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Cancel your subscription

All Portfoliobox subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. There are three options to cancel your subscription. Any of these options would terminate your subscription:

• Delete your account

To delete your account, please log in to your admin panel and go to Settings. Under General tab, scroll down to the bottom of the panel and click on Delete site. After providing the reason of your site deletion, you would need to enter your Admin Password for security purposes and confirm deletion by clicking Delete.

• Downgrade account to the free version

This option will let you keep the contents of your account, but you will no longer be able to use the Pro features including a custom domain name. Your site URL will be change to yourname.portfoliobox.net. Additionally, free accounts have a limit of 30 images, 10 pages, 10 products, 30 blog posts, and a banner “Powered by Portfoliobox” on their site. You will need to contact our support team to downgrade your account via chat or via support@portfoliobox.net.

• Let the account expire

This option would let you keep your website online until the last day of your subscription and then it will be deleted. Once you've enabled the expiration of your account, you will no longer receive a notification email regarding the renewal of your account and  it will be deleted automatically in our system. For this option, please contact our support team for assistance.

Cancel your subscription

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  • Четные строки
  • Золотое сечение
  • Соотношение площадей
  • Центр выравнивания
  • Пазл
  • Случайно
  • Горизонтальный
  • Горизонтально 2
  • Горизонтально 3
  • Вертикально
  • Два-один
  • Три-один