he does, as well as why he has chosen Portfoliobox as his preferred online portfolio!


    Q: Thank you for kindly agreeing to feature in our Portfolio of the Week! Your work is simply stunning and highly unique. What inspires you to come up with your designs?


    A: Thank you very much! My main sources of inspiration are – nature, people watching, animals and crowds. I sketch ideas relentlessly and am constantly trying to create new characters and images to express my ideas. 


    Q: From drawing on a police car to collaborating with IKEA! How did it feel to draw on a Police car and working with the world's most well-known homewares brand?


    A: Drawing on the police car was fantastic, it's definitely the most unusual canvas I've been asked to work on. It was commissioned by my local police force and they had me draw my images all over it in black marker pen and then they took it to pride events across the county and encouraged visitors to colour in the illustrations. They still use the car as one of their front-line vehicles and I'm regularly sent photos from people who have spotted it out and about on patrol.



    Working with IKEA was a dream come true. Every time I post a photo of one of my black and white artworks online, I get comments from people saying they want to colour it in, so getting to collaborate with IKEA on the colouring poster meant that we could make this possible on a big scale. They've sold over 30,000 copies of it worldwide and I love seeing photos of how different people have customised theirs.



    Q: Your work has featured in many prestigious publications and exhibitions, which one is your favorite and why?


    A: Probably exhibiting in The Royal Academy Of Arts Summer Exhibition. Me and my partner visit the show every year, and getting to take her there and show her that one of my paintings had made it onto the walls alongside so many of my art heroes was a proud moment.


    Q: If you could sum up the style of your work in one sentence, what would it be? Why?


    A: Colourful, fun, bold, simple paintings that brighten up your day.


    Q: What is next on the cards for Kev Munday? Do you have any spoilers?


    A: This month I have an exhibition with a gallery in Paris and am also showing a new collection of paintings at The Affordable Art Fair in Brussels. See my Portfoliobox website for more information.


    Q: I love your online portfolio with us, it could not be designed any better to feature the style of your work. What attracted you to Portfoliobox?


    A: For years I used design software to build and maintain my own website, but when I found Portfoliobox I knew I needed to switch over to it. I love the simplicity of the templates and how it lets the images do the talking so visitors can immediately see the work in a clear and straight forward way. The mobile website is also very handy to show collectors more of my work when talking face to face at exhibitions.



    We would like to extend our thanks to Kev for allowing us to interview him. Knowing what inspires him to produce the quality and nature of work he does. Furthermore, collaborating with such brands is such a great achievement so it is great to hear, directly from the source, what it means to him. Recently, he has uploaded a few free colouring posters to his website for those who have been subjected to self-isolation due to the current pandemic. He hopes that the posters will help the people to get through the boredom and this difficult period. You can download the posters here.


    Please do check out his work, his further achievements and the rest of his online portfolio on his website.


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