8 Architecture Portfolio Website Examples for Inspiration


A portfolio is a set of works, projects, and achievements in the history of employment in one sphere or another, which is provided to clients. It's worth noting that this is a set of the best works, which allows you to evaluate the professionalism and skills of the person, rather than a list of everything. An architect's portfolio is an opportunity to show potential clients your experience and abilities.

Architecture web portfolios often win over their printed versions: a link to a preview PDF, a personal profile, or a website with work can easily be sent upon clients’ request. Also, architecture ePortfolios can be viewed from any device and are easier to promote for referrals, job searches, or collaboration partners. In addition, creating portfolios online is much easier than printing them out.

We decided to show you some good architecture portfolio examples on Portfoliobox that might inspire you to create something innovative and unique.

What Should Architecture Portfolio Website Include

What Should Architecture Portfolio Website Include

In the last paragraph, we wrote about how architectural web portfolios today are in many ways superior to those printed.  First of all, it's related to convenience, you can put more details, change details easily, make a 3d volume and show how it will look in a more realistic way.

However, making portfolio websites for architects is sometimes not easy. Architects simply don't know where to start and what to add to the site. So we have prepared for you some tips on what you could add to your site:

  • A quality architecture portfolio

Before you create your website, make sure you have enough work to choose from. Pay attention to every little detail, for example, if you are not sure about any of the work, it is better not to add it to your portfolio. Choose only the best and highest quality projects that you are truly proud of.

Categorize your work so your site is orderly and any client can find what they need. The best option is to add only relevant projects that make a good impression.

  • Description of each project

When choosing examples for your architectural portfolio, also think about how you can describe each project. Don't think that no one is interested, on the contrary, architectural professionals will appreciate that you have laid out information about your brainchild.

But do not write too much. It would suffice to tell a little about what the client wanted, what the scope of the project was, whether there were any problems, and how you solved them. Simple and concise, without unnecessary words.

  • Content Updates + Blog

When potential buyers or possible partners look at your website, they expect that you're not standing in one place with 5 projects. People need to see your development, adding to your architecture portfolio. 

Since creating a project is not quick, you can have a separate tab on the site with a blog where you will publish news about your work. For example, you create a house for the family, write that you are already in the middle of the project, and all the most difficult parts are behind. People will be interested in observing your work. Just don't post too often, 1-2 times a week is enough.

  • Brevity

Nobody likes to read a lot, so when you write something on the site, always think about how to write the text briefly and factually. Choose only relevant and pertinent information. Look at architectural portfolio examples of others to find inspiration, and to understand what and how best to write. 

  • About the author

The section about you is a must on your website, as it is the most visited page when viewing your architect's portfolio. Many architects write brief information about themselves, focusing more on achievements, such as where they studied, or what training courses they attended. 

Some architects talk more about what kind of projects and what style they work with.

  • The right platform

A lot of your future website depends on the correct platform to help you create your site. Portfoliobox has all the tools you need to achieve your goals. These tools include different variants of templates for an architect's portfolio, convenient and simple constructors, and different variants of website construction.

With Portfoliobox you can showcase your projects beautifully, and use additional features. Your site will be unique.

8 Examples of Architecture Portfolio Websites 

Still haven't come up with a website design for your architectural firm? Don't worry, we've prepared 8 inspiring architectural website portfolios to help you decide on your future choices:

Hirotaro Sono

Hirotaro Sono

Hirotaro Sono is a Japanese architect and photographer. Hirotaro has been fascinated by architecture since he was a child, so he decided to connect his life with architecture. 

The architect always tries to find stories hidden in the details as he walks the streets of his native country. He pays attention to the smallest details, and through his pictures, he shows the special relationship between architecture and people.

Hirotaro Sono likes to philosophize. In his words: “Urban spaces are created by people.” So full of someone else's ideas. And the number of ideas is too big to understand in a second. So if we want to enjoy walking around the city, we have to concentrate completely on capturing these ideas and stories hidden in the urban space.

The architect was able to put his architecture portfolio on the site cleverly, dividing it into different categories. In addition, he also added working links and his social networks and blog. The site itself looks simple, without unnecessary clutter.

Marta Rudnicka

Marta Rudnicka

Marta Rudnicka is a lovely and cheerful interior designer from Poland. She answers honestly and with humor that she is guided by her intuition, character, and sometimes logic when creating projects.

She communicates openly with her clients, informs them about other design opportunities, and points out areas where clients can minimize project costs.

Her architectural portfolio on her website looks extremely professional. Marta decided to separate her finished projects and the renderings she did. In addition, she decided to indicate on the site the services she offers for the convenience of potential clients.

MUZI Design

MUZI Design

MUZI Design was founded in 2006 by chief architect Lee Song Wee after accumulating experience in design and project management in Singapore and China over the past 20 years. 

The spirit of the company focuses on the symbiosis between nature and the built environment, embracing the tropical climate of Southeast Asia. Each architectural project has a unique approach to match the site context and programmatic features, offering innovative design based on a strong concept. 

MUZI Design takes a hands-on approach to architecture, creating homes that reflect each client's dreams, lifestyle, and personality. Their website is structured, with an architectural portfolio of completed and future projects.

Opifex Laboratorio Digitale

Opifex Laboratorio Digitale

Opifex is an Italian digital studio based in Rome that has been doing 3D architecture visualization since 1999. The main fields in which the company’s works are interior design, architecture, landscape, and urban development.

Opifex Laboratorio Digitale is a creative team of architects, interior designers, and 3D artists working internationally. With more than 20 years of experience in design and representation, they create photorealistic images from any level of project development.

Their architectural portfolio can be a good example for young interior designers, just look at their works which they have intelligently placed on their website.

ARVEN Architects

ARVEN Architects

ARVEN started its practice in 2014 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with the aim of understanding, developing, and working with principles. ARVEN is launching a project that combines client preferences with architectural intelligence based on concern for the urban environment. 

The company aims to design effective buildings for its clients with experiential spaces. The company is currently working on projects in New Jersey, USA, in collaboration with experienced staff from Dhaka, Bangladesh. They strive to blend international standards with local context to provide the best designs for a diverse range of clients.

They publish their successful and creative designs in an architectural portfolio on their website.

Vladyslav Zakirov

Vladyslav Zakirov

Vlad Zakirov is an architect and interior designer. In 2015, he graduated from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology with a master's degree in architecture (specialization in renovation and repair).

From 2015 to 2017 he worked in the architectural firm NA NO WO Architekci in Wroclaw where he learned his fundamental experience in design. In 2017, Vlad moved to Valencia (Spain) and started his solo career. 

Vlad specializes mostly in interior design and home remodeling. His good architectural portfolio fits perfectly on his website and can serve as great examples for beginners.

Pauline Sémon

Pauline Sémon

Pauline Sémon is a French architect and graphic artist. This lady creates not only beautiful illustrations but also incredible architectural projects. She came to the conclusion that she wanted to connect her life with creativity as a child when she was sculpting different figures out of clay.

Passionate about clay as a material and its transformation into an artistic and architectural material, she developed her universe through plastic practices. Now on her architectural web portfolio, she adds photos of projects as well as photos of their realization. Each of the projects has its own unique creation story.

Arq Karla Herrera

Arq Karla Herrera

Karla Herrera is a young architect and interior designer.  She views design as a crucial and natural process. She believed that interior design ought to fulfill a need while also having an essence and making an impression.

She is also quite passionate about photography. Karla Herrera produces photos in black and white that exhibit her influence in the shape of architecture. Her portfolio also features her unique projects and designs.

She has made the decision to only post her ideas, designs, and images on her website. She also made the decision to add to the website by consolidating all of her accolades, professional background, and accomplishments into one block.


What should a portfolio for architecture include?

An architect's portfolio should include the best work created by the architect. It is recommended to pay attention to every detail to make your portfolio the best of the best.

How do I make an architectural portfolio?

It's not hard to make an architect's portfolio; all you have to do is select the best work and categorize it, so there's no mishmash. This means that all home designs should be in one category, and, for example, landscaping in another.

How many projects should be in an architecture portfolio?

There is no exact figure, it can be as many as 5 projects or as many as 15. If you have a lot of experience and a lot of projects, of course, you can add more variants, then clients will understand that you have a lot of experience and you are a good specialist.

Can I make an architectural online portfolio with no experience?

Yes, you can! You only need to use a site that has ready-made templates or constructor, so you can create your own.

Does architecture need a portfolio website?

Yes, an architect needs a portfolio site. That's how your potential clients can find you because, in our century, people first look at options on the Internet and only after that meet for in-person communication.

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