How to Write An About Us Page


To create an impressive "About us" page, use the following pieces of advice:

  • Use the facts;
  • Share useful information;
  • Analyze your audience;
  • Add your rewards;
  • Work on page design;
  • Add your photo and some personal information.

When you create your web page, it’s worth paying attention to the "About Us" page. It is one of the most essential pages of your site because the client will probably want to know more about you before doing business with you.

You can name your page any way you like, for example, "Our story", "Our mission", and so on. The purpose of this page is to introduce customers to your business and get them interested as much as possible.

In this article, we'll look at how to write a good “About Us” page, what it should display, and what the top guidelines you need to follow to make your page the most informative and engaging are. We'll also show you 5 examples of awesome About Us pages so you can get inspired to create your page.

What is an About Us Page 

What is an About Us Page

Let’s consider in more detail what it is and what should an “About us” page contain.  This page is one of the web pages on your site, where you tell who you are, what your company does, how you differ from your competitors, and why customers should choose you. On this page, you can place the info about your company which you consider necessary for your customers. The main problem with these pages is that they are secondary because the link at the bottom of the site leads to a page with a few words about the company. This approach is not very interesting to customers. Your “About Us” page should highlight your company's goals, why you're better than the competition, and showcase your company's most important events. Also, all this should be at the very top of the page because it will attract the attention of your customers.

Research has shown that people go to an “About page” to learn more about a brand and the people who run the business. Also, people are interested in learning about the goals and ideas of your company to understand whether they share your values ​​​​and whether they generally want to do business with you.

6 Tips to Write About Us Page 

6 Tips to Write About Us Page

The main recommendation for creating an "About Us" page is to make a clean design and write truthful info that will help attract new customers. However, we have prepared six tips for you to help our readers understand the basic principles of creating a professional and engaging “About Us page”. Let's look at these tips in more detail.

Use the facts

When you're writing the text for your "About Us" page, avoid the following mistakes:

  • Writing info about your company on the main page;
  • Writing long summaries that will bore the audience while they will be reading;
  • Boasting

Instead of writing a lot of unnecessary information on your “About Us” page that your client can read on other tabs on your site.

Try the following tips:

  • Provide the most essential information about yourself, about your employees, indicating significant dates for your company, as well as important events and figures.
  • State your benefits using facts. You must tell our clients why you are better than your competitors. So, you can talk about how your product outperforms by 18%, you can indicate that you have already helped 10,000 customers, and released more than 30,000 copies of some products.

Share useful information

When you will be writing an "About Us" page, provide as much relevant and detailed info that is relevant to your company or products as possible. You can even create a separate field on the page where you will answer the most frequently asked questions that customers ask you. So, if your water heaters help save energy costs, be sure to mention this fact. Specify how much money your water heaters will help them save in a month, and how long they will last. Detailed information inspires confidence in customers and helps them present the product in more detail. If you have just opened your business and are not yet very familiar with your products, pay attention to describing your goals and how you plan to achieve them. When you have more detailed information about your products - do not forget to add it to the "About Us" page.

Analyze your audience

Before you write info in the "About Us" section, think about who will be viewing this page. Visualize your customers. Try to understand in more detail who will be interested in your company's offers - a young mother, an experienced programmer, an elderly person or a student? Your “About Us” page should be of interest to your customers. Imagine yourself in the role of one of your customers, who do you see yourself as? What would you like to see in the "About us" tab? Try to answer these questions, it will help you understand what information you should write about your company

Add your achievements

There is nothing wrong with showing off your awards and certifications when you’ll be writing an “About us” page. If you're the best at what you do and any documents can prove it - posting them on your page where you tell about your company. It would be a great idea! If you've been interviewed by a popular magazine or a celebrity has mentioned you in a good context, it's worth writing about. In general, the approval of your business by strangers inspires confidence in you from customers. Among the people surveyed, 78% of people gain confidence after reading positive reviews, especially if they were written by celebrities. You can create a section on your About Us page and detail all the awards and achievements you have.

Work on page design

According to statistics, customers who visit your page spend 80% of their time looking at the information that is at the top of the page. Consider this fact and try to place essential info as high as possible. Think about what words you choose to use when you will be writing an "About Us" page, what are the most significant parts of them and make them bold. You also should structure all sentences on your page using headings, highlights, different colors, and callouts. This will help make your page easier to visualize for the readers.

Add your photo and some personal information

The next tip that will help you gain the trust of people who decide to read a story about your company is to post your photo on the "About Us" page. The human eye is drawn to faces. Your readers need to understand whom they are dealing with. Take a presentable photo that would be relevant to your activity. You can even take a picture in your office to show who you are to your clients.

5 Examples of Amazing About Us Pages 

To give you some inspiration and motivate you to create your “About Us" page, we have prepared five examples of interesting and attractive pages about companies so you can peep at the main points that will push you to create your page. We invite you to review these pages in more detail.

Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon

You can follow this company's lead and start by asking your audience. Magic Spoon, whose brand was adult cereals, did just that. By asking your customers a question on the "About Us" page, you can evoke their emotions. Magic Spoon asks the question before starting to describe the activities of its company: “Remember the carefree days of childhood when you did not feel guilty for eating mountains of cereals with questionable nutrition?”. This question brings the audience of the company to emotions and nostalgia, which makes them not indifferent to your further proposals. There are a few more points that you can take as examples from Magic Spoon, among them: 

  • Use bright colors when designing your page, unless, of course, you have worked on creating a black and white theme as an associated company color.
  • Creation of a comparison table that compares the characteristics of Magic Spoon cereals and cereals of their competitors. Based on this table, it becomes clear why Magic Spoon cereals are the best in the cereal market.

Ocean Park Swimwear 

Ocean Park Swimwear

In this case, the name of the company speaks for itself, and therefore on the "About Us" page, there is no need to explain in detail what exactly the company does. The best option would be to show the solution to the problems the company is working on, which they did use quotes. Another feature of this company is the use of photographs of the owners of the brand and their dogs. On their page, you can read in detail about the history of the brand. You can take this story as an example, especially if your site is built for trading. Tell us about how you started, what difficulties you had to overcome, and how you managed to reach today's heights. An honest story is a fairly effective way to attract an audience.



Like the previous company example, BRADY wins over audiences with honest and detailed company stories. If you take a look at their page, you will notice that everything from black and white to pictures tells customers about the quality and innovation of their brand. When describing your company's story, think about what original moments you can add to it. To do this, you can use the branding elements you like. Don't forget to include reasons why you are the best at what you do. For example, BRADY has boldly claimed to be manufacturing the world's best performance brand. And also, on their website, you can read that the material used by this company is manufactured using advanced technologies and taking into account the needs of the body. Try looking at the brand's "About Us" page for some inspirational moments. 



This company has done a great job to tell about their team and specifics. The "About Us" page of this company looks quite cozy and not cluttered. At the top of it, you can find cool photos of company employees that convey the atmosphere of friendliness. By scrolling down the page, you can find more detailed descriptions of the team's goals, its path, facts about the owners of the company, and other important and interesting information. One of the features of this company is that on their "About Us" page they post a lot of photos of people who work for them. This shows the brand is more human. Also, this company has tried to build trust with its customers by adding customer testimonials, partner logos, and using other media. 



The design of the "About us" page of this company is very warm and imbued with a friendly atmosphere. This design will appeal to those who look ahead and love ease. The color of this company's page is synchronized with the background color of the section that comes after it. This is a great idea to keep in mind. On the brand's About Us page itself, you can see the traffic effect performance analysis for showcasing brand stories. This company shows itself in terms of a conversation starter. Then you can notice the opening of the conversation, the description of the working culture, and feel the atmosphere that was attuned to the society. At the end, Zendesk sums up by talking about the number of paid accounts users have created and their location. 

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How do I write an About Us page?

The main tips for writing an "About Us" page are to use pure facts about the company, share useful information, talk about the success of the brand, demonstrate your goals and main ideas, discreet and high-quality design, and delineate blocks of information using a title and bold fonts. The most important thing when writing an "About Us" page is not to focus only on boasting, but to strive to be closer to the client, gaining his trust.

How can I write about my company?

When you create your "About Me" page, the key points you will need to specify are your company name, type of organization, names and preferably photos of the company's owners, location of your company, and its main goals and achievements. Also, you can add any other information that you think will help to better explain to the client why your company is the best in the business. In this way, you can create your flavor that other companies can use.

What is an about us page?

The "About Us" page contains the most important information about the brand, such as the name of the company, names, and photos of the founders, the purpose, and the ideas of the brand. It was created so that brands can be closer to their customers. This develops trust between the company and customers through detailed and honest information located on the "About Us" page. A high-quality page can attract even more interest from its customers, add a new audience, and establish relationships with investors and partners.

What is the goal of the “About Us” page?

The main purpose of the "About us" page is to explain your ideas and values and build trust with the audience. Also, the task of the "About Us" page is to demonstrate the company's advantages over competitors and why customers should choose this particular brand.

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