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Student account basics

In addition to our Free account and Pro account, we also offer student account to those who are currently studying in the high school and at the university. Our student account is totally free of charge, apart from using a custom domain name. To use a custom domain name, no matter using the one that you already own or getting one through Portfoliobox, there will be a fee of USD 19 per year.

To have access to our free student account service until your graduation, your school need to be our partner school. To check if your school is one of our partner school, you can go here and do in a search in the field called Find Your School. If your school doesn't show, you can click on the link, My school is not in the list. After you have completed the form, you will be provided with a temporary student account. 

Below you will find more information about what our student account includes:

Student Account
Subscription Fee
Image Quota
Page, Blog Post & Product Quota
Not Included
Google Analytics Integration
PDF Upload
CSS & JS Customisation
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