What is an audio portfolio?


While a portfolio of a model, photographer, or illustrator consists of photos and pictures, a portfolio of a music artist or sound designer, a so-called online audio portfolio, should contain your audio or video works. It can also be a website where you show a more comprehensive portfolio by including audio tracks and text. If you are a newbie and looking for portfolio websites, you are in the right place. 


What should you include in the online audio portfolio


Let your employers get familiar with your skills, showing your advanced knowledge and ability to work with different microphones and different recorders, providing tracks or clips and how you would use them to achieve the best results. Demonstrate you know what dialogue editors require and what sound effects editors require.


After getting familiar with the portfolio’s meaning and importance, it is time to get down to the tips and tricks on how to make an online audio portfolio

Tips and tricks to build an online audio portfolio

    1. Gather your best audio tracks and put them in one video. Do you agree that it will be more interesting to see the compilation of tracks rather than small samples separately? Furthermore, with an animated video, you can grab more attention, which comes as a significant advantage for you as an employee. 
    2. Keep it short and impressive, about two-three minutes. We understand that almost every artist has many gigabytes to show, but the crucial thing is to choose the best ones. While looking for a job, choose something that meets commercial needs.
    3. Show the world your already released projects on social media. A great decision will be to add links to platforms like YouTube or SoundCloud to let the people see more and trace your activity by date and time. 
    4. Select the highest possible quality when rendering. After sending and resending your projects through social media, their quality may significantly deteriorate. 
    5. Try it out from all the possible sides. Before posting your portfolio online, it is essential to check out how it will be seen from mobile phones and computers. Also, you need to listen to your audio files from the headphones, studio monitors, and poor speakers at the same time to find a sweet spot. 
    6. Create a proper text description. Hard skills are binding, but let the world see your soft skills and create a detailed text description, which will perfectly suit the whole portfolio design. 
    7. Tell a short story about yourself as a producer or a musician. Imagine that you are telling about yourself in the interview, but keep it within proper portfolio examples.
    8. Don't forget to leave your contacts and social media links. Imagine that an employer decided to hire you. Then they need to find a way to get in touch with you. Take care of it and leave your contact information. 
    9. Ask your friends and relatives for feedback. Before releasing and showing your portfolio to the world, ask your trusted friends to tell you something about it. 
  • Show the world your best recent projects, but keep them diversified. It is essential to offer a lot of projects in different formats and styles, to let everyone find their best. 

How to submit your online video portfolio

How to submit your online video portfolio

While creating an online video portfolio, you should follow the same principles as the music portfolio but set the priorities in another way. 


  •  Advertise yourself with the best project you have ever done

The art is good, but it is time to let the world see your projects. While an employer is looking for a clip maker, it is essential to show your hard skills in a montage. Ask your friends and relatives, which will help you to choose the most impressive ones.


  •  Highlight yourself and your signature

Show people why they should want you instead of someone else. Include video samples that emphasize your unique style and show off the kind of videos you like making.

In the case of work, opposites don’t attract. You’ll likely get offered projects similar to what you’ve already done. That’s why you should include samples of work you’ve done, but also, in your own time, create some examples of the kind of videos you’d like to be making, and include those too.


  •  Consider rendering in the highest possible quality

Show off high-quality videos that stream quickly and don’t take ages to buffer. Hosting your video on a video hosting platform like YouTube or Vimeo could help you streamline the quality.


  •  The video is the most important part of your online video portfolio

Despite the portfolio design, you should keep your viewers focused on your creation. The same as for online audio portfolios, roughly speaking, an employer is interested only in your work when the skills for making great portfolios come second, but it is still important. 


  •  Double-check before releasing

Just imagine how hurtful it would be to work hard on your portfolio and finally release the product with simple spelling errors. That is why you need a trusted person who can proofread it. Without any doubt, you can do it yourself, but your closest friend may have a look at your creation from  another side and provide you with a valuable piece of advice. 

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