The art of making a digital collage


Collage is an interesting art technique that allows you to combine several dissimilar elements in one composition. Photo collage is one of the most popular trends that opens up wide creative possibilities. It is a combination of images on one canvas or their combination. Pictures can be placed randomly or in a certain order, telling about some important event. In addition to photographs, the collage may contain inscriptions, illustrations.

Did you know that with the help of a collage you can put all the memories of some important event in your life in one photo? We accumulate memories throughout our lives. Some of them forever remain only in memory, and some are visualized. Sometimes on the mezzanine we find an album with photographs or a folder with children's drawings and smile, reliving pleasant moments again. Why not remember them more often? You can collect your favorite photos and hang them in the apartment. We will show you how and where to make a photo collage online.

How to create a digital collage?

A photo collage usually contains many photos, but it can serve as a decoration for only one. In any case, you don't need any scissors or glue to create a modern photo collage.

  1. To create a collage, you need to choose a graphic editor. The special programs open up the most possibilities in creating a composition. If you do not have the skills to work with graphic editors, you can use simple online constructors.
  2. Once you have decided on the program, you should choose templates for placing images on the collage. There are many options. Consider the quality and size of the images when choosing. The placement of pictures on the canvas is of no small importance. Arrange the photos in chronological order so that you can follow the dynamics and development of the plot.
  3. Most photo editors have wide functionality that allows you to decorate the composition with various decorative elements and inscriptions. Write a wish to the person you want to present the collage to. Small descriptions for each photo would be a great idea. You can also refuse the inscription if you want to focus only on the images.

All the secrets and tips of making a digital collage

All the secrets and tips of making a digital collage

A beautiful collage will delight the soul for a long time, it can be either a wall decoration or a gift. We will tell you next how to create the perfect photo collage.
Select photos
Make copies of the photos you intend to work with and place them in a separate folder on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Choose a graphic editor for making collage
The greatest possibilities for creating collages are provided by professional graphic editors, but their use requires special skills. If you are not a professional designer, use special programs - collage makers. They are available online and offline, for desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Arrange key photos
Start your collage with the key elements: determine which photos will play the main role and which ones will play a secondary role. Adjust brightness, contrast, play with filters to draw the viewer's attention to the most important points of the composition. Consider cropping: it might be worth cropping out any excess. Adjust the position, rotation and size of each photo.

Pick a background
Be careful when choosing a background for your future collage. Will it be monochromatic to emphasize and combine variegated elements, or, conversely, bright and expressive in order to favorably set off the selected photos? Or maybe there will be so many photos that the background is not visible? In any case, choosing the right background will help during your work.

Work out the detailsWork out the details
Having compiled a holistic composition, work out small details: a neat combination of the edges of individual elements, the order of overlaying layers, some additional strokes and dots, little things that sometimes change everything.

Important: save your work often to avoid accidents, because it will be too bad if you have to start all over again.

Finally, your collage is ready. All that remains is to insert the paper into the printer, attach a file to an email or upload it to Instagram, and it will start to amaze and delight your friends. And now you know from your own experience that creating a photo collage with your own hands is not so difficult. Creative success!

10 free web services for making a digital collage

The French poet Louis Argonne once said: "Collage is an art that challenges painting." Nowadays, digital technologies have made the art of photography available to everyone, and the fashion for collages has extended to all corners of the globe. 
Below are some great options for applications in which you can create your own collages. By the way, you can place your collages in your portfolio on our website.

1. Instagram


Platforms: Android, iOS.

Recently, you can compose several photos directly on Instagram. To do this, in the story creation menu, you need to turn on the "Collage" shooting mode and select a template with the required number of shots. The photos taken after this will appear on the screen in a grid, which can then be published or saved.

2. Photo Grid

Photo Grid

Platforms: Android, iOS.

Photo Grid offers a variety of design templates and grids to help you quickly create a collage of medium complexity. The program supports stickers and allows you to paint over images. With filters and simple color adjustments, you can change the look of your photos.

3. Layout for collages

Layout for collages

Platforms: Android, iOS.

This Instagram app was a hit right after its release. Although there are no stickers, filters, color correctors, or many other tools in Layout, you can compose multiple shots in a matter of seconds and adjust their position to your liking. This is because the Layout interface is great for small touchscreen displays.

4. Google Photos

Google Photos

Platforms: web, Android, iOS.

The simplest collage can be made in the popular Google Photos application. It is enough to select several images in the gallery, click on the plus and select "Collage". However, you won't be able to customize anything. Therefore, "Google Photos" is suitable only for users for whom the location of pictures and other parameters of the collage is not particularly important.

5. Canva


Platforms: web, Android, iOS.

Canva is designed to create collage graphics for presentations, resumes, certificates, posters, book covers, or social profiles. The developers have added a lot of blanks that greatly simplify such work. Having chosen the desired template, the user can quickly edit it to suit its needs, add diagrams, various shapes, text and other elements.

6. Pic Collage

Pic Collage

Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS.

There are many rectangular grids in Pic Collage's arsenal. But you can also place photos in any way, without strict alignment to each other. In addition, the program has several templates for creating digital collage in the form of postcards. You can apply text, stickers, filters to images and customize their borders.

7. Befunky


Platforms: web, Android, iOS.

This service combines a photo editor and a powerful collage manager. At the service of the user - grids of various types, background settings, shape, and size of photos. And if you need to thoroughly correct the finished collage, you can always use a graphic editor.

8. PicsArt


Platforms: web, Windows, Android, iOS.

PicsArt offers an impressive collection of compositing grids and various settings for backgrounds, image borders, and collage aspect ratios. There are also templates in the form of photo frames. You can decorate pictures with stickers, draw on them and write in different fonts. Plus, PicsArt is also a powerful graphics editor.

9. Fotor


Platforms: web, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.

Another online service for making collages and at the same time a graphic editor. Among other things, Fotor allows you to customize collage backgrounds, add text and various stickers. But the strongest side of the service is a large number of curly grids. With their help, photographs can be given unusual shapes, such as hearts or complex geometric shapes.

10. FotoJet


Platforms: web, Windows, macOS.

FotoJet also combines the functions of a collage manager and photo editor. Inside you will find templates to help you quickly create graphics for postcards, posters, and social media. The service also contains a lot of grids and stickers. You can add custom text to images. FotoJet also has desktop versions, but in the free mode, they leave watermarks on images.

We hope that with the help of our article you have learned how to create a collage and in which applications it can be done. And you can publish your results on our website.


How to make a photo collage in Instagram Stories?

Go to the story, click "Collage". Choosing a template - how many images will be in the grid. Click on the square in the lower-left corner to select a photo from the gallery. We get a simple collage.

Where is a collage used?

Collage is a method of artistic production mainly used in the visual arts, where a work is made from a collection of different forms, thereby creating a new whole.

How to make a collage from photos on a computer?

To get a collage in Photoshop, you need:

  1. Install Photoshop
  2. Run the application on the computer
  3. Drag photo
  4. Place each shot in a specific location
  5. Place all photos in the composition
  6. Create layers
  7. Flatten Image
  8. Save photo

In what apps is it possible to make a collage on an iPhone?

There are many applications of this kind available in the App Store now, let's figure it out, the best of them are:

  • iPhoto;
  • Moldiv;
  • Pic Stitch;
  • Flipagram;
  • Fuzel.

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