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FAQ - Pages

How can I create a page?

To create a new page:

  1. Click Manage Pages at the upper left corner of your admin panel.
  2. Hit Create New Page.
  3. Choose the type of page you want to create.
  4. Choose a template for your page.
  5. Input the Page Title for your page.
  6. Use the toggle button Add to Menu to add or hide the page in your Menu.
  7. The page is created! Now you can edit the content.

Can I work on a page privately before publishing it?

To work on a page as a draft before publishing it, you can unpublishing it. This means that the page exists but is not visible or accessible to your visitors. You can view and edit your unpublished pages when logged in as Admin.

To publish or unpublish a page:

  1. Click on "Manage Pages" in the top-left corner
  2. Select the option "Edit existing pages"
  3. Hover over your page and click "Settings"
  4. Scroll down and press the "Un-publish the Page" button.

Can I reorder my pages?

It’s impossible to reorder the pages in the page list under Manage pages → Edit Existing Pages. New pages are at the top of the list. You can use the search field to search for page names.

Can I add any content to my page?

You can edit the page's content and add new sections and elements.

Can I change the URL of a page?

By default, the URL of a page is its title. If the title of your page is "About", the URL of your page will be www.yourdomain.com/about.

To edit the Url of a page Url:

  1. Click Manage Pages at the upper left corner of your admin site.
  2. Select Edit existing pages.
  3. Mouseover the page you want to edit and hit Settings.
  4. In the Url field, write the new url.
  5. Click Change Url.
  6. Confirm.

What is Page Title?

Each page on your website has its own title. When creating a page, you will need to fill in the page title. The page title appears at the top of a browser window and displays in the search engine's search results. It's important to choose it thoroughly.

The Page Title will, by default, display in the content of the page for templates that includes a header.

Can I protect a page with a password?

Yes, you can create a password-protected page.

To create a password-protected page:

  1. Click on Your Libraries
  2. Choose Password Protected Pages
  3. Click on Add Protected Page
  4. Choose a template, as you would do for a regular page
  5. Add content to your page

Read more about password-protected pages.

How do I delete a page?

To delete an existing page:

  1. Click Manage Pages at the upper left corner of your admin site.
  2. Select Edit existing pages.
  3. Mouse over the page you want to edit and hit Delete.
  4. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.

Please note everything you do in the admin panel instantly goes live, so there's no way to get a page back once it is deleted - you can only create a new one instead.

Can I recover a deleted page?

Everything you do in the admin panel instantly goes live, so there's no way to recover a page once it is deleted - you can only create a new one instead.

Can I duplicate a page?

To duplicate a page:

  1. Click Manage Pages at the upper left corner of your admin site.
  2. Select Edit existing pages.
  3. Mouse over the page you want to edit and hit Duplicate.
  4. Confirm.
  5. The page and its content are duplicated and automatically added to the top of your page list.

How can I change the template of a page?

The template for Gallery, Link, Blog, Store, Services, Teams, Logos, and Testimonials pages can be changed. To change the template:

    1. Right-click the element.
    2. Click Template.
    3. Choose a new template

What are SEO titles and SEO descriptions?

SEO title & SEO description are crucial. They provide a text preview of your page’s content in search engine results, on social media, and in the web browser. A compelling meta description copy can help drive more clicks to your online portfolio.

Make sure each page on your site has a unique SEO title & SEO description. The text should be short, easy-to-read, and describe the page's content. You can also add SEO descriptions to individual blog posts and products. Read more about SEO titles & SEO descriptions.

Why isn’t my page visible in the menu?

If a page doesn’t show in your menu, you may have chosen to hide the page from the menu when you created it. You can add your page to the menu from the page settings:

  1. Go to Manage Pages, at the top left corner of your admin site.
  2. Select Edit Existing Pages, and look for the page that you wish to include on your menu.
  3. Hover your mouse over the page title and click the Settings button that appears on the right side of the title.
  4. Toggle the Add to Menu option to add the page to the menu. When enabled, the option will turn blue.

How do I choose my site's start page or home page?

By default, your start page is the first page you create. You can set any page on your site as your start page.

To set a new start page for your site:

  1. Click on Manage pages.
  2. Choose Change Start Page.
  3. Select one of your pages in the list and click on Set this Page as Start Page.

My page can’t be found on Google. How can I fix that?

Even if your website is online, it does not mean that Google has indexed it already. It can take time for Google bots to crawl millions of sites daily and index your newly built portfolio.

Your website may not appear in search results if it's newly published, its pages are unpublished, or your content doesn't match what people search for. Read more about how to check if Google indexed your site.

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