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Upgrade to the pro version

The free account that we offer gives you the basics to create a professional website. However, some features are only available in our Pro plan. For instance, PDF upload and using a personalised domain name. Upgrading your free account is very easy and you can keep all the existing content in your account. 

Upgrade in your admin panel

You can upgrade to Pro account by clicking on the badge in the left bottom corner of your screen when you are logged into your admin panel. 

Then simply follow the steps below:

  1. Choose your subscription between a monthly plan and a yearly plan. For more information about our plans, you may visit here.
  2. Proceed to your payment by entering your card information. 
  3. Once the payment is complete, your account will automatically be upgraded.
  4. When you log in to your account, you will notice the domain notification pop-up. You can now choose your personalised domain name.

Choose subscription


  • If your payment has been declined, please check if your credit card is valid and transactions are allowed for it by the issuing bank.
  • If you have already upgraded to Pro and received the receipt but when you checked your admin panel it still says "Free Account", try to clear the cache of your browser and check your account information under Settings > Billings.
  • If you have received a discount offer, please send the email to support@portfoliobox.net so we could verify and add it to your account.
  • If you still having trouble upgrading your account, you can contact our support team via support@portfoliobox.net.

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