Top 11 Popular Website Types of 2022


Today, there are nearly 2 billion diversified websites and an estimated 4.5 billion people who browse them.

Because of the growth in popularity and capabilities of online resources, more and more people engaged in business or various creative areas are moving to the vastness of the Internet.

When a person decides to start developing their own site from scratch, they can get confused among the great abundance of types of websites to create. But you should not worry; the types of websites are not difficult to navigate, so we have chosen the most popular website types to tell you about them.

In this guide, Portfoliobox has gathered all the information you can learn:

  1. What Kind of Website Should I Make?
  2. 11 Popular Types of Websites
  • eCommerce
  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Personal Website
  • Business Website
  • Forums
  • Nonprofit Websites 
  • Magazine / News Media Website
  • Video Streaming Website
  • Landing Page
  • Membership Websites

Now let’s look more closely at these types of websites.

What Kind of Website Should I Make?

In fact, the answer to the question of which website to make depends on what purpose you need the site for. There is a specific list of types of websites, each designed for a particular purpose. 

If you're unsure what kind of site you need, you should choose the one you like and easier.

11 Popular Types of Websites

Before you create your website, you need to decide what website you want to make. We've got 11 top website categories for you to learn a little more about.



An e-commerce site is an online store where people can browse products and order what they need. Most large companies have both physical and online stores, which helps them have a large customer base.

E-commerce sites are one of the top website categories that designers work with.

  • If you're a web designer, you probably create certain types of platforms or prefer to work with certain clients. If you decide to do e-commerce websites, you can find many clients and get paid well for your work because serious entrepreneurs are looking for a web designer to promote their business.

When designing these types of websites, you need to take care of the details. Imagine your clients' brand and consider how it differs from other brands. This will help you get closer to creating a good website and filling it with quality and useful content.



A blog is a website where the author constantly adds articles. Blogs can be maintained by individuals, groups of people, or even companies. These sites are created to share information related to a particular topic. This helps to attract an audience.

  • These platforms can be completely different, but they are usually created to attract leads. If the author posts good content using keywords, it will help generate quality traffic and add new customers to the database.

Some websites can look rather formulaic. The design of a blog site should have a good structure. Such platforms use a CMS (content management system) as a server.

Using this system, the author can work on the content with a user-friendly interface. This way, you can update the data on the page yourself without spending a lot of time figuring out how it works.

  • If you want to develop your blog, work on its structure. Imagine what you would like to see on a website you can create. Your blog's content will change, but the writing style, button display, article summary, and other details will remain the same. A good interface will help your audience quickly find the information they want to view on your site, increasing your rankings.



Portfolio sites are a place that is mainly used by creative professionals to bring together and showcase their best work. Among the people who use portfolios, sites can be photographers, designers, artists, makeup stylists, and many others. On this type of website, the list of professions is unlimited.

Employees highlight their greatest work, so that prospective clients may assess a person's portfolio and learn about their expertise and skills. For instance, consider the real-life example of Klara Johansson:

  • Klara Johansson's portfolio showcases aesthetic photography and digital visualization. The site also has a story of the lady and her contacts, so that potential clients can get in touch with her. For the name of the website, she decided to use her real name, turning it into a brand.

To create your online portfolio website, you just need to go to the Portfoliobox online service and start building your website.

Personal Website  

Personal Website

This site works on personal goals. At the same time, it may not be related to sales or promotion. The site can be used to create publications and share ideas. It can be a blog or a summary where you can list your social networks.

You probably won't need to develop numerous sites unless your friends ask you to.

  • If you are just starting to develop websites, this type of website will suit you to create because of the low requirements. You can practice creating websites with one page with the most important information.

Business Website

Business Website

Almost all companies have their websites. Typically, this is a common website that a company uses to tell about its company, products, accomplishments, customer testimonials, and other information.

  • Design and branding are two of the most important components of this type of website. This will help you show your customers why you are better than others. If you are working on this type of website for your client, you need to get as much detail about the company and what it does from them. Ask about such things as whether the company has a logo, what colors symbolize the company, and other small details that are important to creating the best website.

In addition to creating a website for your client, you can also offer help in creating their logo and branding that will always accompany the company. And if it's a very new company just getting ready to enter the market, you can help them select a name for the website.



As a rule, forums are designed for like-minded people, people with similar interests. Users can sit for hours and discuss topics, compare experiences, ask and answer questions, and communicate with people with similar professions, hobbies, or worldviews.

  • For example, forums can make money by creating a closed-entry, pay-per-subscription-only community. Often on such forums, there can be discussions on the background of a divergence of opinions, but at the expense of this can increase traffic to the site.

If you want to create this type of website, try to start with Portfoliobox, as there you can develop your website and customize every detail to your liking.

Nonprofit Websites

Nonprofit Websites

These types of websites are usually created by companies to inform their customers and potential customers about the goals and values inherent in this organization. Non-profit organizations can be of different types, for example:

  • social movements of different types;
  • schools, kindergartens, universities, etc.;
  • churches;
  • and many other types.

This option is the most popular website type for such organizations because they mainly show information about past and future events and statements about the mission set for the month; for example, sometimes the site can be a page for donations (for example, on the site of the church).

Magazine / News Media Website

Magazine, news Media Website

The type of these websites are very similar to blogs. Still, if in blogs people usually write their opinions and express any interests, the magazine and new websites are more focused on journalistic research.

These types of websites usually publish various articles, photos, and videos, which will carry some new informational meaning, such as something to teach. It is like before newspapers or magazines news, only now their printed versions shrink and go to the Internet, to a digital format. This is done not only for convenience but also for ecology, to reduce cutting down trees.

  • A great example is the news website of The New York Times. The company that runs it uses trusted design agencies for its website. However, The New York Times is an international portal, and if you started collaborating with your local news portals, you could start a great career designing new types of websites.

Video Streaming Website

Video Streaming Website

Probably the most popular website types today are video streaming sites. YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many other competitors are gaining unimaginable customer traffic. Some offer their services free, and some offer a premium subscription to access more content.

As with social networking sites, once the skeleton of these sites has been created, most of the work to keep them running falls on the technical side. Given that these types of websites have a large flow of people, these sites require a lot of maintenance. 

  • As for the website's design, as a rule, these companies use reputable designers who work for the long term. We recommend that you start with a more simple type of website.

Landing Page

Landing Page

An action-inspiring one-page website called a landing page is typically developed for a marketing campaign. The content and design should direct the user to a call to action.

For instance, a business might wish to develop a landing page to draw in potential clients by providing a free download or access to a video in return for an email address. Informing users about an app and directing them to download and utilize it are two more examples of landing pages.

  • For a designer, being able to produce successful landing pages may be a valuable ability, and you are likely to receive repeat business.

Membership Websites

Membership Websites

These types of websites practice-paid access to get the content you want. Typically, users pay to use the site once a month or a year, and authors regularly fill it with content to increase their audience.

The main job of membership is to keep the content updated and ensure that the CMS underlying the site is easy to use.

  • Companies work with services such as Kajabi or Teachable to develop quality sites. They help develop and maintain these types of sites. Before doing so, however, companies turn to a web developer to create a quality design.


How many types of websites are there?

Some companies allocate 20 and even 30 different kinds of websites. However, the main types of websites remain 11; these are the most commonly used, and they are not difficult to understand.

What kind of web is YouTube?

YouTube is a type of video streaming website. These types of websites are developed by professionals, and their designs are usually created by proven design companies.

What are the most popular types of websites?

The most popular type of website is E-Commerce or blogs. E-Commerce is designed to sell products, and blogs are designed to share your thoughts and ideas with others. Both should be designed with a stylish and user-friendly design.

What is a blog?

A blog is a type of Website designed to gather like-minded people or people with the same hobbies so they can discuss topics of interest to them. Sites can often host discussions.

Portfoliobox Is the Best Option for Any Type of Site

Now you know what types of websites exist; when you design your website you will have an approximate idea of what you need. Don't forget that different types of websites require additional knowledge and concepts, and you must have an idea of what you will add to the site:

  • if you need to add video, use a video streaming type of site
  • If you need to showcase your portfolio, then you should choose the appropriate type of site, etc.

Portfoliobox and its handy website builder will help you perform any website type and design qualitatively. 

Portfoliobox aims to be the best website builder in the world for creatives. The tool should be very easy to use and the websites created by our users should be extraordinary.

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