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According to the diversified and expanded IT occupations, they are treated as comprehensive specialists responsible for the fullstack web-design functions as UI and wireframe. However, the vast majority of the vacancies required call the user interface “stylists” as UX/UI designers.

The business researches point out that the web graphic design market is predicted to reach an unbelievable value amounting to approximately 46 billion USD in 2021. Such growth is caused by a high demand on the web commerce among the SME interviews in the US due to the discovered opportunities of this industry by the world coronavirus pandemic and the suitable servicing solutions which save the customers’ time.

In this case, the optimistic forecast for IT technologies development stresses that web design will surely keep its importance in game development, cloud environment, and apps design. This optimism is because web designers can do psychological effects on the users via colors, tools, objects, and even sounds.

As a result, UX/UI share is growing in the IT market. But, sometimes, the increased freelance offers are not equal to the relative supplies expected to engage the extraordinary and talented specialist. This consequence makes the candidates thoroughly draft their competitive web-portfolios, which could enhance their values and advantages in comparison with the other ones.

Some examples of the best UX/UI portfolios in the US

Some examples of the best UX/UI portfolios in the US

To make the remarkable web-portfolio dedicated to UX/UI management, you may read many blogs, IT-specialised web resources, and scientific papers; however, a picture is worth a hundred words. 

So, if you want to be a successful UX-design manager, you must primarily choose the style to develop and the UX/UI icon to follow, which helps you draft the best individual web-portfolio. Moreover, you need to decide the appropriate direction (outsourcing, outstaffing, ready-made product, art design, etc.) to satisfy your plans and possibilities. The choice of the future professional direction establishes your long-term goal for self-development; however, it does not mean you can horizontally move career positions. For instance, you may start as a product UX-designer and then work as a respective freelancer setting your price and conditions.

Below you may be aware of the commemorative words and the web-design know-how presented by the best website UX/UI designers in 2021, along with their online portfolios.


  1. Simon Pan. Maybe, this name seems to be unknown. But if you have said, “Okay, Google, show me what a graphic design is,” and ordered your favourite songs via Amazon Digital Music barely once in your life you should assess the products designed by this pro. Being the product designer, he commonly puts the user’s needs higher than the team’s assumptions and builds his project-oriented style focusing on the small details for the bigger goals.
  2. The other Google UX-design staff member who has a curious web-portfolio is Austin Knight. Using minimalist-fun, this knight of the individual UX graphic style could provoke the interest of any user with the opposite and unique angle of the web assessment view. He could be called a new young king of detailed product solutions.
  3. Jonathan Patterson is a charismatic UX/UI manager whose works demonstrate the main peculiarities of his nature. Patterson's solutions are full of a sense of humor with sarcastic spices seasoning the minimalist and accurate motto-typed statements. It’s hardly surprising that his UX web-portfolio was ranked as the best one by Postmates, Ford, Sony, and Detroit.
  4. Robin Nogiuer. Working on a freelance basis, he could be classified as a very talented web designer who has the best online portfolio among his UX/UI-specialized peers. His self-presentation is a simple, eye-catching website with Java-compiled colorful elements. Such an approach deserves significant attention from the art, game, or app developing companies.
  5. At first, you may think that Kyson Dana was a publisher or a landscape-describing author in his previous life due to his good abilities in storytelling. However, his UX design products generate feelings of something unbelievable and space-touched thoughts. He is used to creating products that drive new market offers and not v.v. All this is subject to principles launched by Tesla, Adobe and Boosted Boards.
  6. If you have not found the name of Jason Yuan scrolling the famous young UX/UI specialists at the IT-specialized platforms or forums, ask your Siri. As a sincere UI interest protector, he tries to focus on the requests of ordinary clients and follow his intuition clues. He has his own elegant style expressing self-confidence and a motivation-inspired sense.
  7. If you are a perfectionist, you will be in a team of Luke James Taylor. He is a comprehensive specialist who plans a new project step by step and splits the whole UX-design process into subpoints covering from a design strategy to a final product release. His UX-design portfolio proves that emphasizing his achievements as a co-founder of Design Sprint X.
  8. Ed Chao is a very talented product web-designer who could redesign and rebrand Dropbox oriented on three fundamental pillars for a good UX/UI manager - Product thinking, Interaction Design, Visual Design.
  9. Our list would be named gender-discriminative if we did not enlist virtuous female specialists such as Karolis Kosas. Her impressive, experienced CV is accomplished by the respective website giving the minimum but helpful information. It is likely to say to the viewer - less talk, more work.
  10. Last but not least, the most ambitious design pro in the IT industry is Bethany Heck. Working with Microsoft and IBM on a freelance basis, she demonstrates a specific approach for self-presentation via an uncommon visual and descriptive picture for the projects developed.

Be inspired by the most prospective young UX design professional enthusiasts and create your own one highlighting your advantages for the designated narrow-specialized direction. But if you still have doubts about your online portfolio, do not hesitate to consult us.



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