Examples of photography portfolios


Below is a list of examples of famous portfolios for photographers:

  • Lisa Michelle Burns;
  • Max montgomery;
  • Skyler Knutzen;
  • Cosmotic Photography;
  • Dory Younes;
  • Kyler Taylor;
  • Hilary O'Leary;
  • Khan Knizova;
  • Andrew Scriviani;
  • Miu Vermillion;
  • Wild bride;
  • Roshini Kumar.

Photographers are fortunate that when creating a presentation, they do not need to select ready-made photos or use the services of photographers to get decent photos for creating a photography website. It is not that difficult for photographers to take beautiful photographs from which to create an online portfolio.

However, many photography professionals complain that they are working with a fairly serviceable art form. Factors such as poor lighting, poor photo paper can ruin any photographer's work.

When photographers plan to exhibit their work on the Internet, they need a quality platform. Wix, a cloud-based internet project creation platform, offers many online solutions to make a creative online portfolio. This platform has tools like Wix Pro Gallery and great photo templates with essential elements.

Detailed overview of famous portfolios for photographers

Here we take a closer look at the famous portfolios of photographers and their professional secrets.

Lisa Michelle Burns

    • Lisa Michelle Burns. This portfolio provides an opportunity to talk about creating beautiful photographs. This photographer's home page is sort of a huge Wix Pro Gallery, where her photos are displayed in excellent quality. Her work can be shared by mail or on social networks.

Dory Younes

    • Max montgomery. This photographer has come up with a good plan for showing everyone his work without overwhelming visitors, he uses his main gallery to access each of his projects. His every work isa stunning photography example.
    • Skyler Knutzen. She uses her homepage to demonstrate all aspects of her online portfolio from portraits to photographs of her belongings, food and countries.
    • Cosmotic Photography. It is also a great example of an online portfolio that combines art, professionalism and style.
    • Dory Younes. After the main web page splash screen, the photographer's home page is immediately visible, laid out in a tiled form. This is a very beautiful portfolio, his work is endowed with professionalism and incredible depth, it is very inspiring with its amazing stunning photography
    • Kyler Taylor. This is another excellent portfolio, its entire web page is made up of a rich slider.
    • Hilary O'Leary. She is a great photographer based in South Africa and uses the local surroundings to show her fans photos of her country's wildlife. She uses a parallax scrolling effect, which is very popular with her audience.
    • Khan Knizova. She is famous for the originality and originality of her works. Its professional use of both asymmetric layout and scrolling in addition to the original vertical text menu makes its webpage one of the most outstanding and original photography
    • Andrew Scriviani. This renowned New York Times author uses the Instagram Feed platform, so his web pages showcase the best examples of his succulent work.

Miu Vermillion

  • Miu Vermillion. This is a professional photo editor who took the idea of ​​using his web page as a way to connect with his audience. On her web page, this photographer posted her personal block and links to her social networks.
  • Wild bride. If you want to advertise your work on a photography website in order to find people who will offer you cooperation, this online portfolio will be a great example for creating your online page. It outlines the steps and photo examples you need to follow to create a similar portfolio. 
  • Roshini Kumar. it is also a good example of a website. The use of crisp, high-quality images, professional layouts fill a web page that fans revisit over and over again.

How to create your own online photography portfolio


A photographer, like no one else, needs to show his stunning photography, emphasize the corporate style of performance, and tell about his specialization.

What should be a photographer's website?

The portfolio is the centerpiece of the photography website. Show the best work, it is on them that the potential client pays attention. And only after looking at the photos, they will be able to decide on cooperation. Add the following info to your portfolio: 

  • Specialization. For example, if you are a holiday photographer, show your best photos from the holidays: birthdays, corporate parties, weddings, and so on. After all, this is exactly what people want - to find out what the photos from their wedding will look like. If you photograph models, post models.
  • Tell about yourself. Why photography, how did you come to this tutorial, what inspires you, why weddings (stick to your theme). Write sincerely and independently, less formulaic phrases.
  • Contacts, links to social networks.
  • Prices - to publish or not? Better to add a price list with base rates. Especially if the site is advertised.

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