Emi Sekizawa


Emi Sekizawa Artist

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a Japanese background Sydney based artist. Having lived in New York and Tokyo for more than 20 years prior to Sydney, art and fashion have allowed me to express myself across culture. My education in fine arts and career in the fashion industry have opened my eyes to the versatility of aesthetic and communication skill using beautiful crafts. I worked in the fashion industry in New York with Prêt-à-Porter designers Gaultier, Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs, and as an occasional stylist for Yoko Ono.

Currently working with people living with mental disabilities. Running painting and Ikebana workshops teaching and mentoring both children and adults, is another my greatest passions.

Tell us about one of your favourite projects and what inspired you to do it?

Conducting art workshops for youth & female inmates.

What are you working on at the moment?

Commissioned large scale paintings and mentoring for people living with disabilities.

Who are your biggest influencers in the industry?


What was the last thing that inspired you?

Lot of things but Bach played by Glenn Gould is my long time inspiration and never change.

Tell us why it's important for you to have an artist portfolio website

It’s a great tool for sharing my works for public and connection with people all over the world.

As a professional artist what are your tips in building an artist portfolio website?

Frankly, I never thought I could make a website by myself as I am hopeless with IT. I always had someone to do it for me except this website. My tips in building a good website may not be helpful for general public as I simply wanted to create something visually satisfying for my aesthetic standard + providing minimum information but just enough for people to get ideas for who I am and my artworks. I wanted to keep it simple and elegant. It simply a portfolio at the moment but I should add more pages for marketing purposes.

How do you market yourself?

I don’t do marketing/promote at all.

Why do you use Portfoliobox?

It looked simple and easier to use than others. Also I liked it visually.

Visit Emi's website for more inspiration and don't forget to follow her on Instagram.

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