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Add videos to Your Library (URL, Privacy settings)

Embed a video

You can embed videos in your gallery. A video must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo prior to embedding it to your website. Also make sure that the sharing settings on YouTube or Vimeo are set to be public (more information about this topic can be found at the end of this article).

In order to embed a video in a gallery:

  1. Click on Your Library option located at the top of your admin panel, and select the option Images.
  2. A master library window will appear where all images uploaded to your website will be visible.
  3. On the left-bottom corner you will see an option to embed a video. Click on Import From:  YouTube | Vimeo and 
  4. Select YouTube or Vimeo.
  5. Paste your video URL that you have obtained from YouTube or Vimeo, and click Import.
  6. Once videos are added to your library, you would be able to add them on your page.

Obtain a correct URL

It's important to get a correct URL that leads to your video, otherwise, the system won't recognize your video, and you won't be able to embed it to your site. Please don't try to embed playlists, it won't work! The system can only recognize a single video. The guidelines for YouTube and Vimeo can be found below:


  1. Open your video on YouTube.
  2. Click on the Share button that can be found near likes & dislikes.
  3. Click on the Copy near the URL to copy it.

A correct URL looks like this:


  1. Open your video on Vimeo.
  2. Click on the Share button that can be found after you hover your mouse over the video.
  3. Select the URL and copy it.

A correct URL looks like this:

Make my video public

Sometimes, despite having a correct video URL, the system keeps showing an error message. In such case, it's important to double-check whether your video is opened for the public, because the system cannot embed a private video. You can find guidelines for YouTube and Vimeo below:


 YouTube has a total of three privacy settings:
  • Public videos
  • Unlisted videos
  • Private videos
When sharing a video, you need to make sure that it's a Public video. You can check the visibility by opening your video in your YouTube Studio:

Youtube Studio
Video privacy

Please make sure that the privacy settings on YouTube are set to Public, and then try to embed your video again.


If you want to read about Vimeo privacy settings in-depth, please feel free to check links below:

Otherwise, you can just follow the steps below to ensure that your video privacy settings are set to Public. In order to change the privacy settings on your video:

  1. Log into your Vimeo account
  2. Open your video
  3. Click on the Privacy at the left

You will see 2 options: Link and Embed.

  • Under the Link set the video to Public.
  • Under the Embed set the option to Anywhere.

Now open your website and embed your video again — it will be working fine! Please note, sometimes it can take a few hours for changes to take place on Vimeo.

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