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It is often held before a wedding, on an anniversary, or a memorable date. The couple's photoshoot should be unforgettable and perfect. But its quality depends on a huge number of aspects: the photographer, the venue, the mood of the lovers, and the ability to pose correctly in front of the camera.

It is necessary to tune in to a pleasant mood and relax in the frame. If the photographer sees that one of the lovers is feeling constrained or uncomfortable, it is necessary to talk to the model or defuse the situation.

Don't forget about clothes. Often, lovers wear things of the same color and tone. But such a decision can lead to merging in the frame. A good option is to create complementary images, for example, if the girl is wearing a red dress, it is better to dress the guy in a brown suit and complement it with a matching red shirt or bow tie. It is imperative to find similar styles, so tracksuit and evening dress are a bad combination.

The selection of a location for shooting is important for a beautiful couple's photography poses. It may vary depending on the season. For example, for photographs outdoors, the period of late spring and early autumn will go, since these are the most favorable seasons. Shooting in a studio or a beautiful shopping center, and coffee shops are versatile options that can be used at any time of the year.

The most romantic couple photography poses 

There are some ideas on taking the most romantic poses:

  1. Hug from the back

Ask a couple to hug each other and you will get a beautiful portrait. However, there are different types of hugs that convey slightly different feelings. One of the most beautiful couple photography poses is a hug from the back. In this position, both can look in the same direction; this gives the portrait a sense of unity. So ask one partner to stand behind the other and hug him. To help them direct their gaze in the right direction, it is better to tell them what to look at, for example, “Look at the sea,” “Look at the tree,” etc.

    1. Take a photo of a laughing couple

Take a photo of a laughing couple

A photo of a laughing couple evokes a feeling of joy, a sense of naturalness, compassion, and tenderness. But be careful, a fake smile or laugh can ruin your portrait. To make a couple of laughs, tell them to do something that surprises them. It can be something as simple as dancing in the middle of the street, running a little, jumping, etc. You can photograph the action itself (which can also be expressive), but wait until they start laughing at the situation in which they find themselves at that moment.

  1. Show that they have something in common

A great idea for a couple's portrait photography is to show that they have something in common, such as a hobby they do together. Each couple will have different interests, so you will need to figure this out ahead of time. You can ask them if they are involved in any sport and have a hobby or passion together. Ask them to bring requisite to the photo session. It could be something small, like a book or a musical instrument.

  1. Fake a kiss

Kisses always look great in a photo. But the moment before the kiss is also filled with a wonderful tense expectation when lovers have a feeling of "butterflies in their stomach." Ask the couple to "almost kiss." And when they get close to each other, you can take pictures. Sometime after drawing closer for a kiss, the affair ended with a kiss and the laughter of the lovers. So you will have the opportunity to take some charming, sincere photos after the almost-kiss photoshoot pose.

    1. Bring a blanket to the couple photoshoot

Bring a blanket to the couple photoshoot

A blanket will be an excellent prop for a couple's photoshoot. They are affordable, easy to get hold of (maybe you have an extra blanket at home that you can use), and versatile. You can ask the couple to turn around so that the photo shows a warm feeling of closeness. The couple can hug, look at each other, or just stand side by side, throwing a blanket over themselves. You can also use it as a picnic blanket.

  1. Focus on your legs

You don't have to show the faces of the models to photograph a beautiful couple. You can include it in the frame and focus only on certain parts of the body (for example, the legs). You need to position the couple close to each other so that the viewer quickly knows that there is a relationship between the two people in the frame. You need to go very low to take such a photo, placing the camera almost on the floor.

  1. Ask them to touch their foreheads to each other

There is something incredibly cute about being a couple when partners get closer to each other, foreheads touching. This shows their trust and love for each other. Make sure they look each other in the eye to get the desired effect. This photoshoot pose will help you get a uniform background without distractions.

    1. Kiss on the forehead

Kiss on the forehead

A kiss on the forehead is one of the most charming kisses because it conveys tenderness. You can ask a couple to pose with their foreheads touching, and then ask one of them to kiss the other. They usually close their eyes naturally when doing this, if not, ask them to do so. Although a full-length photo will be beautiful, a close-up better captures the moment of the kiss.

  1. Sit side by side

If you want to photograph a couple sitting, they should be sitting close enough to each other. Some couples may find it odd to sit in an open space. In this case, ask them to sit next to a wall or any other place they can lean on. To capture the naturalness of the moment, make the couple interact in one way or another: ask them to look at each other, tell a joke, or remember a funny incident that happened to them. Just wait to capture their sincere feelings.

  1. Take a photo of the surprise

This type of couple photography requires a prior preparation, but the result is worth it. The idea is to capture the moment of surprise with a bouquet, a box of chocolates, or even a wedding ring. The moment before the surprise is especially important because it is filled with anticipation: knowing what is going to happen as a viewer makes the photo even more interesting.

The most beautiful couple photography poses 

The most beautiful couple photography poses 

Most people want their photos to be unusual and colourful. But not everyone knows the tricks of taking beautiful photos. Here are some of them:

  1. Make a photo from top to bottom

To get original portrait photography, change the direction of the camera. A good angle for portraits is to shoot from top to bottom. You need to be above the couple (you can use a ladder, stepladder, bench, etc.) or you can ask the couple to move lower (for example, sit down). It will also be beautiful to show the face of at least one of them. But that doesn't mean they have to look directly into the camera. They can look at each other.

  1. Take a portrait against the background of the city

It's not always possible to do this, but if you have such an opportunity, take portrait couple photography against the background of the city. The best option is to head to the elevated observation deck. You can take a picture of the couple in front of the city, or the back while the couple admires the city.

  1. Crop the image

Typically, a portrait is cropped somewhere between the waist and knees (¾ portrait) or just below the shoulder line (head photograph). However, you can get creative and experiment with cropping. For example, you can focus on the middle of the body, leaving the head and feet outside of the frame. 

    1. Take pictures in the rain

Take pictures in the rain

The rain lends a nostalgic touch to couple photography. Give your couple only one umbrella for two. It is very convenient to use a transparent umbrella because you will be able to photograph the couple from all angles and they will not need to move the umbrella for you to see them. Just remember to protect your camera and yourself from the rain.

  1. Use the backlight

Backlighting adds beauty and romance to portrait photography. The pair needs to be placed between the camera and the light source. This creates a high light contrast, so it will be quite difficult to choose the right exposure. Adjust the camera so that the couple has a balanced exposure. You may end up with a slightly overexposed background, but all the details of the couple will be visible. To get vibrant halos around the hair, place it against a dark background (trees are great for this).

  1. Make a framing for the couple

The easiest way to add interest to a portrait is to frame it using objects from the environment. You can ask the couple to stand at a door, gate, or window. You can also create edging more elegantly. Imagine that you are a paparazzi and want to photograph a couple discreetly. To enhance the effect, use a low aperture value and focus on the pair. The idea is to make the element blurry that frames them due to the slight harshness.

    1. Make walking holding hands

Make walking holding hands

Walking holding hands is such a natural activity for a couple that it can be a great shot at the start of a couple photoshoot, especially if your models are shy. Sit a little further away and ask the couple to come towards you. Remind them to look at each other for a deeper sense of togetherness in the photograph. Just make sure they don't bump into anything or stumble on anything in their path.

  1. Make a photo darkened

Silhouettes are the result of using backlighting. Set the exposure so that the background is balanced and the pair is completely darkened. Look for a location with a relatively clear background. To enhance the silhouette effect, you need a lot of visible sky and few distractions.

  1. Lie facing each other

To change the angle of your portraits, ask the couple to lie down. There are many variations of this photoshoot pose for a couple. In a classic photograph, one partner is face up and the other is face down, so they are fac

ing each other. They may simply look at each other, meet face to face, kiss, or "almost kiss." You will also need to get very low so that your camera is at the same level as the pair. So get ready to get dirty or take a blanket with you.

Hopefully, this article was useful for you and your lover. In this video, you can find practical advice about stunning photography poses.

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