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Create a product page

Apart from showcasing your work on your Portfoliobox website, you can also set up an online store. A product page is where you can add your product images, product description, price and so on. To make your online store work, don't forget to set up your E-Commerce. You can find all the settings under the Cogwheel Icon > E-Commerce > Settings.

In this article, we are going to focus on how to create a product page.

To create a product page, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your admin panel and click on New Page.
  2. Choose Products and select a template. You may always change the template later. Click here to see all available templates for your Product page.
  3. Give this page a title (for example: Shop)
  4. Click on Add Product button to create a new product. You first need to upload an image of your product. After uploading, click on the image you just uploaded and will be able to see the product edit area. In this area, you can give the product a title , set a price, write a description, upload more images of your product and add product variations. If you think you are done, click on Back > button to see your newly created product and create new ones.
  5. Under Pricing and Variations section, you can choose to set individual prices per product, same price on all products or no price (proofing)
  6. The Text section, is where you can give your product page's a description.

Create a product page

NB! If you wish to separate your product by type (for example, bags, postcards and posters), you can create one shop page for each category of products.

You can choose the way how your products will display under Product Viewer.

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