Top 12 best ideas for flyers


Although the role of the Internet in communicating with the audience today is massive, the flyer is still one of the best tools for conveying an advertising message. We've picked some flyer design inspiration for making your flyer grab attention and sell your products and services.

Why are flyers needed?

The main idea of the flyer is to grab attention, quickly and clearly convey information about the event and benefits to the consumer, and encourage them to contact the company. Well-designed flyers are used as handouts in promotions, placed on information desks, put into packaging, issued at the checkout or reception, and placed in mailboxes.

The flyer provides a significant benefit, and the client can take not one but several for themselves and their friends. So, the information will spread according to the principle of word of mouth. With less effort, you will get more coverage.

Types of flyers

Depending on the tasks, flyers can be of various kinds:

  • informational - they report some news, including instructions, rules, and infographics;
  • promo - inform about special offers, promotions, seasonal discounts, the release of a new collection;
  • invitations - encourage you to visit the opening of a new store, exhibition, concert, show, conference;
  • competitive - they invite you to take part in a sports competition or leave an application for participation in a creative competition;
  • educational - reveal the content of training programs and courses;
  • campaigning - reveal the candidates' programs in the elections and call to take part in the voting.

Flyer Formats

As a rule, one of four standard formats is chosen to manufacture well-designed flyers. This ensures minimal post-processing when printing runs on A4 or A3 sheets.



210 × 297 mm


148 × 210 mm


105 × 148 mm


74 × 105 mm


99 × 210 mm

Euro format (1/3 A4)

Less often, folds and figured cutting in non-standard formats are used in the manufacture of flyers, but such options are also possible.

12 tips on creating a sales flyer

12 tips on creating a sales flyer

The flyer is designed to promote a product, service, or event. The flyer is handed out by hand, etc. Note that the flyer is not a book. The brochure contains several pages and is more informative. If you want the flyer to work for the benefit of the business and not go to the first box, create it following the rules. Here are 12 best flyer ideas you can't do without.

1 flyer = 1 message

A flyer is an advertising booklet. It is a waste of time and money without analyzing the target audience. First, identify the marketing problem you need to answer in your flyer. Whether people know about your company and products, the flyer should answer a specific question with specific goals.

Concise content

Try to express your text as concisely as possible with different flyer ideas. For example, the headline should be short and catchy to grab the reader's attention instantly. Pay special attention to the title. In most cases, this element of your flyer is responsible for whether a person wants to buy or try your product.


Remember that the main purpose of a flyer is to sell a product or service. So make sure your flyer idea is primarily commercial and not just informative. Design your message to encourage a future client to take a certain action. Stimulate your prospects with call-to-action verbs like "don't miss out", "learn", etc.


Your flyer design is a reflection of your company's image. Try to use bright and catchy flyer colors to attract attention. Avoid clutter of images. As a rule, one main visual element is enough on each side of the flyer. The rule of conciseness also applies to typography. Limit yourself to one or two writing styles and avoid bold, italics, and underlining.

A few words should also be said about color schemes. Make sure the text color matches the background flyer color. Choose a shade that does not make your text difficult to read.


Don't forget to personalize the flyer with your company's visual branding. This is where you'll need your corporate colors, fonts, and your logo. Please note that the logo is one of the most important things. If you don't have one yet, take a break for a few minutes and create a logo using one of the online services. By taking this approach, you will let people familiar with your brand understand that you and your business originally created the offer. For example, real estate agents can add their flyer colors, shades, and markings that are familiar to customers and used in all traditional and electronic documents.

In addition, a branded flyer idea will increase the audience's awareness of the brand. Moreover, you can easily use Google to find good flyer ideas and the most popular websites with templates and real solutions for your needs.

Quality printing

Don't underestimate the importance of quality printing. Approach the choice of paper and the type of finish as responsibly as possible. For example, we advise you to pay attention to light paper, matte or glossy coated 135 g. This great inexpensive classic is perfect for flyers distributed in public places. You can make your well-designed flyers single or double-sided. It depends on the amount and content of the information, your priorities, and other factors.

AIDA sales principle

Finally, keep the AIDA sales principle in mind when designing your flyer. What is it? Now we will explain!

  • Awareness - grab your audience's attention with a special offer, interesting illustration, etc.
  • Interest - arouse interest, raise an acute problem, and offer a solution.
  • Desire - make a potential customer want to come to you and use your product.
  • Action - push the potential client to action.

Small stripes

In most cases, the adage "the more, the better" applies to strips in flyers as well. But sometimes their number needs to be reduced, especially if you are advertising a VIP invitation or a great offer. To make your flyer idea unique, try using small strips 5-8 cm high, 28 cm wide. If placed correctly, the strips will attract the curious eye of the consumer, intrigue the imagination, and motivate them to take action.


The use of retrospection in design development has always shown great results. Any designer creating well-designed flyers in retro style will confirm this. The design can be taken as a basis, for example, Roman sketches, canvases, psychedelics of the 60s, and culture of the 80s. This is a great tool to evoke emotions in the target audience, especially if its representatives were young and sentimental when this or that style or current culture was popular. 


No such rule would oblige all flyers to be exclusively square or rectangular. One of the best design ideas involves creating a graphic design flyer that has some form - a circle, a silhouette of a city, an animal, etc. Imagine how much your flyer will differ from your "colleagues" if it has the shape of a palm tree, a letter, a building, or an outline of something. In addition, carved flyers are easiest to integrate into any environment or, conversely, to counter them, whether it's a brick wall, a window, a bulletin board, or a painted textured canvas.

Flyers and Web 2.0

If you are familiar with large print, designer borders, and Web 2.0 layout settings, you can use these ideas to design your flyer. This style of promotional material design is a great way to showcase the services of technology companies, consulting companies, and so on. In addition, with Web 2.0, style and illustrations can be developed to sell clothing, jewelry, and other products.

Flyer illustration

Often the most attractive are graphic design flyers illustrated with beautiful, catchy images that captivate the imagination of customers. You can illustrate your flyer with cartoons, and images of other worlds that will surely make passers-by turn their eyes towards the flyers.

Flyer color best practices

Flyer color best practices

Harmonious color schemes are made up of three evenly distributed colours around the color wheel and form an equilateral triangle. Choose the right color palette, and you are already halfway to a successful design! How to pick flyer design inspiration colors:

  1. If you want to create a harmonious design according to the rules of the color triad, set one flyer color as the main one, and use two corresponding colors in a circle to support the theme and accent.
  2. Use a bright color as an accent. Too bright color spots can be annoying, especially when they take up a large space.
  3. If you're determined to use a fluorescent color in your flyer design, use it only for specific elements, and keep the background image and background text discreet. This technique not only ensures that the audience will read the most important but also avoids the effect of "you can't look without tears."
  4. Don't forget about black and white. A rich flyer design can be created not only from bright colors. Black and white accentuate color accents and make the composition harmonious. Pair the triadic color palette with black and white. When developing a graphic design flyer color + black + white design, try to use all the colors in the palette in approximately equal proportions.
  5. Color your flyers with neon. Do you want guarantees that your flyers will definitely be noticed and not let go of? Try a neon color palette. Due to the bright color blocks, the flyer attracts and holds the eyes of the beholder.
  6. When editing a ready-made flyer template, add another page by copying and pasting the desired text. Mix bright neon flyer colors to draw more attention to the visual. And if you need to include more information, do so on the back of the flyer.

Regardless of which style you choose for your flyer, remember that print quality plays a huge role in how your finished printed materials will look. Premium glossy paper will accurately reflect the flyer color scheme of flyers, make them shiny, and set the overall tone of promotional materials, so all the details of the well-designed flyers printing process should be considered in advance - even before you start designing it.


How do you make a flyer more creative?

Stop at one or a couple of bright colors, and make the accompanying elements less pronounced in color, but more interesting in shape. This will help draw the attention of a potential client. Find out more tips in our post.

How do you make a fun flyer?

Use modern design solutions in combination with popular memes. It will be creative and fun. But the memes must be relevant.

How can I make my flyers more appealing?

The flyer maker allows you to create eye-catching artwork. Choose bright colors and unusual combinations. Play with the fonts, but make sure the information on the flyer is accessible and easy to understand.

What makes a catchy flyer?

High-quality printing, unusual shapes, and colors will attract the attention of any potential client. Move away from the usual and use modern technologies and design at 100%.

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