Enhance Your Portfoliobox Site with New Embed Features


We're thrilled to announce a series of exciting new embed features now available on Portfoliobox! With these latest integrations, you can enhance your website by embedding content from some of the most popular platforms for developers, designers, musicians, and gamers. Here's a rundown of what's new:


Perfect for developers wanting to showcase their coding skills, our new integration with CodePen allows you to embed HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code snippets directly into your Portfoliobox site. This is not just a way to display your code; it's a way to make your website more dynamic and interactive.

Learn more about how to integrate Codepen codes into your Portfoliobox site.


Musicians rejoice! You can now embed your favourite tracks, albums, and even your entire Bandcamp profile into your Portfoliobox site. Share your music creations with your audience in a more intimate and integrated way, turning your website into a hub for your musical projects.

Learn more about integrating Bandcamp tracks and albums into your Portfoliobox site.

Banscamp integration into Portfoliobox website


Bring a new level of interactivity to your website with CommonNinja. This platform allows you to easily integrate a wide array of customisable widgets and plugins. Whether you want to add social feeds, chat boxes, or online reviews, CommonNinja's seamless integration will elevate your site's functionality and user engagement.

See the full list of widgets available at CommonNinja

Learn more about how to integrate CommonNinja widgets into your Portfoliobox site.

Marvel App

Showcase your UX/UI design prowess by embedding Marvel App prototypes directly into your Portfoliobox site. This tool is perfect for designers looking to display their interactive prototypes and receive user feedback, all while keeping their portfolio looking sleek and professional.

Learn more about how to integrate Marvel prototypes into your Portfoliobox site.

marvel app integration into Portfoliobox website

Game developers and enthusiasts can now embed games from into their Portfoliobox websites. This feature is perfect for showcasing your indie game projects or curating a collection of your favourite games, providing an interactive experience for your site visitors.

Learn more about how to integrate games into your Portfoliobox site.


Embed your Figma designs to display your UI/UX projects in real time. This feature is for designers looking to present their work professionally, with the added benefit of real-time updates and collaborative feedback integrated into their portfolio.

Learn more about how to integrate Figma designs into your Portfoliobox site.

Figma integration into Portfoliobox website

We believe these features will make your Portfoliobox site more engaging, interactive, and reflective of your unique talents and interests. We can't wait to see how you use these new features! Stay tuned for more updates and improvements coming your way.

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