Alex Fruehmann


Welcome to another edition of our Portfolio of the Week series. This week, it is our pleasure to feature fine arts photographer, Alex Fruehmann.

Based in Vienna, Austria, Alex is a self-taught fine art photographer. Soon after graduating from the prestigious Yale Law School in the United States, Alex discovered his passion for photography. While pursuing a completely different career pathway, Alex prides himself on not being influenced by or compared to other artists. Hence, his rather unconventional yet awe-inspiring work has remained unique to his name and brand. 

Read on to find out more about Alex, his work and why he has chosen Portfoliobox as his online platform!

Q: First off, thank you so much for agreeing to feature on our Portfolio of the Week! Your work is truly amazing and very unique. Can you please tell me a bit more about why you have chosen to produce the kind of work you do?

A: I am not sure whether I have truly chosen the work or whether the images have chosen me. I never made a conscious decision to have “one style” or do one specific sort of photography. It really is an emerging process.

Q: I must say, your 'About Me' section on your portfolio is perhaps like no other that I have seen before. Was photography a hobby that turned into a career? How did it come about for you?

A: Photography is not any kind of career for me. It was also never really a hobby. If it was ever anything than an outlet that allowed me to do something creative which was not restricted by anything except for my boundaries. I am still amazed how much attention some of my works got. Maybe it is because I really avoid being inspired by others. We all copy unconsciously but I have no interest in consciously copying anyone. I just want to do my work in whatever way I wish. If I feel like only photographing candles for a few months, then I will do that.

Q: I've noticed you have a contrast of locations; outdoors, inside, airports and so on. What is your favorite setting to shoot and why?

A: I don’t have any favorite setting.

Q: Your work was featured in the International Photo Expo in Paris 2018 among other well-known art publications. That must have been a surreal feeling and experience! Can you shed some light on your experience here and what it's like to have your work featured in such publications?

A: Seeing your works featured by others is a very humbling experience for me. I never thought I would see a photograph of mine in an online magazine, not to speak about having a feature of several pages in the print edition of an international art magazine. It feels more surreal than the most surreal images I have produced myself.

Q: What is your most favorite project to date and why?

A: My surreal realities series because it is like an unconscious mirror of my own thoughts over the last 3 years.

Q: What big projects do you have planned? 

A: One of my images will be exhibited at a group exhibition in Paris later this year. ImageNation is giving me another opportunity at their “Ethereal” exhibition and I will be featuring my “Mullholland Drive Fantasy” in large scale format for the first time. I am very excited. My other big plan for this year is to go into larger formats and see how this works out.

Q: Why have you chosen Portfoliobox as the online platform to showcase your work?

A: I checked about all available platforms when I was in need for a website. I did not know Portfoliobox back then but found it by coincidence. It checked all my boxes, though. Especially one box which was to not make my website a lookalike and still give me the freedom to control it independently without having to be an IT guru.

We would like to thank Alex for taking the time to allow us to interview him, as well as give us a brief insight into his career and online portfolio. His unorthodox planning and methodology really comes into its own when you come to understand a little bit more about him as a person and artist. 

To find out more about Alex and his work, please do visit his website.

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