How to make a stylist portfolio


That’s why it is so important to take a photo each time you participate in a photoshoot, or simply playing out with the garments. But, why is it so essential to have a stylist portfolio?

Well, for stylists, hairdressers etc., the portfolio is a kind of CV. You see, talking about your skills and experience in such professions is rather unprofitable, you better show it in your stylist portfolio!. That’s why it is so important to have a good and vast portfolio. The wide range of your works and ideas will certainly appeal to the clients. 

Besides, having a diversified portfolio shows that you are creative and are not afraid to work with new themes. Diversity is very important for a fashion stylist, as it helps you to gain skills and experience in different fields. Thus, you will understand faster where your strength is. But, how can you build a good portfolio, if you are only a beginner?

Make a sketchbook


A sketchbook is a small notebook or journal, where you put your raw ideas. You can take a simple notebook, whichever you like. All creative people would agree: a sketchbook is a truly essential thing, as it helps to memorize your idea quickly, and gives you some time to develop it. Also, you have numerous chances to make mistakes, which is unavoidable in the creating process. 

Make a plan in your sketchbook. As a fashion stylist, you have to spend some time planning the photoshoot style. There you can combine different types of garments, materials, colors and shapes. Besides, it is useful if you meet the model before the shoot. So, you can estimate the body and color type. Therefore, practice will show you what would suit them best. It is useful to make some sketches of a real human body, so you can see how it moves, how it looks, and how the garments fit during the movements. 

Such sketches will also be an advantage in some interviews, as your potential clients will see you understand the dynamics of the human body.

Create a photoshoot moodboard. You can create a small mood board before the shooting, as a way to inspire yourself, and also, somehow direct the flow of your thoughts. Having big and detailed plans for the photoshoots is a great thing. If you feel lost, you can refresh your memory. Besides, better ideas always come when you are rewatching and correcting your mistakes. And, also, the precise plans will show your clients the way you think, which evaluates your chances to get a job. 

Somehow, this is your second stylist portfolio that shows how you work with your ideas and tasks

Test shootings


Test shootings are trial photoshoots, organized by young and creative people, who need to make a portfolio and gain some experience but don’t have enough work. Usually, it is a team of aspiring photographers, make-up artists, stylists, models and so on. They gain no material profit, except that they can use the results of the photoshoot in their further promotion. 

So, if you are a rookie, try to find the newcomers like yourself and organize a photoshoot. A great way to try your skills and knowledge, and find out all the peculiarities of working as a stylist. In order to make a good result, here are some tips on finding the team:

Similar art views and tastes. Try to pick people that have similar or related tastes like yours, if the organizer is you. Unfortunately, disagreements in the creative vision of the shooting are not rare. During your work as a fashion stylist, you will definitely face such hardships, and it's not your fault, as photoshoots are usually organized by the clients, as well as the team. So, if you organize the photoshoot, choose people with related tastes. If you are invited, don’t go there, you have no chance to express yourself.

Ask the beginners. Don’t try to involve a professional, as there’s a big chance he/she will be the commander. Of course, sometimes it is useful to listen to older and more experienced professionals. But first, you have to find your own way and style. Due to the lack of experience, you may simply succumb to the more sophisticated person. So, choose those people with whom you are equal. Besides, professionals usually cost money. 

Editing photos and Composing your stylist portfolio

 photo editor

Editing photos is not only important in making them look better but, also, a great way to show your skills and knowledge in the technical part of work. It seems that for a fashion stylist, knowing how to photoshop the pictures is completely redundant, as it is the work of the photographer. 

But, actually, such knowledge can add some points to you as a fashion stylist in the eyes of your potential employer. The more you know, the better. Situations on the work can be unpredictable, and sometimes, you will have to take someone’s work. Besides, editing may play to your advantage as it also can show your tastes and feeling of aesthetics. Besides, even as a stylist there’s a big chance you’ll have to work with special programs, and create the looks online.

Compose your stylist portfolio. You should take some time on making your portfolio neat and stylish. Especially, if you work with various themes. Try to put your styles into different categories and styles. For instance, if you have several photoshoots for sports topics, try to put them in one place in order. Your portfolio should look neat.

On the contrary, sometimes, making it too proper and categorized, may play to your disadvantage, as it may look dull. Keeping a balance is important here. When it comes to a format high-quality paper of A3 or A4. 

Also, we would advise you to have a digital version of your portfolio on a USB or CD. Moreover, creating your website portfolio might be a useful thing in promoting your work. It will serve you as an additional branding of your works.

All in all, a portfolio plays a crucial role for every stylist, so make sure to put much effort into making a good and versatile portfolio!

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