15 Online Art Portfolio Examples for Inspiration


An online art portfolio is a website designed to show other people your work and skills in an online format. With a portfolio website for artists, you can post your projects, talk about your skills and experience, and show some snippets of your work.

Creating an online portfolio is an excellent idea for people with creative professions like artists, photographers, and designers.

Regardless of your profession, art and other online portfolios give you an opportunity to share your work with other people, draw the attention of influential people to your work, make new contacts, and attract investors and buyers.

Your online portfolio is the first place people look to see if they want to buy work from you. That's why you have to take the time to do it right.

Essential Tips on Creating a Good Artist Portfolio Website

Essential Tips on Creating a Good Artist Portfolio Website

We've already told you what an online portfolio is for artists and other types of professions. However, it's important to remember that when you have everything you need to get started, you need to design your website properly. 

If you want to know how to make your online art portfolio look great on a website, there are a few tips to get you started:

  • Comfortable Website

When you start creating your art portfolio for a website, notes of professionalism and cleanliness must be obvious. This means that the website should be simple and concise. 

No bright and flashy backgrounds that will distract people from your work. No huge text and strange fonts, everything must be intelligible. As for design, it is better to choose minimalism, so the customer’s attention is drawn to your work. After all, you are selling your art, not the services of a web designer.

  • About the Author

Did you know that potential buyers or gallerists most often look at the "about the author" section? And artists usually have the hardest time writing this section, but we encourage you to do it.

When you're working on some big ideas, it can be difficult to find simple words that will accurately define you and your work. But remember, don't sound pompous, it can be unappealing.

  • The most important details

A portfolio is like a second face for artists: the more professional your portfolio looks, the more you will be appreciated as an artist. And that means that the details of the work are important because there's often more to the work than meets the eye. 

That's why you should think about including all the details of your work: title, size, material, date of creation, and price. These simple points will show how you feel about your work. 

  • Best Work

Do you feel confident about your work? So why not show off your best work so people who view your online art portfolio will have confidence in your professionalism, too? Remember, the purpose of an online art portfolio is to showcase your abilities as an artist, your strengths, and your versatility in the art world.

15 Examples of Online Art Portfolio Websites

If you want to start your career as an artist, sometimes you have to look for inspiration. And that's why we've chosen 15 great online art portfolios that can inspire you. You can take a look at the artist's website examples, the design, and the features that are used in these examples so you can create your website.

Studio Dalmma

Studio Dalmma

Studio Dalmma is a concept from Portuguese artists and designers with different experiences in different fields of art. They came together to create collections of artworks in the form of unique products or custom-made masterpieces.

The main mission of Dalmma is to work shoulder to shoulder with interior designers to bring personality and charisma to every place. Minimalism, color, texture, detail, and precision are the words that define the Dalmma production approach. 

You can have a look at their artistic portfolio and be inspired by different ideas. In addition, pay attention to the convenient functionality of the website. Everything is simple and concise, without unnecessary details.

Emiliano Baldi

Emiliano Baldi

Emiliano Baldi is an Italian painter and sculptor who discovered his passion for art as a child. His aptitude for art was encouraged by his maternal grandparents, which is probably why the artist decided to tie his life to painting.

Despite his young age, Emiliano Baldi demonstrates in his paintings a mature understanding of form and the dominance of color, so aspiring artists should consider Emiliano as examples for their websites.

His online art portfolio is impressive not only in its structure but also in the variety of creative works, which are divided into categories. 

Davide Dasly

Davide Dasly

Davide Mattera, also known as Dasly, is an Italian multidisciplinary artist and an international tattoo artist. Even from a young age, Davide was fascinated by street art, using walls instead of a canvas. He was attracted to the underground, contradictory systems, and unconventional style, which is how he discovered tattooing.

Through much travel, the artist was able to explore different cultures, discover something new or deepen his knowledge, from the craftsmanship of Amazonian tribes to Tibetan painting. His artwork is painted with the inspiration of folk art from different directions.

You can explore his art portfolio to draw ideas for your career or website. Perhaps esoteric motifs will be exactly what you need.

Łukasz Sawicki

Łukasz Sawicki

Łukasz Sawicki is a young but confident painter, artist, graphic designer, and writer. Actually, not so much is known about this person, but you should look at his work to feel the mystery and confidence in the author's style.

The works of Łukasz Sawicki can be used as a source of inspiration: nothing superfluous, but mystery is set for hours of reflection.

The artist's website is made in the same simple style, only necessary links and necessary information.

Siegfried Fechter

Siegfried Fechter

In his life experience, Siegfried Fechter has reached many heights, and his inclination for art was noticed since his childhood. In 1986 Siegfried was educated as a stone sculptor and since then he creates sculptures at will, leaving an interesting imprint on each of them.

Siegfried Fechter also works with paintings, adhering to a uniform style in drawing with a graphite pencil.

His art portfolio on the website is conveniently arranged and separates the drawings and sculptures so that people can look at the series of completed paintings and the series of different sculptures independently.

Emi Sekizawa

Emi Sekizawa

Emi Sekizawa is a versatile lady who brings all her bold fantasies to life on canvas. During her career, she has traveled to several countries, expanding her name and increasing her artistic potential.

Emi combines the freedom of abstract painting with refined traditional Japanese techniques. Using layers of natural mineral pigment, metal leaf, and other beautiful materials, her work explores the cultural differences and synergies she has observed throughout her international career. 

Emi's website can be considered one of the best art portfolio websites because she was able to fit examples of her work there and her life story on how she started and was able to achieve such heights. 

Arq Karla Herrera

Arq Karla Herrera

Karla Herrera is a young architect and interior designer. For her, design is a natural and important process. In her eyes, interior design should provide an aesthetic solution to a need, it should have an essence and create an impression.

In addition, she is also passionate about photography. Working in black and white, Karla Herrera creates images that feel her imprint in the form of architecture. Her portfolio also includes her projects and designs full of personality. 

On her website, she has decided not to post anything superfluous except her projects, designs, and photos. She also decided to supplement the site with her achievements, work experience, and acknowledgments by putting it all in one block.

Nikolina Petolas

Nikolina Petolas

Nikolina is a Croatian artist working in the field of contemporary surrealism. With elements of subtle allegory, she expresses her eerie visions through paintings of imaginary history, guiding the viewer on a journey through ghostly interpretations of her fictional worlds. From dreamlike and fantastical landscapes to animal characters to strange creatures and environments.

Her work has been exhibited around the world, in galleries and museums in Europe, the United States, and Asia, as well as in a solo show in Paris. Her art has also been featured in various books, magazines, and publications.

She has an extensive portfolio, so on the website, it is categorized for your convenience.

Laura Bianchi

Laura Bianchi

Laura Bianchi, or her pseudonym Loribi, is an artist who works in mixed media. Her works on the website are divided into categories, each of which involves a particular style. These are unique styles that the artist uses, adding her own special handwriting.

Each of Loribi's works will make you think about the content of the painting, why, and what the author wanted to convey. Your future works of art should have about the same reaction, so people will wonder why you decided to post this material in your online portfolio.

Rebecca Clark

Rebecca Clark

Rebecca Clark is an influential woman who has been interested in art for about 40 years and has lived it. She paints the natural world, moments of tenderness and beauty in an age of extinction. Inspired by Northern Renaissance plant and animal studies, Dutch religious panels, and the mysticism of nature expressed in various forms of art, music, poetry, and prose, her art recognizes the interconnectedness in nature and the loss of connection to the sacred.

Rebecca's drawings serve something more. For her, they are a record of a life lived. They are a reminder that people cannot live apart from nature. Rebecca's excellent portfolio on her website is a reminder for artists and others of our place on this planet.

The woman has made a pretty concise website showcasing her masterpieces. 

Elena Pancorbo

Elena Pancorbo

Elena Pancorbo has studied illustration and fine art for many years. Today, she has decided to work professionally in the field of editorial illustration. In her experience, the lady has worked with many publishers as well as giant brands such as Samsung, Nike, ASUS, and many others.

Elena's personal work is characterized by pastel and colored pencil techniques, although she has also worked in oil, acrylic, and digital. 

Her website showcases works that are done for her clients as well as works that Elena has done for the soul.



Meet Karen Townsend, she is a self-taught artist from Australia. Karen has over 16 years experience and her work is delivered to clients all over the world. She creates portraits from photographs of animals and people, drawn by hand in pencil. This lady has a real talent, as she thinks through the drawn photo down to the smallest detail, and asks people to send in photos with lots of texture.

On her online portfolio, you can find many examples of work, prices, and even testimonials from satisfied clients.

Komatina Mito

Komatina Mito

Looking through artists' portfolio website examples, you can come across the work of Komatina Mito. He is a Serbian artist who has been developing art for more than 30 years. He draws his pictures in different styles, and for each of them, he organized a separate link on his website.

The author of the paintings has intelligently approached the creation of the portfolio, dividing them into different links, as well as marking the size of the paintings and noting if they have already been sold.

Maja Lindberg

Maja Lindberg

We also decided to introduce you to the art portfolio on Maja Lindberg's website. Maja is a contemporary artist and illustrator. She combines the inspiration of fairy tales, childhood memories, and modern technology, producing her masterpieces in the form of digital illustrations. 

Maja Lindberg started her career as a ceramic artist, but after a brief stint in web design she started working as an illustrator, and suddenly she had her own business. Over time, her work spread around the world, and she got customers.

The goal of her work is to create beautiful and visually appealing illustrations that encourage creativity, curiosity, and imagination.

Alejandra Vargas Diaz

Alejandra Vargas Diaz

Alejandra Vargas Diaz has been engaged in art since 2014, but her work clearly shows a unique concept. According to the artist, she is constantly looking for ways to materialize personal thoughts from everyday contemplations.

Alejandra's work explores the very emotional perception and physical behavior of objects and objects in space; with a particular focus on how alignment and color affect this approach. She draws inspiration from the tension between colors and textures, form, and patterns. 

Often the works are fragmented thoughts, creating entities that morph into abstract compositions. With an emphasis on collage techniques, Alejandra Vargas Diaz creates most of them by combining old-school techniques with new media tools.

Her works are sculptures that demonstrate a profound relationship to the moment, and the titles are closely related to the narrative of each work.


How do I create an online art portfolio?

First, you have to collect your best works and conceptualize what you want on your website, and what you want future clients to know about you. Then when every little detail is thought out, you can create your online portfolio.

What should be in an online art portfolio?

The first and most important thing is, of course, your artworks, so that the client understands the style in which you create. Then it's better to add a section where potential clients can get to know you better, like where you studied, what courses you took, and how you decided to get involved in art. The third point is to leave your contacts so that there is a possibility to reach you.

How do I start an art portfolio?

You can create your own website with an artist's portfolio using auxiliary sites like Portfolio Box.

What are the 3 types of portfolios?

There are showcase, assessment, and development portfolios.

A showcase portfolio contains products that demonstrate how capable the owner is at any given moment. An assessment portfolio contains products that can be used to assess the owner's competencies. A development portfolio shows how the owner (has) developed and therefore demonstrates growth.

Do artists need a website in 2022?

The answer is unequivocally yes, because we all live in the age of technology. This means that the first thing people do is browse Internet sites.

What kind of website should an artist have?

The site should be user-friendly for potential clients and showcase the artist's work.

Should I put prices on my art website?

It depends on your desire, but customers are more loyal to those artists who immediately put a price on their work.

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