What Is a Multimedia Portfolio?


It includes not only text but also images, animation, audio, and video materials. As for the form, the document may be presented as an album or brochure in an electronic file. To create a multimedia portfolio, you can use presentation programs such as PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker, and so on. Work with a program that is more understandable and convenient for you.

Take advantage of the fact that many applicants for the desired position do not use all conceivable opportunities in developing their portfolios. Some of them hotheadedly believe that the employer can be tempted exclusively with a bright picture and memorable background music, but this is not that accurate. If you are positioning yourself as a serious person tuned to continuous co-operation and outstanding work, you should think outside the box. When creating a portfolio, you must pay attention not only to its format and design but also directly to its meaning. It must necessarily contain factual material about your work activities, skills, personal qualities, previous experience, and achievements.

Benefits of the multimedia portfolio

  1. It allows you to carry through self-presentation more effectively at your interview, especially if you have the so-called ‘free interview’.
  2. Having a portfolio ready at hand, you will feel more confident. The employer will have to allocate attention between you and the proposed materials.
  3. The portfolio allows you to pre-collect all the necessary documents and not worry about them on the eve of the interview.
  4. Creatively executed information will show the employer how responsible you reacted to your work.

A multimedia portfolio is like your own trademark, an indicator of advertency, liability, and creative approach to your work. Your acquaintance with the employer begins specifically from it. With properly presented materials, it will be easier for you to make a good impression and stand out among other candidates for the position. The more you will stick in the memory of your employer, the greater the probability that you will be employed or given a period of probation. Moreover, it will perfectly develop your creative, business, and computer skills. All in all, the aesthetically decorated portfolio with photo, audio, or video files creates a relaxed atmosphere during the whole interview.


Who can use it

Do you think that only creative people use the multimedia portfolio to show their works of art? Actually, no. In the contemporary world, anyone who has a home computer or laptop is able to create an interesting, informative, and enticing presentation. No matter who you are: artist, dancer, builder, teacher, or businessman. The main thing is to be a professional of your craft.

What should you include in your presentation? 

What Is a Multimedia Portfolio?

Multimedia portfolios should be brief as far as practicable, and only items that convey an idea clearly and easily should be included. Let's say that you are a cook creating a portfolio of your work. You can add your video clips of the cooking process, as well as moments where you tell interesting facts about dishes or individual ingredients. When choosing the video clips, focus on the most fascinating and memorable points, new information that is hardly previously known to the employer earlier. Remember: you do not need to create masterpieces lasting per hour. To make a good impression on an employer, you should demonstrate only the most crucial points that emphasize your idea. Apart from the creative part of your self-presentation, take care of the presence of the necessary documents:

  • resume with a story about yourself, your personal qualities, previous experience and place of work;
  • documents on your formal education: diploma, an annex to the diploma;
  • documents on additional education: certificates of professional retraining, diploma on the participation in a skills workshop, seminars, conferences, practical courses, etc.;
  • commendatory letter, testimonial from the place of practice;
  • your promotional documents: premium diplomas and awards from participation and victory in various events such as scientific, sports, public, etc., but no later than over the past 2-3 years.

Do not infringe on the rights of others

If other people have engaged in your portfolio, you may need to have release forms to show the portfolio to others. Keep a stack of images or video release forms with you when demonstrating your presentation. Have people sign them to state that they consent to let you use their materials for portfolio purposes. You can create your own release forms as well as use standard forms. They are available online or at office supply stores.

Een online portfolio gemaakt voor creatievelingen

Met alle tools die een professional nodig heeft

  • Dynamisch raster
  • Regelmatige rijen
  • Gulden snede
  • Vierkante verhouding
  • Centreren
  • Puzzel
  • Willekeurig
  • Horizontaal
  • Horizontaal 2
  • Horizontaal 3
  • Verticaal
  • Twee-één
  • Drie-één

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