15 Free Photography Marketing Ideas


However, significant investments into photography marketing could become less effective due to a range of free methods dedicated to making your business competitive and clickable.

Well-arranged photos in compliance with the target audience segments could hardly maintain stable, profitable results in long-term perspectives. You should manage different informational mediums to expand new market niches and attract more vendors. In particular, no-fee photography promotion ideas could be introduced through:

  • optimized personal web content channels;
  • social media spaces;
  • search engines;
  • other external business-to-customer communication forms.

To be more precise, this guide explains how to promote your photography business via the top 15 free ideas:

  1. Pinterest Marketing
  2. Instagram Marketing
  3. Facebook Marketing
  4. Blogging/Vlogging
  5. SEO
  7. Online Mass Events
  8. Referral Marketing
  9. Philanthropy Actions
  10. Google Tools
  11. Community
  12. Personal Emailing
  13. Testimonials and Feedback
  14. Web Portfolios
  15. B2B Cooperation

1. Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a social media site that combines different visual marketing strategies, ideally dedicated to promoting photography businesses. This social media platform demonstrates unique visible ads and expands your business client database.

According to statistical forecasts, illustrative content platforms occupy broader online environments and engage different categories of users. So, once you become experienced in free photography advertising via Pinterest tips, you can observe incredible sales growth. In addition, Pinterest is a source of creative ideas and visibility trends you may adapt to your content marketing tactic approaches.

2. Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a platform for businesses that dictate visibility trends for their products and services and bloggers who offer commercial deals for cross-cutting interactions. A photography business would be ideal for this social media goal and could influence consumption behavior.

Different filters and photo editing options improve your photo collages and make them unique for particular clients. So, you may launch advertising campaigns and establish beneficial cooperation with opinion leaders to scale up your business via targeting and lead magnet features.

3. Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a suitable social media environment for productive business ads and commercial awareness activities. Photographers could use the recommended ties for their client database enlargement and build advertising campaigns without investment.

This social media is also preferable for B2B cooperation forms. However, your business growth depends on skills, talents, and knowledge to manage photography promotion deliverables via free visual and writing content ideas.

4. Blogging/Vlogging

Blogging Vlogging

Do you want to know your random vendors better? Let’s start communicating with them. The best way to attract vendors to your eCommerce website or business social media pages is to post blog articles that describe up-to-date topics and issues. Also, such publications discover new sides of your business development and attract more clients. For instance, you may post curios wedding photography ideas or discussions about perfect apparel for fall photo sessions.

The same principle is about vlogging activities. Videos about the photo shooting processes or interactive tutorials are perfect for posting on your web portfolio to advertise your photography business for free.

5. SEO


If someone associates SEO with online commercial actors specializing in product or service purchasing deals and being eager in content marketing strategies, they might forget about the genuine nature of photography businesses. Indeed, search engine techniques promote your business via omnichannel mediums and analyze your business strengths and weaknesses.

SEO analytical platforms segment your clients and optimize sales-stimulation factors. Thus, if your business focuses on rare food photography services, SEO helps you to establish valuable collaboration with food coaches and catering merchants. With comprehensive SEO mediums, you should not think about ways how to promote your photography business for free.



Practice custom magnate services on your website or social media pages. The best alternative for free photography advertising is to permit random visitors to download some photos.

To this end, you may create thematic collages or creative walls for Android, iOS, MAC, and Windows. Free download options for branded pictures are an excellent way to give clues about your business quality and creative searches.

7. Online Mass Events

Online Mass Events

Thematic flash mobs and competitions are productive methods for free photography business advertising without additional human resources. Indeed, your clients stimulate your commercial brand.

You may launch a short video competition about the best tips for practical photo sessions or photography challenges for the most extraordinary photo editing results. In addition, you may provide unique offers for awardees like free photo capturing or a professional masterclass. If participants placed hashtags for your business name and social media pages, everything would be acceptable.

8. Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing

Build a personal business philosophy based on strong family and friendship ties. For this purpose, use referral marketing tools. For instance, you may share the best photos of your clients who order your services for different family events. Thus, your client’s family members could use a special promo code or special reward if they post your working result on their social media pages.

Do not neglect this helpful method to deal with issues about how to promote photography business online and establish a reliable image.

9. Philanthropy Actions

Philanthropy Actions

Introduce your photography business as social-oriented. Cooperate with NGOs and charitable funds and offer your services for free. The condition you may discuss is to brand the photos of your company’s name.

Thus, you may help visualize the workshops, seminars, conferences, or other people-to-people activities dedicated to coherent social development. So, these essential activities are evidence of your business's social orientation and philanthropic nature.

10. Google Tools

Google Tools

Indeed, Google is a powerful medium to boost your photo business without additional fees. Google Business Account opens a range of free opportunities to turn your photography promotion ideas into reality.

Google Ads is a productive way to optimize your web resource and place it at the top positions of Google searches. You may generate leads, examine their needs and tastes, and offer precisely those services they expect to receive. You collaborate with your clients and scale up your online activities.

11. Community


Community is your response to issues about how to grow your current customers. When you get potential customers involved in your business community, you realize that they should become a part of your brand and promote your business activities. In some sense, community-joint clients initiate referral marketing actions and enlarge your commercial database.

You may cultivate a particular business culture within a community and organize specific unions for your business counterparts for know-how activities.

12. Personal Emailing

Personal Emailing

Once you collect all necessary database information, you may use these inputs for personal emailing activities. Personal emailing is a good practice to advertise your photography business for free. Creative templates for a birthday or specific holiday discounts would become your form of communication with each client in person.

Emailing is also dedicated to assessing your client’s attitudes to your business services and their pros and cons in line with the customer requirements.

13. Testimonials and Feedback

Testimonials and Feedback

Testimonials, contact details, comments, and other feedback options refer to voluntary fair reviews of your business activities. In brief remarks on your website, clients could leave positive and negative impressions concerning their satisfaction with pre-and post-photo shooting proceedings.

These independent evaluation statements promote your business activities as approved and attract other clients to use your services. The advantage of this effective photography marketing method is that you may adjust your weaknesses and indirectly influence the target groups' categories to cooperate with your business.

14. Web Portfolios

Web Portfolios

A web portfolio or your photography business commercial website is a platform that comprises all possible marketing methods listed above. Here you represent well-built architecture with interactive graphics and galleries of your best works.

Every element should demonstrate your business brand and contain all possible marketing tools to compete with substitute services. You can not qualify your photography business as successful without an effectively managed web portfolio integrated with online business analytical platforms.

15. B2B Cooperation

B2B Cooperation

B2B cooperation advances your photography business towards a new level of commercial development due to diversified promotion ideas. As such, you gain incredible revenues and find sources of creative ideas without additional fees.

Cooperation with commercial giants enhances your photography brand and makes it appreciative among clients. For instance, eCommerce entities specializing in maternity products or baby services could offer you unique opportunities to organize mutual advertising campaigns and share their client database. At the same time, you may also practice your client migrations to your supportive business offers to occupy broader market niches.

Differentiate Photography Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Business

Successful photography businesses do not have a universal action plan. You may face some reasonable particularities specific to your commercial activities. However, once you create a unique web portfolio upon the recommendations of our creative Portfoliobox team, you may mix free online marketing tips to allow photographers and artists to foster their business development.


How to promote your photography business for free?

You may apply several free commercial ideas to advertise your photography business services. For instance, you may create a personal web portfolio and synchronize it with social media resources. Also, develop an SEO strategy and enjoy organic traffic optimization with blogging, community, and voluntary testimonials. Practice B2B cooperation actions and philanthropic activities with NGOs or charitable organizations.

How can I attract more photo clients?

Attracting more photo clients is possible if you conduct comprehensive analytical activities to discover your potential vendors in detail and introduce effective visibility mediums for sales growth. A web portfolio with embedded SEO and other accompanying marketing solutions is about what your photography business requires.

How to promote the photography business online?

Promotion of photography business online means:

  • tagging the associated business pages;
  • joining thematic social media groups;
  • announcing active social positions;
  • encouraging your clients to participate in free mass events and selling campaigns;
  • posting unique blogging materials.

How can I increase my photography sales?

The most practical intent of the increased photography sales is to implement a commercial web portfolio. Well-organized stunning galleries with filter options, self-arranged features for photo session planning, blogs, and testimonials are must-have elements of such web resources to make your photo shooting business profitable.

Should I promote my photography on Instagram?

You should promote your photography outputs on social media, including Instagram. This social platform involves creative young people who desire to purchase products or services based on visibility effects. Also, Instagram is a B2B stimulation platform for different intersectional deals.

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