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What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is about how to drive more traffic to a website and achieve a higher ranking in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).  There are lots of ways to improve a website's SEO and they are categorised into two areas: onsite optimisation and offsite optimisation.

Onsite optimisation means improving the SEO elements of a website, for example, the image alt tagsheader tagskeywordsmeta descriptionsite speed and so on.

Offsite optimisation involved SEO tasks that are not done on the website, for example, links building.

Search engines update their algorithms regularly to provide better user experience and more relevant search results to their users. Because of this, it is recommended to stay updated with the latest SEO news and adjust your SEO strategies based on the updates.

Before you begin, please note that SEO strategy falls outside of the scope of Portfoliobox support. Given that search engines have complex algorithms that power their technology and everyone's marketing needs are unique, we're unable to provide specific SEO advice to our customers. If you would like to learn more about SEO, you can check out the websites below:

Search Engine Land
Search Engine Watch

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