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Account Email vs. Site Email: Understanding the Difference

Managing your online presence involves various email communications, and it's important to differentiate between two email addresses within our platform: the Account Email and the Website Email. In this article, we'll explain the distinction between these two email addresses and their respective roles.

Account Email: Your Entry Point

The Account Email is the primary email address associated with your Portfoliobox account. It serves as your login credential for accessing the Dashboard, where you can manage your account-wide settings and access a list of all the websites linked to your account.

The Account Email is where you receive account-related notifications. This includes platform news and updates, customer care emails, and marketing communications. You have the option to unsubscribe from these notifications in your Dashboard settings if you prefer to limit the emails you receive.

You can update your Account Email in the Dashboard, under Settings → Email Address. This allows you to keep your account login credentials up to date.

Website Email: Site-Specific Notifications

The website Email, on the other hand, is specific to each website within your account. It is used to receive site-related notifications, which are essential for the smooth operation and management of your individual websites.

By default the email address linked to your website is the same as your account email address. You can edit the email address associated with each website from the website's Admin Panel. This enables you to receive site-specific notifications at the email address of your choice.

Site-related notifications sent to the Website Email include contact messages from visitors, order notifications, payment information, renewal reminders, and other critical site-related updates. These emails are considered essential for the functioning of your websites.

Unlike account-related notifications, which can be managed in your Dashboard settings, site-related notifications cannot be unsubscribed from because they are crucial for keeping you informed about the status and activities of your websites.

You can update your Website Email in the admin panel, under Settings → Account settings → Email. 

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