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Video Background Now Available


December 06, 2017



Available for Cover pages (Background, BigTitle, Links 1 & Links 3) and for Cover Sections in Section pages
Video size: maximum 12Mb 
Supported format: mp4

Move Images from Gallerie Pages to Gallerie Sections and vice-versa


December 01, 2017


Until now, you could move images from one gallery page to another gallery page. We have improved this setting by implementing Gallery Sections too. Now you can move images from:


• Gallery Page to Gallery Page
• Gallery Page to Gallery Section
• Gallery Section to Gallery Section
• Gallery Section to Gallery Page


Let us know what you think! 

Image Quality Settings


November 22, 2017


We have improved the general image quality on your site. We have also added a setting allowing you to control it. Choose between -1, 0 and 1. 


Image quality portfoliobox



Find it under Settings → Website → Image quality.


image quality portfoliobox

Let Us Present the Brand New & Wonderful Section Page


October 20, 2017

We have been working on a new version of One Pager. To make it even clearer, it's now called Section Page.


Same formula as One Pager except a lot more complete and versatile. Section pages are now filled with 13 section types and countless settings allowing you to control margins, padding, colour and size of each section. One Pager was good, Section Page is better!


Give it a try in your admin panel: Create Page → Section page.




See a live example here.

Don't miss the new site width feature!


May 08, 2017


Introducing the new site width feature: you can now change the width of your website, allowing you to zero out the side margins. Nice, right? Find it under Layout.


Please note that depending on the type of layout you choose (wide, centered, left or bottom), this feature will affect your website differently. No margins, for example, will only occur if you have chosen a wide layout.

New Resume Templates


March 08, 2017


2 new Resume templates are now available
for you to set up a beautiful CV on your website. 

Available under Create a page → Text → Resume

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