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Portfoliobox 3 |  Meer informatie E-Commerce Set up an e-commerce

Set up your E-Commerce

Setting up your E-Commerce is very simple, the guide below shows you what information is needed to correctly configure your E-Commerce settings. First click on the Cogwheel Icon and then choose E-Commerce. Fill in these fields:

  • Shop info
  • Payment
  • Shipping
  • Tax
  • Messages
  • Legal

NB! All fields marked with * are required.

Set up your E-Commerce

You can choose between three payment methods: 

1. Stripe: your customer will be able to pay with a credit card directly on your Portfoliobox site. To set up Stripe payment, you will need a Stripe account.

  • Register an account at Stripe.
  • In Portfoliobox, click on Connect next to Stripe Account. You will be redirected to a Stripe page where you will have to fill in some information about yourself (company details, bank details, etc.). Once the form is filled click on Authorize Access to this Account.
  • Once this is done, you will be redirected to your Portfoliobox admin and your E-commerce will be linked to Stripe payment system.

2. PayPal: the payment will be made into your chosen PayPal account directly after the order is placed. To set up PayPal payment, you will need a PayPal account.

  • Register an account at PayPal. 
  • In Portfoliobox, add the email you used with your PayPal account to the field PayPal Email.
  • Once this is added, the Portfoliobox E-Commerce will be linked to the PayPal payment system, and payment will be made into your PayPal account.

3. Invoice: your customer will receive a system invoice and the transaction will be handled between yourself and the customer, outside of the Portfoliobox system.

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