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The creative process is characterized by the uniqueness and unexpectedness of decisions that are made at each stage of an artist's job. Only man is capable of this. 

We invite you to learn about the most promising areas of design to study, which guarantee you a long-term career and the realization of your creative potential.

Artist job: Fashion design

 Artist job_ Fashion design

Areas. Fashion design covers everything related to creating clothing, stage costumes, accessories, and footwear. This artist job requires a creative approach and an understanding of the peculiarities of the fashion industry's business. 

The tasks of the designer are:

  • to come up with a model, 
  • draw a sketch, 
  • select fabrics, 
  • make a product, 
  • take into account the trends and needs of the market, functionality, wearing comfort, production capabilities, and budget. 

The artist should possess good taste, as well as a sense of color, and develop professional skills such as drawing and sewing. The designer must create models for individual orders and mass production. It is possible to work on ready-to-wear, haute couture, mass market, etc., collections.

The desire for knowledge and new practices is a feature of successful fashion designers. The fashion industry is characterized by active development and rapid change in trends, so it is essential to follow the developments and always keep abreast. New technologies are actively used: special computer programs for model design, 3D printing, etc. It is important to take into account the mood of the public. Today's buyers are looking for products that are made with minimal impact on the environment, such as using sustainable or recycled materials.

Education. Studying design for a fashion designer is conducted within the Bachelor's, Master's Yearly courses. All the schools emphasize practice. Students are encouraged to complete hands-on projects for existing brands and factories and undertake internships. Graduates are ready to start a career in the competitive environment of the fashion industry.

Interior design

Interior design

Areas. The most popular areas in design include the creation of interiors. You have to think over the design of the spaces of residential apartments, houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, shops and other premises. The interior must meet the needs and tastes of the client and be functional and comfortable. Customers are both individuals and companies.

To get this job, you need to have a creative vision, get a specialized education, can draw, think figuratively, and have patience. 

Equally important are communication skills because the interior designer negotiates with customers, contractors and suppliers.

Responsibilities include:

  • developing a project idea, 
  • creating a sketch and a 3D model, 
  • selecting (possibly ordering) furniture and lighting, 
  • preparing sketches, 
  • bringing the concept to life.

Education. Interior design schools are distinguished by studying design with an advanced approach to education. Students immerse themselves in the realities of everyday artist jobs and learn how to create projects in practice. Training is conducted within the framework of programs of different levels and duration. Graduates of secondary schools will suit a Bachelor's degree; people with experience and/or specialized higher education in design should choose a Master's degree. Short-term face-to-face and online courses have been created to get acquainted with the jobs for artists and improve their skills.

Graphic design profession

Graphic design profession

Areas. Every year, there are more and more programs for working with graphic elements, trends replace each other, and new design methods are introduced. There is a constantly high demand on the market for professionals who have received the specialty of a designer in universities. Online projects are forecast to increase by 2026, creating 35% more job opportunities. They can do jobs for art majors with big companies and startups, or even freelance. 

Education. There are a lot of online courses in graphic design, so the students have a great choice. The job is in demand now. Graduates of programs in graphic design open a lot of career opportunities. They can become direct graphic designers, as well as UX designers, art directors, illustrators, motion designers, game developers, and web designers. 

Communication Design

Communication Design

Areas. Communication design is a job in the art that belongs to the modern and most demanded areas of design. Companies, events, and products that claim to be successful cannot do without communication through visual images. The area is responsible for effective communication between the target audience and the brand. Artists find jobs in advertising projects, branding, web design, animation, 3D design, packaging design, data visualization, video game design, and more.

A communications design specialist task:

  • visualize the company's message/message,
  • convey information to customers through the media and social networks correctly.

We are talking about logos, infographics, advertising layouts, websites, and online content.

Communication design professionals must have strategic business thinking, be able to analyze the market, and have technical and creative skills. Understanding color theory and visual hierarchy, skills in typography and layout are required. Communication designers are busy looking for ways to capture the audience's attention. They inspire, create demand, and motivate people to respond to brand messages.

Education. Communication design programs teach how to develop effective solutions related to the brand's visual presentation. Students get acquainted with the basic principles of typography and layout, develop skills in artist jobs, including graphic software, and master modern technologies to create successful projects. So they get the best arts degree jobs.

Product design career

Product design career

Areas. What job in the arts can you choose? Are you attracted by the opportunity to create furniture, appliances, yachts, cars, dishes, industrial parts, and all kinds of household items? We offer to consider the profession of a product designer, which has not lost its relevance for three centuries. You have to develop a wide range of products that are functional and beautiful and ergonomic and easy to use. The area combines elements of art, marketing and technology. The profession requires a logical mindset, a creative streak, an ideal sense of style, an understanding of color, attention to detail, the ability to listen and hear, patience, and a craving for innovation. An industrial designer gushes with ideas, knows how to draw and use professional software, understands materials and their properties, and analyzes market trends and people's needs.

Responsibilities of jobs for art majors include:

  • communicating with customers, 
  • conducting research, 
  • creating a concept and product model, 
  • developing a prototype, 
  • testing and finalizing.

Next, you should correct all the shortcomings, calculate the cost of production, take part in the launch of mass production and control the quality. Successful industrial designers collaborate with Alessi, Vespa, Coca-Cola and other well-known companies.

Education. Product design is a popular area, so European schools offer a huge selection of specialized programs and specializations. Students are invited to delve into the intricacies of creating furniture, cars, yachts, and household appliances. Graduates can specialize in developing innovative products that work for the benefit of the planet, such as electric cars and get the best jobs for artists.

Design today has become one of the key success factors for many companies, both established market leaders and rapidly growing startups. Companies like Apple and Ikea have built their empires on the idea of flawless design, and many young businesses continue to refine forms of user-friendly design.

Talented products, software and web designers are in demand today more than ever. Therefore, a designer's education will open many doors and allow you to get the best arts degree jobs. Choose the best job for you and develop your skills with PortfolioBox!


What is the highest paying art job?

People who work in the arts earn an average of $2,000, depending on the country and workload. The highest-paid design professions are Creative Director and Design Director, with earnings ranging from $50,000 - $100,000.

What are 5 different art careers?

Art is closely related to design, so designers usually have a wide variety of careers to choose from. These include Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Design of communication, and Product Design.

What is the best career in art?

It is impossible to single out the best profession in art. But now, art is actively moving into design, which has many manifestations. One of the most popular professions is web design.

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