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Upload video to your website

How to upload videos to your website?

Portfoliobox does not support direct video upload from your computer to your website. We allow video embedding from either Vimeo or Youtube.

To add videos to your Portfoliobox website, you will have to upload them to either YouTube or Vimeo first, and then you can add them to your website. 

What are the advantages of embedding videos?

There are a lot of benefits when you embed videos from a 3rd party services like Vimeo or Youtube to your site. Here's some of them: 

  • Using a third-party service with a dedicated video server, such as Vimeo or Youtube, will relieve a lot of strain on your server. Your videos will be loaded from the sharing platform rather than your hosting account. Also, you will have less restrictions when it comes to video format and size. 

  • When the videos are played to a 3rd party video service, they will play much faster and in much higher quality. These services also provide more video options, such as the ability to adjust video quality from the user's perspective. 

  • Finally, keep in mind that Vimeo and YouTube are extremely popular and have a large audience from which you can benefit. If you upload your video to such a service, you will receive a significant number of views from its internal traffic. Then you may direct it back to your site. So, make sure to include your site URL in your video or in the About section so that your viewers on that platform can be directed to your website.

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