Writing Your Portfolio Biography "About Me" Page


To make your biography page perfect, you should take into consideration several important nuances. Some people think they need to list their skills and add that they are responsible and ambitious employees. However, it is not true because the "About Me" page needs a more thorough and open approach. Your main task is to present yourself effectively, talk clearly about your scope of activity, accomplishments, work preferences, and personal qualities, which can be helpful in your job.

For example, we all have different things we prefer to do at work: some people like to work independently, while others move and interact with co-workers with enjoyment. Work preferences are the basis of job satisfaction. Employees who enjoy what they love are more efficient, more likely to stay longer, and positively impact their coworkers. Employers know: satisfied employees are the best performers because they are more productive. They better perform their jobs, embrace new tasks efficiently and with enthusiasm, and positively impact the organization. That is why you should determine your work preferences on your  "About me" page. This article will learn how to select them and what else you should write about yourself on your portfolio biography page

Consider essential issues  


The standard scheme is greeting with your name and surname. For example, "Let's get acquainted! My name is...'' or "Welcome to... ". It is a classic which is always relevant, but remember that your goal is to impress the reader. Try to be unique so that a viewer notes for himself from the first lines: “This is something new!” Use an intriguing introduction. Think about what your visitors want to know and what you personally want to tell them from the very beginning.

Your scope of activity

It is mandatory for the  "About me" page in every portfolio. Some people manage to skip it, as it is always stated at a website header. But in your biography, you should provide viewers with complete information, without abbreviations and understatements. Tell them not just what you do, but who is interested in it, how you are helpful to people and how your work can solve the problems of potential customers.

Work preferences

It is the most crucial issue you should describe on your portfolio  "About me" page. Follow our step-by-step plan to determine your preferences so that your future work is comfortable for you:

  1. Determine the type of company (large corporation/midsize business/small startup) and the schedule suitable for you.
  2. Think about the tasks you want to perform. What would your ideal workday look like?
  3. Indicate the vector of desired professional development. It could be, for example, an upgrade to a higher position. 
  4. Overthink what values are vital for you at work? Maybe it is freedom of decision-making, or on the contrary, clarity of management requirements. 

Your benefits

The practice shows that it is a rarity in the "About me" page. But in this way, you can affirm the written material. Pre-emphasize your specific advantages; use facts, figures, feedback, and other valuable data. Think about how they can be presented favorably. When listing your benefits, try to answer the question - why should people contact you? 

Your personal qualities

Tell briefly about your objectives and essential personal qualities that distinguish you from your competitors. We all want to work not with a robot but with a person. So try to include such a block in your portfolio biography page. The best option is to reread satisfied customers' feedback and select the phrases that characterize you on the good side. The second option is to ask friends and family to make such a mini-list for you.

Your achievements

Their explanations are unnecessary. Show potential clients your capabilities and achievements (certificates, diplomas, awards, etc.). It can also include all kinds of interviews, articles on third-party resources, training, and seminars. Learn to point out your victories with dignity. It is best done in the form of a list such as below:

2017 - honorary certificate

2018 - victory on a contest 

2020 - participation in the contest 

2021 - diploma for the preparation of the project.

Even better, these victories are listed and shown as links, screenshots, or photos.

Additional Information for your portfolio

  • Your professional experience

Is there a specific reason you left your past job? Does it affect the next job you want? Write it down in the "About me" section.

  • Geographic location

Are you looking for a job in a specific geographic location that will make it easier to get to work or pick up your kids after school? Does your work location have to be on a direct bus route? Indicate this on your About me page.

  • Payment rate

Are you looking for a specific payment rate? This may mean that you should choose a job with more challenging conditions to meet your income requirements. Or maybe you're willing to take less money if the job involves creativity. 

  • Working hours

Are you looking for work during certain hours? Do you think the best hours are at night? Do you have to be home at certain times because of family commitments? Are you willing to carry work shifts? These points are also necessary for an employer to know.

  • A call to action

Of course, you want people to contact you for cooperation, sales, sharing experiences, etc. Here, a call to action will help you. Do not forget that the  "About me" must do more than just complement your portfolio, but also persuade - it must work and guide you along a given course. It can be a feedback form, an offer to look at your work, unobtrusive advice to read the reviews, or a link on a social network, your additional project, etc. 

Define some points for your portfolio biography

points for your portfolio biography

What is your target audience?

Who are you writing to? A lot depends on this emphasis especially. If you show your portfolio to a serious company that does not need details like "I love cats," think carefully about whether your resume needs this block. If your job is about creativity, try to hook the person who opens your portfolio on the biography  "About me" page. Do not use standard and formulaic phrases - employers read them 10-20-30 times a day. They won't make you stand out.

Your goal or desired post

Specify your goals and what you are waiting for from your job so that the employer understands what you want and what you can give him. For example, you want to get experience in the n-sphere, n-position, skills, knowledge, and so on are all appropriate.

Professional interests

What kind of projects do you want to do? What are you interested in professionally? Remember not to repeat information that is already on your  "About me" portfolio section. And again, we advise you to be more specific - not "I dream of being a cool marketer," but "I plan to develop in marketing; my goals are learning how to create an effective mailing and targeted advertising. Thus, the company will see that you set realistic goals for yourself, not hovering in the clouds.

What would you look like in people's eyes?

How does the description make you seem to people? Are you sure that you would trust such a person to hold a position? Do not overstate your merits; avoid irrelevant information. And ask yourself the question, "What does a future leader need to know about me that he would want to talk to me and hire me? That way, you'll know what to write.

What is the best way to "sell" you as a professional and a personality?

Think about who you are and why you are helpful to the company. Formulate your usefulness and base your description on it. Examples of what might interest an employer for those who don't know what to write:

  • Measurable results - budget money saved, profits from sales or advertising campaigns, increased traffic to the website or social media subscribers, contracts signed, partners brought in, articles published in the press;
  • Valuable experience - work/practice/internships in large companies or abroad, experience with a particular segment of people (top management, premium segment, etc.) or in a specific area (telecom, IT, banks, etc.)
  • Personal achievements such as your own projects or initiatives, organized events, etc. Employers are always looking for experts in their field, so your achievements related to professional activities will be interesting for them.

Following these advices, you can create a great  "About me page" in your portfolio. Presenting it, you will have all chances to get a desirable job, captivate potential clients and achieve success in your business. 

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