How to Design a Logo: A Complete Guide for Beginners


Actually, the Internet is full of questions such as “How to make the best logo for a graphic designer?”, “How can I make the best logo for a makeup artist?”, “How to design the best logo for photography?”.

A logo always consists of several components that together convey the main purpose of your company. It is the logo that helps you to display all your goals and ideas of the company. The more original and confident the logo is, the more chances it will have for recognition among customers, which will increase your chances of promotion in the sales market.

Creating your own logo takes time, careful thought through the details, as well as creative work.

In our article, we will tell you in detail what a logo is, what it is for, and how to design your own logo correctly.

What Is a Logo and Why Do You Need It?

What is a Logo and Why do You need It

It is quite natural to ask the questions, "Why do you really need a logo?" and “What is a logo by itself?”.

What is the logo?

A logo is a character set created by a company to symbolize its products. The logo conveys the essence of the company and its goals.

Why do you need a logo?

You can ask “Why do you need to have a logo for your business?”. The logo is of great importance for the company. It represents you and your business in the sales market, showing how you differ from your competitors and why you are the best in your business.
Another mission of the logo is to introduce customers to your company and products, as well as increase the attention of the audience to you, replenishing the customer base and making your brand more popular and recognizable.

What does a good logo include?

A recognisable logo includes your company name, like an image that is associated with your company and conveys the idea of your business.

There are several options for how you can use your logo:

  • Online. In this case, you can leave your logo as a header on your website instead of an electronic signature, add it to your company presentation.
  • Polygraphy. The logo can be used on your business cards, products, stickers, posters, and branded packaging.
  • Social media. You can put your logo in place of your social media profile picture, add it to your covers, watermarks, as well as posts and promotional videos.

Where to find inspiration?

Inspiration is needed to make creative graphic design logos. Inspiration can come from outside or inside of you.

Finding inspiration outside

We offer you several options for finding inspiration outside for creating a logo, among them:

  • Pay attention to the logos you are surrounded by

Using many products, we remember some brands and overlook others. Let we have Dove or Nivea. We recognize a company by its logo alone. Think about why these brands chose the color they have now and why the logo has that particular shape. As you analyze your competitors, you may come up with a brilliant idea of your unique logo. 
Thus, we encounter a large number of logos around us every day. 

  • Read design magazines and look at photos on design websites

We also advise you to flip through design magazines where you might get a hint of an idea. Viewing aesthetic pictures on platforms like Pinterest will be equally useful.

  • Explore competitor logos

Look at the logos of your competitors, perhaps this will give you a new idea. After all, you are working on a similar area in business and you can borrow some little thing from your colleagues, adding your own details to it in such a way that it will look stylish and original.

Finding inspiration within you

An outside source may not always give you exactly the idea you need. There may be a feeling that the idea is interesting, the design is attractive, but it's not quite what you need.

  • Think carefully about ideas

Take your logo choice seriously, as you can't change it all the time, it should be something permanent that will remind customers of your company everywhere.

  • Create an idea board

You can also create a board for your ideas, on which you will write down fresh ideas for creating your logo, make sketches, and stick on magazine clippings that inspire you.
Also, to create your own logo, it will be useful to ask yourself questions about it and answer them. This will help you focus on the task and clearly understand what you want. Questions might be:

  • How would you describe your brand using adjectives?
  • How do you see your ideal client?
  • Which veta most symbolizes your brand and conveys its mood?
  • What symbols will be appropriate when creating a logo?
  • What logos attracted you the most and why?

By answering all these questions, you can more clearly understand what your logo should look like.

How to Design the Logo for Your Website?

How to Design the Logo for your Website

There are the best way to design a logo:

  1. Determine the style of your logo;
  2. Choose the best colors combination;
  3. Choose a type of your logo;
  4. Think of an inscription;
  5. Pick a font;
  6. Find your geometric shape for the logo;
  7. Create a trial version of your logo.

A logo always consists of several components that together convey the main purpose of your company.
Let's take a closer look at what components you need to work on in order to create a logo.

Determine Your Logo Style

All components of your company have a common goal - the formation of a brand for its successful promotion.
Your corporate identity is the visual identity of your brand. Before you start creating your logo, think about what makes your company unique, what makes it different from others, what its components best convey the essence of the company, and what connects these components.

Choose the Best Colors Combination

The color you choose to create your brandmark logo design will make a big difference. In psychology, there are separate topics devoted to colors, as well as their place in sales and impact on customers.

When choosing a color for your logo, look for ones that:

  • help you convey the mood of your company;
  • raise awareness of your company.

Logo color options

Using the right colors will be the best way that you can choose to design a logo. The colors can be divided into 3 categories: black and white, monochrome and color matching.
Choose black and white colors when creating a logo if you want to design a logo in a minimalist or classic style. These colors will add elegance to your logo.
Monochrome colors do a good job of highlighting the words and letters in a logo, which will help make it more expressive and eye-catching.
If you want to combine several colors, use about 2-3 shades. You can try using it as a complementary combination (which uses colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel) or a similar one (the selected colors are next to each other on the color wheel).
With the right selection of colors, the method with a combination of shades can be no less interesting and bright option.
You can read our article about colors and their combinations for creating a logo. There are 25 combinations that you can use in your creative work. This will help you create something original and interesting.

Choose a type of your logo

In fact, there are a large number of different types of logos. Some of them may simply consist of text, while others may consist of symbols, images, and everything that a person can think of. Each element can contribute to the overall meaning of your logo. Think about what you would like to see in the logo and what kind of logo would impress you.

Think of an inscription

Think about text based on your  logo design. Perhaps, in addition to the name of your company, you would like to add some other slogan or motivating phrase.

Pick a font 

If your logo will include a phrase, think about what font you need to choose for it. The font should enhance the originality of your brand without being overly elaborate. Although there is a very large selection of fonts, you can get familiar with the main types of fonts first.
Also decide what font style you like - serif, sans-serif, cursive or printed. Perhaps you will like some of the most atypical options.
If you want to work with the brand mark logo design in a classic style, choose a simple serif or sans-serif font. The main idea for a classic style logo is simplicity and readability.
If you are working on a combined logo, also choose simple and readable ones, but pay attention to the alignment and balance of images with text.

Find your geometric shape for the logo 

When you have come up with the details of the logo, design the shape it will be in. Forms play an important role and influence brand recognition.

Forms for the logo can be as follows:

  • Geometric. This is all that is familiar to us - triangles, squares, circles, and so on.
  • Organic. In another way, they are also called free forms. This includes irregular and asymmetrical shapes. As an example, it can be leaves, flowers, drops of water and other objects found in nature.
  • Abstract. In this case, the form can be absolutely any. Alternatively, it may consist of several other forms. Abstract logos can be suggestive and eye-catching, but they shouldn't stray from your brand's theme.

Create a trial version of your logo

After you've thought about all the details of your logo, try creating a trial version of it. After you look at its finished version, give it some rating, look carefully at all its components, do you like everything or would you redo something? Take a break from the logo and after a while look at it again, do you like it now or should something be changed?
Thus, following all our points, you can create your own unique logo that will help you become recognizable and increase your sales.

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Do I own my logo design?

In fact, copyright law provides that the logo designer is the first owner of the logo, unless the logo was created by an employee during the course of the assignment. In such a case, the copyright belongs to the employer.
Thus, if you design your own logo, it will also belong to you. If you hire a designer to create your logo, it will be yours.

What a logo means?

A logo is a character set created by a company to symbolize its products. The logo tell customers about your goals and ideas.

What are the 4 types of logos?

Logos come in many different types. There are 4 most common types of logos such as wordmark, abstract, emblem, combination, dynamic.

Why is a logo important?

A logo is important because it grabs the attention of customers and makes a strong first impression. The logo is the basis of your company's identity and shows the main differences between you and your competitors, which arouses the interest of customers in your company.

What are the qualities of a good brand mark logo design?

Let’s take a look at 5 characteristics of a great logo:

  • Simplicity. Simple logos are easy to remember, recognizable and credible.
  • Scalability. A good logo should be of high quality so that it can be reduced or enlarged without compromising quality.
  • Memorable. A good logo should be attractive and impress customers.
  • Universal. A good logo should look equally good on any web device and print.
  • Relevance. The logo must match your case. The essence of the logo should be directly related to the essence of your business and reflect the same goals and ideas.

How many colors should a logo have?

In order for the logo to look elegant and unobtrusive, 3 colors are enough to create it. You shouldn't add more colors, it will only create visual overload, which will affect your brand recognition.

Bottom Line

A logo is any symbol that can describe your company. Your brand mark logo design can be of various types. It can be as simple as text-only, or it can be quite complex and contain complex graphics, rare font styles, and multiple colors.
The logo is necessary in order to convey the goals and the main meaning of your company. So, it will become easily recognizable in front of customers, which will replenish your client base and, accordingly, income.

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