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    The secret of Section Pages

    Tips & Tricks

    June 07, 2019


    What is a section page? 

    Section page is a very versatile page type built with sections. There is a variety of sections to choose from. This design makes it easier for your visitors to locate important information without checking out every page listed in the menu.


    You can display your most recent blog posts with a Blog section, or the most popular products in your e-shop in a Product section. Do you have clients' testimonials? Create a Testimonial section! Standard sections like Text, Gallery, Collection, Team, Form or Map are also available.


    How to create a section page? 

    New page → Section page →  Choose a template → Add sections.



    The menu section is a great asset!

    → It can link to sections of the page.
    → It can replace your standard menu.
    → It can be sticky.





    Focus on Call To Action section

    A Call to Action section allows you to create buttons. They're fully customisable and can link to a page of your site, another section or a custom link.




    Focus on Testimonial section

    With a Testimonial section, you can display your clients' testimonials on your site.




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