Ryan Lebel- Photographer


Ryan Lebel Photographer

Tell us a bit about yourself

Lifestyle Photographer based in Montreal, Canada

Tell us about one of your favourite projects and what inspired you to do it

Skate trips in general are always my favorite projects. Traveling to new places and finding spots, meeting people, and exploring is a great way to find inspiration.

What are you working on at the moment?

After taking a step back and re-assessing my artistic direction during lockdown, I have found that i am more motivated to shoot in interesting locations rather than focusing on just technical level of skateboard tricks. Now i am working on a project combining skateboarding with a heavy focus on architecture.

Who are your biggest influencers in the industry?

Jake Darwen, Oliver Barton and Sam Ashley.

What was the last thing that inspired you?

Not photo related but probably some interior design stuff. Paintings and furniture. I want to explore those crafts more in the upcoming years.

Tell us why it's important for you to have a photographer portfolio website

For me its really nice to have my best work in portfolio form, ready share with clients. Much better than giving out an Instagram account that is constantly changing. Also having the .com just sounds legit.

As a photographer what are your tips in building a photographer portfolio website?

I took a simple + minimal approach. I wanted to have a clean home page and menu. My portfolio is the main page and have a few other pages featuring specific categories. If people are really interested they can dive into my blog style page which has just been a dumping ground for new work.

How do you market yourself?

I don't do much other than maintain an instagram account. Most clients hear about me by word of mouth. Once someone is interested then I share my website.

Why do you use Portfoliobox?

Because it is simple and easy to use, it keeps maintaining my portfolio fun.

Visit Ryan's website for more inspiration and don't forget to follow him on Instagram

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