How to take a sports photo correctly


Practice is equally important. Try to take pictures everywhere, learn new ways of shooting not only with the help of text or video. Immediately after studying the material, go and do it. Experience makes you a master of your craft.

Sports photography takes the photographer to a higher level of professionalism. This is a very difficult way to capture something. The photographer needs to take very successful, emotional, and important shots that can convey the atmosphere of competition or match. Plus, it's a very emotional experience. Imagine how happy you will be if you catch a good shot in which the decisive goal was scored. But you can also be disappointed if the swimmer you photographed wins, and you were not able to successfully capture this triumphant moment.

Tips for learning how to do sports photography

Tips for learning how to do sports photography

  1. Explore the sport you intend to capture. For the shot to come out more dynamic and emotional, you need to feel the moment. It is impossible to feel it and understand if you have never experienced such a sight. Before shooting, check out the videos about this sport, especially pay attention to the moments that you would like to capture, watch these moments in all videos to notice the difference. It is better, of course, to see something like this live at least once in order to experience it for yourself.
  2. Check out other photographers for ideas. You need to start somewhere, so it's okay for you to familiarize yourself with other people's pictures and find out what moments are best to shoot, how the frame will look better, etc. You need to learn not only from your own mistakes but also from the merits of others.
  3. Angle. As with any shooting, the angle plays a very important role. And here you will not be able to find a universal solution to all problems. For each sport and each moment it is better to select different angles from which the picture will look fully and effectively. Professional photographers try, whenever possible, to capture the face of an athlete. Do not be afraid, sometimes you can get everyone so successful that they will cost a lot of money. Also, do not forget about the lighting, the light should be natural and.
  4. Background. Try to position yourself so that there is a good view from where you took the pictures. It can be an empty area or stands with a crowd of spectators. Do not take pictures in which there will be too many details in the background, this will ruin the photo. The emphasis should be on the athlete, nothing else.
  5. Don't forget that objects are moving quickly. This requires preparation. First, you need to set up your camera. Secondly, the lens must be suitable. For large objects 70-200 mm, and for small objects 300+. If possible, use the stabilization function. Set the shutter speed to TV or S. For a clearer picture, use a fast shutter speed. Exposure plays the biggest role when you are taking a sports photo.
  6. Panning effect. This will stabilize the subject in the frame, which is great for sports photography. leave a little space in front of the athlete to follow his movements, then you will synchronize with him, and the frame will not become blurry. Do not stop tracking the object even after pressing the button.
  7. Leave a place. The location should be in the direction of movement of the object. Thus, the picture will appear vivid and complete. A moving object can't be in cramped conditions.
  8. Depth of field control. The faster the shutter speed, the wider the aperture, which is not always a good thing. A wide aperture can adversely affect photo quality. If you can see that this is the case, increase the shutter speed.
  9. Review each photo after you have taken it. This is a very important ritual that every professional photographer does, because this way you can understand your mistakes and immediately redo the picture. After all, no one wants to come home and get upset looking at the pictures. It's always important to be aware of what you didn't do right away, because that way you are more likely to succeed on subsequent shots.
  10. Try to capture the dramatic moment. It doesn't matter if the shot is funny or sad, but you should always be there when something goes wrong. This is the best material imaginable. Observe everything that happens in the competition, start watching the object if you see something suspicious. If the horse is behaving strangely or the athlete loses balance, monitor this to catch a fall. This will come in handy in your photography portfolio.
  11. Try it a lot. Repeat your actions each time to catch the frame. If you constantly try to adjust and change the algorithm of your actions, then you will never take a beautiful picture. Your attempts will succeed, the main thing is to constantly practice your planned actions. If your footage is good, but not good enough, then you are on the right track. If the footage is completely bad, find a different position, shoot the athlete under different circumstances.

details in the background

Taking sports photos is not easy. It is important to never forget about safety precautions, because not only you can get hurt, but also the one you are filming. Keep your distance, the more dangerous the object, the further you stay from it. Look around carefully, do not forget that you are not alone there.

How can you start making money and becoming a professional photographer?

How can you start making money and becoming a professional photographer

We figured out how best to make a good sports shot. But we haven't talked about how to become a professional photographer and make money from it. Well, in this case, we also have tips.

  1. Expand your knowledge. Learn new shooting techniques, learn the functions of your camera, learn to think quickly in stressful situations. And most importantly, practice constantly. Develop a quick reaction in yourself, at crucial moments you will need to understand in a second how to make a good shot, without experience you cannot.
  2. Chat with people and learn to find profitable acquaintances. It may sound strange, but it is useful in that you will be able to occupy the best places at sporting events, from there, there is usually the best view.
  3. You must have good equipment. You won't shoot many masterpieces with a bad camera. Therefore, you should not spare money to buy something of high quality, if you are ready to become a photographer, then this is an investment in the future.
  4. Create a portfolio website. It's not difficult as you can find ready-made website templates at Portfoliobox. There is a huge selection for creating a portfolio, you will do everything quickly and easily. Collect the best shots you've taken there. The portfolio should contain some pictures that will show your professionalism.
  • The frame where you caught speed
  • The picture, where you capture an important movement
  • Where did you catch an athlete's face that conveys strong emotions?
  • Show how you can find a good background
  • Convey fans' emotions

    5. Start your job search and gain experience by collaborating with some newspapers, magazines, and websites. Even if the initial suggestions are not what you expected, try it yourself, it will allow you to gain experience, practice more and complement the portfolio website.

   6. Meet athletes, it can serve as a good calling card to the future of a professional photographer.

sports photography

Although sports photography is difficult, it is very interesting. It will take you a lot of time and energy to practice, but the main thing is never to give up. Follow our advice and you will succeed.

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