Alex Rincón - TV Data Analyst


Alex Rincón TV data analyst

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi! I'm Alex Rincón, I'm an advertising man and you can find me on social network as rincondtv. I live in Madrid and I was born 37 years ago. I'm passionate about travel and photography. I've traveled all over the world, from China to USA, from Mexico to Thailand, and probably you can find me planning my next trip to Australia or just strolling through Berlin.

Tell us about one of your favourite projects and what inspired you to do it

My favourite project was a collaboration with Smart. I spent 3 days in Paris taking photographs with other Instagrammers and I really enjoyed it.

What are you working on at the moment?

I'm working on some other projects and collabs with different brands around the world.

Who are your biggest influencers in the industry?

I don't say only two or three influencers. I try to inspire in art, television, advertising, photography... everything around inspires me.

What was the last thing that inspired you?

My last trip to Amsterdam. The architecture in this city is really amazing and inspires me a lot.

Tell us why it's important for you to have a portfolio website

It's a window to the world. The best way to show my job to people.

As a professional creative what are your tips in building an artist portfolio website?

You mainly need to show your work. In my case, I try to show some of my pictures on the front page with my name on it. People can relate my work with my name instantly. Then, it's very important to show a brief description of yourself and a formulary contact.

How do you market yourself?

I promote myself on social media. Instagram is my main showcase to the world.

Why do you use Portfoliobox?

It's easy, elegant and practical.

Visit Alex's website for more inspiration and don't forget to follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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