5 Outstanding Photography Portfolio Examples



Creating a photography portfolio that stands out is essential for showcasing your skills. Your portfolio is a collection of your best work, demonstrating your expertise. A well-designed portfolio can make a big difference in how clients perceive you.

In this blog, we will look at five outstanding photography portfolios created using Portfoliobox. Each portfolio highlights different aspects of great design and content. By the end, you'll have a clear idea of what makes a photography portfolio exceptional and how you can create one.

Key Points for a Great Photography Portfolio:

  1. Showcase Your Best Work: Always lead with your best photos. High-quality images that capture your unique style will grab attention immediately.

  2. Keep it Organized: Divide your portfolio into clear sections. This makes it easy for viewers to find what they're looking for.

  3. Write Descriptive Captions: Provide context for your photos with short, engaging captions. Explain the story or technique behind each shot.

  4. Highlight Your Skills: Include an "About Me" section with your bio, and achievements. This builds trust and shows your expertise.

  5. Use a Clean Design: A simple, professional design helps your photos stand out. Avoid clutter and stick to a consistent color scheme.

  6. Include Testimonials: Positive feedback from clients can enhance your credibility. Make sure to get permission before using any quotes.

  7. Optimize for SEO: Use relevant keywords to help your portfolio rank higher in search.

  8. Share Your Portfolio: Promote your portfolio on social media and through your email signature.

  9. Update Your Portfolio: Keep your content fresh by adding new work.

With these in mind, let's take a look at five photographers who have built portfolios with Portfoliobox.

5 Outstanding Photography Portfolio Examples

Kate Strucka

Kate Strucka is a talented beauty and fashion photographer based in Wrocław, Poland. Since 2010, Kate has been capturing elegant and confident women through her lens. Her portfolio showcases her ability to create both clean shots and those with deep shadows. She excels in both location shoots and studio sessions, adapting to the needs of each project.

Why Kate Strucka's Photography Portfolio Stands Out:

  1. Clean and Elegant: Kate's portfolio uses a minimalist template that emphasizes her photography. The clean design ensures that her images are the focal point, free from distractions. The use of white space enhances the visual appeal and makes the navigation seamless.

  2. Organized Sections: Her portfolio is divided into clear sections. This organization of her portfolio makes it easy for viewers to find specific types of work.

  3. High-Quality Images: The images in her portfolio showcase the ability to capture details. Each photograph is selected to represent her best work, making a strong impression.

  4. Professional Touch: The "About" section gives a comprehensive overview of her experience. Including her accolades, such as first place in Helion - TO DOBRY KURS - Portrait (2015) and various publications in renowned magazines.

  5. Consistent Style: Kate's portfolio maintains a consistent style that reflects her unique aesthetic. Whether it's the clean shots full of light or shadowy images, her style is evident throughout.

  6. Mobile-Friendly: Ensuring her portfolio is accessible on various devices, Kate's template is mobile-friendly. This feature allows reaching a broader audience.

This shows how an organized and professional photography portfolio leaves a good impression. By focusing on quality images, she showcases her skills and unique style.

5 Outstanding Photography Portfolio Examples

Mathias Blom: The Happy Creative

Mathias Blom is a versatile photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has a client list that includes prestigious names such as Universal Music, and Warner Music. Mathias has established himself as a go-to photographer. His portfolio showcases his diverse skills and ability to capture compelling images.

Why Mathias Blom's Photography Portfolio Stands Out:

  1. Diverse: This portfolio features a wide range of projects, from movie posters to portraits. This diversity showcases his ability to adapt to different styles and client needs. In his photography portfolio, each image tells a story.

  2. High-Quality Visuals: The images in this portfolio highlight his expertise and attention to detail. Each photo is crisp, vibrant, and composed, reflecting his professional approach.

  3. Organized Layout: His portfolio is well-organized, with sections for Photo, Design, and Video. This clear categorization helps viewers, enhancing the user experience. The simple navigation and design ensure the focus remains on the visual content.

  4. Compelling Movie Posters: The movie posters in Mathias's portfolio are particularly striking. They show his ability to create eye-catching visuals that captivate the audience. Each poster is a blend of strong visual elements and compelling storytelling.

  5. Professional Presentation: Mathias's portfolio presents his work in a professional manner. The use of a consistent background and layout keeps the portfolio cohesive.

  6. Client Focus: Highlighting his selected customers, Mathias showcases his collaboration with well-known brands. This not only boosts his credibility but also illustrates his capability to handle diverse projects. Working with such esteemed clients reflects his reliability and trustworthiness as a photographer.

  7. Mobile-Friendly: Ensuring his portfolio is accessible on various devices, Mathias's template is mobile-friendly.

This photography portfolio is an example of how a photographer can showcase projects. By maintaining an organized layout, he demonstrates his expertise in the industry.

5 Outstanding Photography Portfolio Examples

Ryan Lebel: Freelance Photographer

Ryan is a freelance photographer based in Montreal, Canada. Lebel specializes in skateboarding, lifestyle, and product photography. His versatile skills and dynamic approach allow him to capture various subjects. Ryan's photography portfolio shows his ability to create compelling visuals.

Why Ryan Lebel's Portfolio Stands Out:

  1. Diverse Photography Categories: Ryan's portfolio is divided into sections. This organization allows viewers to navigate through his work easily. Each category is distinct, showcasing his versatility and expertise in different photography genres.

  2. High-Quality Action Shots: The skateboarding section of Ryan's portfolio is particularly impressive. The shots capture the energy of the sport, demonstrating his ability to freeze dynamic moments. These highlight his skills and his understanding of the sport, making him stand out.

  3. Clean Design: Ryan uses a minimalist design that puts the focus on his photographs. The white space around the images makes each photo stand out, and the portfolio is easy to navigate. This design choice enhances the viewer's experience and keeps the attention on the visual content.

  4. Product Photography: This section showcases Ryan's ability to create images of various products. His use of clean backgrounds and precise lighting helps to highlight the details and quality of each product. This skill is crucial for clients looking to market their products effectively.

  5. Outdoor Shots: The outdoor section features a range of environmental and action shots. These photos are vibrant and engaging, showing his versatility in outdoor settings.

  6. Prints for Sale: Ryan's portfolio also includes a section where viewers can buy prints of his work. This feature not only showcases his photography but also offers another revenue stream. The high-quality prints are beautifully presented, making them appealing to potential buyers.

  7. Mobile-Friendly: Ensuring his portfolio is accessible on various devices, Ryan's template is mobile-friendly. This feature is crucial for reaching a broader audience.

This photography portfolio is a great example of how an artist can showcase their diverse projects. By maintaining an organized layout, and a professional presentation, he demonstrates his expertise. Whether capturing skateboarding, product photography, or outdoor scenes, this portfolio leaves an impression.

5 Outstanding Photography Portfolio Examples

Ernie: Simplicity and Emotion in Photography

Ernie excels in capturing simplicity and conveying emotion through his photography. His approach is direct, with a keen focus on clarity, color, and lighting. Ernie's portfolio spans a broad range of work. His impressive client list includes global brands like Apple, Nike, and Dior, and his work is featured in top magazines such as GQ and Vogue.

Why Ernie's Portfolio Stands Out:

  1. Clean Design: Ernie's portfolio uses a minimalist design that allows his photographs to take center stage. This layout enhances the visual aspect, making it easy for viewers to appreciate his work. This simplicity aligns with his artistic vision of capturing clarity and emotion.

  2. Quality Images: Each section showcases high-quality images that are well-composed and edited. Whether it's a commercial shoot for Toyota or a fashion editorial for Marie Claire, his photos are full of life. This attention to detail and quality makes his portfolio visually appealing and professional.

  3. Diverse Work: Ernie's photography portfolio includes a variety of genres, demonstrating his versatility. From set photoshoots to sports editorials, his ability to capture different moods is evident. This diversity not only showcases his skills but also makes his portfolio interesting.

  4. Emphasis on Collaborations: The inclusion of collaborations with renowned agencies adds credibility. This information highlights his professional experience and the trust from prestigious brands. It's a testament to his reliability and talent.

  5. Lighting Mastery: Ernie's portfolio is a masterclass in the use of color and lighting. Each photograph is carefully lit and color-corrected to enhance the subject and mood. This ensures that his images are not only beautiful but also convey the intended message.

  6. Engaging On-Set Photos: The "On Set" section of Ernie's portfolio provides a behind-the-scenes look at his creative process. These candid shots of photoshoots and the setup offer a glimpse into his working style. It adds a personal touch and engages viewers by showing the story behind the final product.

  7. Mobile-Optimized: Ernie's portfolio is easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. This helps reach a wider audience, as many will browse his photography portfolio on their phones or tablets.

Ernie's portfolio is a great example of how a photographer can showcase their work with a focus on simplicity and quality. By maintaining an organized layout, and highlighting collaborations, Ernie presents his professional capabilities.

5 Outstanding Photography Portfolio Examples

Martin Stranka: Dreamlike and Transportive Photography

Martin Stranka is a self-taught professional photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic. What began as a hobby, transformed into a passion and a successful profession. Martin's distinctive vision captures the fleeting moments between dreams and reality. His work often resembles stills from a film, balancing beauty with dramatic storytelling.

Why Martin Stranka's Photography Portfolio Stands Out:

  1. Unique Imagery: His portfolio is filled with images that evoke a sense of wonder. His photographs often capture surreal, dreamlike scenes. This unique style sets his work apart and creates a lasting impact on viewers.

  2. Elegant Layout: The design of Martin's portfolio is both elegant and functional. The side navigation bar provides easy access to different sections of his work. This layout offers a good user experience, allowing you to explore his diverse work.

  3. Project Showcase: Martin's portfolio is divided into several ongoing and completed projects. Each project is showcased with high-quality images and thoughtful descriptions, providing context. This comprehensive approach highlights his versatility and dedication to his craft.

  4. Awards and Exhibitions: The impressive list of awards and exhibitions is showcased in his portfolio. With over 80 international photography awards, his accolades underscore his global recognition. His work has been exhibited in renowned galleries and auctioned by Christie's.

  5. Store: Martin's portfolio includes a section where visitors can buy prints of his work. This not only provides a revenue stream but also makes his art accessible to a wider audience. The clean and professional presentation of the store enhances the user experience.

  6. Personal Narrative: Martin's biography offers a compelling narrative of his journey. His personal story adds depth to his photography portfolio. This connection is further strengthened by his thoughtful and introspective blog posts.

  7. Professional Collaborations: Martin's portfolio showcases his collaborations with prestigious institutions and publishers. These collaborations highlight his versatility and the high demand for his unique style.

  8. Mobile-Friendly and Accessible: Ensuring accessibility on various devices, Martin's portfolio is mobile-friendly. This feature is essential for reaching a broader audience.

Martin's portfolio is a testament to his ability to create great imagery. By maintaining a clean layout, and highlighting his awards, he showcases his talent. His photography leaves a lasting impression, inviting viewers into the worlds he creates.

Why You Need an Online Photography Portfolio

An online photography portfolio is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Visibility: It makes your work accessible to a global audience, increasing your chances of being discovered.

  2. Professionalism: A well-organized portfolio demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to your craft.

  3. Convenience: Clients and employers can view your work and contact you for projects.

  4. Showcase: It allows you to showcase your best work and unique style, setting you apart.

  5. Flexibility: You can update your portfolio regularly to keep it fresh and relevant.

How You Can Create Your Online Photography Portfolio with Portfoliobox

Creating your online photography portfolio with Portfoliobox is simple and effective:

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on Portfoliobox.

  2. Choose a Template: Select a template that suits your style and showcases your work.

  3. Upload Your Work: Add your best photos, organizing them into categories.

  4. Customize: Personalize your portfolio with your contact information and any other relevant details.

  5. Optimize for SEO: Use relevant keywords in your work to improve visibility.

  6. Publish: Once you’re satisfied with your portfolio, publish it and share the link with others.


An online photography portfolio is essential for showcasing your skills and attracting clients. By following the examples of successful photographers you can create a portfolio that highlights your work. Portfoliobox makes the process straightforward, allowing you to focus on what you do best – capturing photographs.


Q: What is a photography portfolio? It is a collection of a photographer’s best work, showcasing their skills and expertise to potential collaborators.

Q: Why do I need an online photography portfolio? It increases your visibility and demonstrates professionalism for clients to view your work. It also allows you to showcase your best work and offers flexibility for regular updates.

Q: How can I create an online photography portfolio? A: You can create an online portfolio using platforms like Portfoliobox. Sign up, choose a template, upload your work, customize your portfolio, optimize for SEO, and publish it.

Q: What should I include in my photography portfolio? A: Include quality images, organized sections, contact information, and any client collaborations.

Q: How often should I update my photography portfolio? A: Regularly update your portfolio to keep it fresh and relevant. Add new work and remove outdated pieces to showcase your most recent and best work.

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