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    Marini Design&Craft

    Portfolio of the week

    June 03, 2019


    Who are you?

    MARINI Design&Craft is a small studio of two artists Jelena and Goran Marinic, based in Belgrade, Serbia. With a great desire to create beautiful and useful things, our love for woodcarving has grown into a line of kitchen and home essentials. Inspired by the natural textures and world outside our door. Finding inspiration in nature, trees, rivers, and cosey domestic life.  We design and make wooden trays, homeware decoration objects, and kitchenware with a timeless quality. Making everything with love, thoughtfulness, and with care for the future of the world, we live in. 



    What are you working on at the moment?

    Currently, we are preparing for a big project - manufacturing large quantities of decorative trays and tableware for the hotel chain located on Mykonos. Also, we are making our new series of mini-trays. The concept is based around the idea to have beautifully arranged office desk with handcrafted wooden pen holder or a jewelry tray on your nightstand. Something that will enrich your living or working space and inspire you with its design and uniqueness. 


    Is everything in your website handmade?

    All our items are handmade and designed in our studio. Handmaking one piece at the time and giving it our full attention, the process usually starts with rough sketches, after that we make a "prototype" that we apply in different types of wood. It never ceases to amaze us how certain shapes or design looks different depending on the type of wood that we use. For example, a spoon made out of maple gives a such a different impression than the same spoon carved in plum wood. We are especially lucky to have our studio located in orchards rich area where the tradition of planting and growing fruit trees are well established. This gives us a great opportunity for responsible sourcing of the materials, using beautiful and rare types of fruitwood (plum, apple, apricot, pearwood) for our work. 




    How does your workplace look like?

    Our woodworking studio is located in a suburban area, with the view on the garden and a big yard. It is a perfect place to do craving in the open air in spring and summer time. It consists of some basic woodworking tools, chisels, drills, and saws. We like that old school woodshop feel with no big industrial machinery involved. 


    Where can we buy your products?

    You can find our products in Zürich at Edition Populaire, in Vienna Die Sellerie, and in Belgrade at Domino and Makadam. Currently, we are in negotiations with several stores and we believe during this year we will be present in a few more places in Europe and North America. Also, we are working on different ways to reach our customers, making our products more accessible via our own online store. 



    What do you like about Portfoliobox?

    The first thing we like about using Portfoliobox is a simple but great design for page layouts. For somebody, who is just starting to learn about building and organizing web content but wants to have a presence on the internet as soon as possible Portfoliobox is an excellent choice, you made it very easy to navigate through the back end, and it has great UI and UX design. Switching from the presentation site to the online shop will skip the intermediator phase for our customers, for that reason, Portfoliobox is the perfect platform for us, the transition will not take a lot of our time. Affordability and constant online support is what made us stay. You’re doing a great job :-)

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