Introduction: Create a Portfolio with Portfoliobox (1/16)

Introduction: Create a Portfolio with Portfoliobox (1/16)

Create your own website, and begin your Portfoliobox adventure at

Introduction: Create a Portfolio with Portfoliobox (1/16)

Create your own website, and begin your Portfoliobox adventure at

Create pages & sections (2/16)

Create a new page on your website, and add sections to it. In this tutorial, you will learn how easy it is to add content to your website, see the power of templates and sample content.

Basic styles & Font combinations (3/16)

The video shows the difference between element styles and global styles. Also, it shows the pre-built combinations and how to use them.

Editing menu and picture logo (4/16)

This video covers menu templates, and logo customization.

Gallery with Portfoliobox 4 (5/16)

How to plan your website, delete pages and upload images to Gallery.

Style your Gallery page (6/16)

Customizing your gallery is easy with Portfoliobox. Style your page: change the template, reorder & style images, add titles, descriptions, and more…

Two horizontal Galleries on page (7/16)

Build a documentary gallery page using two horizontal galleries together.

Fashion, Interior galleries & upgrade (8/16)

The tutorials shows two new galleries — Fashion and Interior. You can try to create similar galleries using your own images, or move to the next tutorial to see how it's made. Also, the video shows the benefits of the subscription and where to find pricing.

Collect your Galleries using Link page (9/16)

Use your images to make links to your galleries. Learn how to replace images, customize your links and add animations.

Create an About Page (10/16)

Tell the world about yourself using an About page, and don’t forget to add a contact form to communicate with your clients.

Sublinks for navigation menu (11/16)

A drop-down menu allows navigating through your website with ease, saves space, and is just pretty.

Make a Homepage with Portfoliobox 4 (12/16)

First impressions matter. This tutorial shows how-to build a simple yet powerful hero section for your homepage.

Adding more sections to Homepage (13/16)

Continue building the homepage by adding new sections to it: contact form, text section, and footer.

Style your site for Mobile (14/16)

How to edit your website for mobile? This tutorial shows mobile customization and styles.

Site Settings & SEO in Portfoliobox 4 (15/16)

Adding meta title and description for Google and other search engines. Website settings and individual page settings.

Select a domain and publish your website (16/16)

Select your domain, finalize your website, and make it online by clicking on the Publish button.

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