Top 7 Website Builders 2022 Comparing


Using them, you can select ready-made themes and designs and construct your portfolio at a completely professional level without wasting time. 

A lot of people wanna show their projects to plenty of the audience from different parts of the world. To find the best site for constructing your portfolio, it is important to read about the capabilities of plenty of platforms, consider many surveys and find variants that have big functionality and no cons as far as possible. This is a long and sophisticated process, especially for a person who does not have time for this.

These platforms for building websites allow even beginners to construct pretty professional sites. To make a website, you don’t have to be a developer or a programmer, and you don’t need large investments or a lot of time.
In our article, we’ll describe the top website builders that have a large number of necessary features and capabilities, which will allow the absolutely willing to make their portfolio on a professional level.

List of the Best Websites Builders

Let's take a look at the top website builders that are best appropriate for website creators.

  • PortfolioBox - The leader among the best websites builders
    It’s the first and best websites builder that we’ll consider in our reviews. By choosing this platform, you’ll not be limited in picking themes for your site. This website builder provides a plenty of templates, as well as the ability to combine them at your discretion. Thus, the number of combinations may not be limited. This is one of the reasons why this platform is the best among others. Present your photos in the best light with a custom portfolio – no coding required.
  • Wix - Best for beginners
    Wix is a very handy website builder. Among its advantages are full functionality, great features, simple settings, but at the same time the ability to develop a professional website.
  • Squarespace - Best for professionals
    This is a complex website builder that can be intricate for beginners to work with. However, this website builder is renowned for having the best templates and a wide range of features.
  • Zyro - Best for lovers of high quality, beautiful and clean templates
    This website builder is attractive for its simplicity and convenience but at the same time elegant and beautiful templates. Although this builder doesn't proffer too many variations, it has high-quality features.
  • Jimdo - Best for those who love simplicity and convenience
    It's a basic website building platform that will be a simple website builder. Although it does not have many tools for working with sites, it’s also one of the easy and cozy website builders.
  • Duda - best for searchers of ready-made stylish samples
    It’s also a foolproof website builder with fairly comprehensive functionality and a multiformity of stylish templates. Using this platform, you can find more than 90 templates related to various topics.
  • WordPress.com - Best for bloggers with basic programming skills
    WordPress.com is a favorite builder among professionals. To get started with it, you will need to learn coding at a basic level. Therefore, it isn’t a simple website builder as others, however, using this option to create websites, you will get access to professional settings and features.



Portfoliobox will help you build a portfolio in your browser like a pro. Statistics show that 1 million websites have been created using this platform. With the help of the website builder software, you can create mobile projects for small orders. Using the integrated functions, you can sell products and services on the Internet.
This website builder has an easy-to-use editor, a large selection of ready-made themes and styles, and the ability to create amazing portfolios without programming skills. Let’s consider the pros and cons of using this website builder.

Among the advantages are the following:

  • A large number of page layouts;
  • A variety of elements that are easily added with a couple of buttons;
  • A built-in feature that will allow you to blog, create e-commerce, as well as the presence of SEO;
  • Included domain hosting;
  • The presence of a free account helps to check the operation of the system.
  • Speaking of cons, we can note the following:
  • To use hosting and domain you will need to upgrade.

So, with the help of Portfoliobox website creators can make their projects on a vocational level. If you need to create large projects for e-commerce, you are allowed to enjoy a large number of settings and features that are available in the Pro package.
This platform is great for artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, fashion and beauty creators and other creative areas. However, you can use this website builder even if you are not a creative person, it is versatile and suitable for different ideas. This simple website builder will help you make your project the best it can be. 



Founded in 2006, the Wix website builder has grown to serve over 110 million customers and become one of the largest platforms in the business.

Among the benefits of using this website builder, we can note the following:

  • The site has a good speed;
  • Massive collection of templates;
  • Convenient and intuitive interface;
  • This platform helps you promote your website with ease;
  • Has great support and help.

Cons of using this platform:

  • You will have to pay to view analytics;
  • A premium account is only related to one site, if you want to use more features again while working on another project, you will have to connect a premium account again and pay for it again.

So, the Wix website building platform is a pretty good option. It is great for rapid website development. In addition, by paying for the premium package, you will be able to access additional settings, which will allow website creators to create professional projects.



This website builder platform is user-friendly and has optimized software. Products created with it look amazing and fresh. This simple website builder is becoming a solid all-rounder in the web platform space.

So, let's take a look at the list of advantages of using Squarespace:

  • The platform offers over 140 themes with enhanced fonts, dimensions, images, etc.;
  • The presence of a blogging function;
  • Availability of live chat for user support;
  • Ability to use integrated versions for mobile projects running on IOS and Android;
  • The ability to work with large projects in which the number of pages exceeds 1000.

However, this platform, like others, has its drawbacks, including:

  • One navigation, which will not allow you to create large websites that require a menu hierarchy;
  • Slow page speed

So, Squarespace is a user-friendly and reliable website builder that focuses on design aesthetics and also can work with e-commerce.



This platform is also the best among other website builders and allows customers who do not have programming or site layout skills to quickly and easily create their projects using a convenient editor. Like many other similar platforms, you can use the free plan. If you want to get rid of ads and get access to vocational features, you can switch to a chargeable plan and continue working.

The benefits of using this enough simple website builder are:

  • This website builder is really easy to use;
  • A good library of quality samples so you can mix and match different ideas;
  • As in other improved platforms, it is possible to work with e-commerce;
  • No commission on e-commerce plans.

Consider the cons of using this platform:

  • It is difficult to get support, your SMS may not be answered soon;
  • It is difficult to connect domains.

So, using this platform will be a great idea for those who have no experience in web design, as using a couple of buttons will allow you to create simple, but beautiful and stylish designs.



It’s another easy platform among website builders, Jimdo lets you work on developing your sites without ads. This platform doesn’t demand programming knowledge and will not empty your pocket.

Let's take a closer look at the disadvantages of this website builder:

  • Ease of use;
  • A simple editing interface that allows you to reduce your time spent on creating sites;
  • Unlimited storage space on the paid plan;
  • Optimization for mobile devices using the mobile editor;

Among the minuses, we note the following:

  • A limited number of tools;
  • Slow assistance and support.

So, this platform is also the best among other website builders and suitable for basic projects, as well as for those who want to run their blog. 



This website builder is focused on creating designs that will be perfect for those who want an attractive and stylish website and wanna work with a willing stencil-plate. Using Duda, you can create widgets and personalize your site.

Pros of using this platform:

  • Huge pick of applications and widgets;
  • High level of creative control;
  • Foolproof in using such as other website builders;
  • Great for creating multilingual sites.


  • Deficiency of a large number of powerful features for creating a site;
  • You can get confused about the functions when working with this builder when you try to extend the scope of the samples.



It’s a good option for bloggers. Using it, you can launch your websites for free. If you wanna have more functions to assist you make more professional designs, you can opt for a paid plan.

Pros of using this platform:

  • You can enjoy free versions of up to 3 GB of space;
  • You do not need to worry about updates and backups, it will all be done for you;
  • You can have complete control over your project thanks to this website builder software, which is built with open source;
  • Versatility and customization.


  • You are limited to stats, for example, you can't use known platforms to track stats, it’s available with the paid version.

This platform would be a good option to work on a project that you need for a business, for instance, and that you wanna work on in the most cost-effective way.
Thus, we have considered with you the best platform options. With the help of these services, as well as your creativity, you can create great portfolios. It won’t only help you share your art, but also attract the sight of adepts that can show your projects to their audience and customer.


What does a website builder do?

The website builder allows you to create websites using ready-made templates and does not require writing programming codes. Using website builders, you can choose ready-made themes and designs and create a website at a completely professional level without wasting time.

Why do you need a website builder?

Website builders allow you to create your projects without requiring any programming or website creation skills. You don’t even need creative ideas, because you can choose ready-made themes and get creative work. In addition, it will be very useful if you urgently need to create your project.

How do you use websites builder?

To get started on creating your site using the site builder, you will need to create an account, select a template and edit its elements, then add text and images.

Can you be the owner of a site created with website builders?

You are not the owner of the web server that hosts your site. You receive a license with which you can use the Intellectual Property of the Website Creators. If you create the site yourself, by coding, or by engaging site specialists, you will own the source code of your site.

Which website builder is best?

Although there are many other website builders out there, answering your question about which website builder is best we can call PortfolioBox. It has more advantages over other options, including more themes and designs, customizations, and features.

How much does it cost to put up a website?

To answer a question, about how much you will have to pay for hosting your site, consider the list of necessary services for hosting projects and their cost:

  • The domain will cost you 12-60 dollars;
  • Hosting at $35-600;
  • An SSL certificate can be either free or cost $200;

Of course, the cost may vary and it depends on whether you choose free options or want to take advantage of more professional features by purchasing a paid plan.

Bottom Line

We have considered the 7 best website builders in reviews form with which you can create websites on your own without coding skills. Register your account on Portfoliobox and work with ready-made themes and templates that will allow you to create a beautiful and stylish project.

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