Newborn Photography


Who came up with the idea to create such masterpieces? The Australian photographer Anne Geddes gave the world this unusual idea. Newborn children are wrapped in a cocoon, turned into fairy-tale heroes, and themed decorations are created around. These photographs demonstrate the pristine beauty, tenderness, and defenselessness of a newly born child. Surely, all parents would like to capture their baby in the most tender period of his life, because children grow up quickly.

The best age for a photo session is from 1 week to 1 month. During this period, the baby still sleeps a lot, and in the sleeping state, it is easier to put him in the chosen position and prepare the scenery and background.

The most favorable place for a photo session will be a familiar home environment. At home, a newborn child will feel safe, which means the shooting will take place in a calm atmosphere. This is the key to an excellent result of baby photography.

Watching your baby every day, you can catch interesting moments, capture funny poses, so always keep your camera or smartphone camera nearby. These laid-back real-life shots will be the most valuable in a family photography chronicle. They convey the atmosphere of boundless happiness and tenderness that is created in the house with the advent of a child.

If you want to get staged photos of high quality, with original decorations, then you should find a professional photographer specializing in photo shoots for newborns. An experienced specialist will come to your home for shooting with all the necessary equipment or invite you to the studio. The family photography session will take place as quickly as possible and will not tire the whole family, because thanks to their experience, such specialists know how to handle babies with care. Just try to find a photographer in advance and discuss all the details of the shooting with him without haste.

Newborn photography design

Clothes for a newborns

Clothes for a newborn photoshoot

It is better to choose outfits for shooting in advance because they will have to correspond to the chosen theme. The most commonly used things are:

  • soft canvases in pastel colors, in which the baby is wrapped to create a cocoon;
  • hats and headbands, the more there are, the better;
  • tiny booties can be not only an addition to a costume but also become an accent element of future baby photography;
  • knitted things look very cute on newborn babies; crocheting a hat or small pants can be done pretty quickly; or contact a craftswoman who specializes in making things for newborns;
  • fluffy skirts will help create the image of a princess;
  • bows, butterflies, bracelets, small crowns can be used as accessories to complement the image;
  • overalls and bodysuits in pastel colors. Try to avoid bright and colorful prints, they will not be appropriate for such shooting.

Newborn photography decoration

Usually, photos of babies are taken on a bed or on a special ottoman, which is covered with a blanket or textured draped fabric. Some photographers use wicker baskets as a crib or put the baby into a small hammock. Try using any household items that can fit a newborn as a bed. Fold the soft scarf into a cozy nest. You can also create a crib from a box or wooden box by lining it with a soft blanket or faux fur. Even a hat can play the role of decoration for the best baby photography.

As a background try to choose soft fabrics, preferring pastel shades.

10 Baby photography

Themed decorations will help to complement the picture. It can be:

  • autumn leaves and pumpkin fruits,
  • flowers,
  • fruits,
  • Christmas decorations,
  • garlands of paper,
  • air balloons.

Prepare a plush toy for shooting. Baby photography with teddy bears or bunnies always comes out full of tenderness. The kid is so small that the toy will look huge. In the future, it will be fun to look at these cute first photos when the child grows up and outgrows his plush friend.

Ideas for a baby photography

During the photo session, the child may be awake or asleep. The main task is to capture the best moments for baby photography. Don't take one shot, it's better to click 5-10 times and choose the best one.

You can put the baby on the back or the tummy. The most harmonious posture of the child is when the arms and legs are pressed to the body. Try the safe and easy frog position: the baby lies on its stomach with its legs tucked under it, and its hands are placed under the cheek. The result is a very touching photograph. And do not forget about safety, be sure to ensure and support your baby.

Swaddling a newborn in a cocoon and laying in a hammock are popular, but these options require a lot of care and experience, so it is better to leave them to the professionals.

Try to catch significant moments and capture them: the baby yawns accidentally, smiles or clenches a tiny fist.

An interesting option is to conduct a thematic newborn photography session. Create fantastic decorations around your child. Here are some good ideas:

  • Astrologer;
  • Flying in a dream;
  • Little Princess;
  • Favorite hobby;
  • Flower child;
  • Little beast;
  • Gnome;
  • Athlete;
  • Bibliophile;
  • Surprise in a briefcase.

Photoshoot for a newborn girl

Photoshoot for a newborn girl

For any parent, their girl is the most beautiful in the world. Try to emphasize this in newborn photography. Find nice clothes and accessories for your photography. Complete the frame with truly girly attributes (ribbons, flowers, dolls). Do not be afraid of pink shades, because this color, combined with white, is best suited to create the image of a little fairy. The main thing is to avoid bright and dark colors in the clothes of the crumbs and the background.

Photoshoot for a newborn boy

Photoshoot for a newborn boy

For a boy, you can create an equally interesting image with the help of special costumes. It can be a superhero in a cloak or a magician with a hat and a magic wand. Little gnomes in knitted caps and panties look very cute. Let the baby try to be in the form of some kind of animal, which is easy to embody with the help of a hat with ears. Add masculine attributes to the frame: soccer ball, guitar, a stack of books, etc.

Family photography

Family photography

The most harmonious are the shots where the baby is in the arms of his parents. Mom's hugs are filled with boundless love and tenderness. And dad's strong hands emphasize the fragility and defenselessness of a tiny person.

Mom doesn’t need to dress up or do an updo for family photography. On the contrary, a natural casual style of clothing (for example, jeans and a pastel-colored T-shirt or dress made from natural materials), light makeup, clean loose hair, or tucked into a simple hairstyle are welcomed here. Every woman who has recently become a mother is beautiful, she seems to glow from the inside; and this positive charge is the best decoration in the photo.

If the family has older children, then it is worth involving them in the process of family photography. You can choose clothes in the same style for all of you (for example, T-shirts and bodysuits in the same color scheme or with the same prints).

Baby's photo session by months

It is a great idea to photograph your baby month by month in the first year of life. Through a series of photoshoots, you can see the stages of growing up of your child. Subsequently, the pictures can be arranged in a baby photography collage.

In the same photo with the child, there must be something that indicates his age. Here are some original ideas:

  • Blackboard. Place this object in the frame with the baby with the birth metric data written in chalk. And in further photo sessions, indicate the age and achievements of the child;
  • Air balloons. Add as many balloons to the frame as the baby is months old;
  • Figures made from sweets. Place candies, cakes, fruits along the contour of the figure corresponding to the child's age;
  • The number on the clothes. Prepare bodysuits or jumpsuits with a print or number sticker. It will be immediately clear how old the baby is in the photo;
  • Watch. Use the watch face to indicate the age. Let the arrow point to a number equal to the number of completed months;
  • Paper garland. On the flags of such a garland, you can specify numbers or write the age in letters.


Рhoto with a newborn

It is always better to prepare for a photo session in advance, and if it is shooting a newborn baby, then it is worth considering many nuances. 

  1. First of all, take care of safety. Any position of the baby should be comfortable for him, so as not to injure the fragile body. Always ensure the baby, support him with your hands under the blanket. The main thing is the safety of the newborn, and the parents' hands in the frame can be easily removed from the baby photography using editing.
  2. Refuse to use a flash unit. Bright light can not only frighten the baby but can also adversely affect his vision. Use natural, diffused lighting from a window.
  3. Remember hygiene. Everything that comes into contact with the baby's skin must be clean so as not to harm it. Therefore, use skin antiseptics for your hands, and the hands of the photographer. Clothing and props should also be washed thoroughly before being used in baby photography.
  4. Your toddler is likely to spend most of the time on set without clothes, so create a comfortable room temperature for him. The optimal temperature will be a few degrees higher than that at which he usually is in clothes (23-26 ° C).



A worthy and logical continuation of a children's photo session is the creation of a photo book. Photos will not get lost on electronic media among the family archive but can become part of a modern high-quality newborn photography album, which is pleasant to take in hand and look through with relatives.

Tips for selecting photos:

  1. Select photos in several stages: first, set aside the 10 most successful at first glance, then select the 5 best from them, then only 3 pictures. It is much easier to choose against the background of a small number of frames. As a result, you will find the best newborn photography.
  2. Try to choose versatile pictures. Even the same event is interesting to look at from different angles. General photos will tell about the place of events and will immerse you in the atmosphere. More detailed photographs and portraits will provide information about the participants in the events and will complement the picture.
  3. Do not go back to previously screened-out images. If at first glance this shot did not evoke an emotional response, it would not be so interesting on the pages of the photobook.

Tips for creating a cover:

  1. Choosing the style and colors of the cover, try to match them with the content and spreads by photography design. The main baby photo should reflect the theme of the album.
  2. Deciding on the color of the cover, imagine it in your interior, and how it will blend in with other albums on the shelf.
  3. Do not use different images on the front and back of the cover, as the spine of a photobook may not look harmonious.
  4. Creating the title, use contrasting colors with the main photo and the background. If there is a title, it should be visible so that it does not merge with the background. If you are overlapping the text on a photo, use a stroke or add volume with a drop shadow.

Baby photography design FAQ

  • How to take a photo of a newborn at home?

Shooting should be done in the morning (children are more contact and less capricious at this time of day), immediately after feeding (the child will most likely be more patient) and in a very warm room (the baby is usually undressed, so it should be very warm and comfortable.)

  • How to make a photo session with a newborn?

The ideal age for newborn photography photographs is 2-3 weeks. Often, when photographing children under three weeks old, they are placed in special baskets for newborns, wrapped in swaddling clothes or undershirts, and decorated with headbands with flowers. During the photo session, the baby tries on several different looks, behind which he is not visible.

  • Which lens to choose for newborn photography?

For general shots, try using a prime lens like the Canon EF 50mm f / 1.8 STM - it will easily capture great shots even in low bedroom lighting - or a portrait lens like the Canon EF 85mm f / 1.8 USM with fast AF - with its help you can capture the movements of the baby.

  • Do you tip a photographer for a mini session?

Some photographers use mini-sessions as a special offer for people to get their pictures at a low cost. It's generally an accessible point for people to get pictures taken – especially when working with a photographer that is normally very expensive. For mini-sessions, we don't think tip is needed.

  • How many outfits do I need for newborn photos?

Keep it simple. Don't bring an entire wardrobe! Frequent costume changes will stress a baby, so it's best to opt for one outfit and a couple of backups in the event of a mishap. Keeping the baby calm and happy so the photographer can capture their sweet smiling faces should be the priority.

  • Can I take pictures of children in the maternity hospital?

The new standards will not apply to photo sessions during childbirth. According to the document, only his parents or legal representatives will be able to order newborn photography; for the filming and processing of the data, their written consent is required.

  • How to dress a Cocoon for a newborn?

Cocoon nappies are very easy to use. You need to put the bag on the changing table, put the baby on top so that the edge is at the level of the baby's neck. Immediately place the legs in the pocket and if the euro-mat is with clasps, then begin to fasten from below to the level of the tummy.

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