How To Build A Makeup Artist Portfolio


But how do you get your customer base? To do this, you need a portfolio that needs to be beautifully displayed on a well-designed website. It all sounds, perhaps scary, but it's entirely in your power to make a good portfolio, do not hesitate.

Initially, you need to follow some tips:

  • Take photos of your work in the same style (this also applies to processing)
  • Submit only different works on the site, do not spam it with similar pictures
  • Photos must match the appearance of the site, so it is worth choosing a background for the pictures that will match the color of the site interface
  • Don't invent a bicycle. There is no need to look for a unique design for your site, it is better to just improve the ready-made template, which we will help you find
  • Say “No” to unnecessary details. You don't need to add a bunch of unnecessary details to fill the void on the site.

This is already a good foundation for taking the first step. Therefore, get ready to study and be a successful makeup artist, and we are already ready to teach you how to present your skills beautifully. Now we will show you templates to demonstrate your skills like a true professional.

Best WordPress website templates for makeup artists

Best WordPress website templates for makeup artists

1. Portfoliobox. 

On this site, you can create an online portfolio quickly and easily. The site has a lot of suggestions for designing your portfolio, so you are sure to find something that you like.

2. Essu

One of the few themes that looks very beautiful on a phone or tablet. The interface is completely ready to use, it is convenient and looks good, it will save you a lot of time. You can choose from three menu styles that you find more convenient to use.

3. Angel

This theme was created for beauty salons, spas, and all other beauty industries. This is perfect for posting your portfolio to a makeup artist. Thanks to this template, you can post your work, leave your contact information, a description of your type of activity, data for signing up for the procedure. You can also fill out a form to sell your makeup products to customers.

4. Klen

Beautiful design that will make your portfolio visually better. With this choice, your potential clients will understand that you have a great sense of style, which is very important for a makeup artist. You will be able to quickly customize your site, which will immediately look flawless. You will save a lot of time and will not regret your choice.

5. Amedeo

An excellent option for people who are looking for something new. This website template is very creatively designed and sets the site visitor on a pleasant and positive note. If a site visitor is in a good mood, then your work will seem even nicer to him.

What is the best way to design a portfolio for a makeup artist?

What is the best way to design a portfolio for a makeup artist

For studios and individuals to take an interest in your work, you need your portfolio website to look impeccable. Naturally, there are some tricks for this:

  • The photos you use in your portfolio should not be retouched. They should be of good quality in good lighting. Show people your skills.
  • Sort your work. Only attach what you think is best and most relevant to your portfolio. You shouldn't show people everything you have.
  • Keep your portfolio up to date. A good makeup artist has a steady stream of clients. Show people new work, while gradually removing old ones.
  • Try something new. It will be useful for your portfolio if you post a variety of works. Experiment, try yourself in different styles, and do not be afraid of bright makeup, this will attract more clients.
  • Promote pages on social networks. Create pages to share your new work with people, write about discounts, contests and updates. These pages should contain the maximum amount of information and all contact details so that everyone can quickly and easily order makeup from you.
  • Collaboration with a photographer is very beneficial. Firstly, it will be profitable, as every girl wants a great makeup before the photo shoot. Secondly, you will receive quality snapshots for your portfolio.

Thanks to this list, you can choose what you like best. We've given you a choice of several colors, skins, and customization options. Do not be afraid to take something ready-made and affordable, it has many advantages, for example, it is quickly, efficiently done, and you also have a wide choice.

Un portfolio en ligne conçu pour les créatifs

Doté de tous les outils dont un professionnel a besoin

  • Grille dynamique
  • Lignes régulières
  • Nombre d’or
  • Ratio carré
  • Aligner au centre
  • Puzzle
  • Aléatoire
  • Horizontal
  • Horizontal 2
  • Horizontal 3
  • Vertical
  • Deux-un
  • Trois-un

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