A complete guide on how to make an online teaching portfolio


The portfolio can be filled with various documents confirming the level of professionalism, but having your website will be a more significant plus.

The creation of websites for teachers or tutors is no longer a problem today. Online designers and CMS systems can help with this. Moreover, the former is preferable since they allow abstracting from the complex technical component (hosting, domain settings, etc.), and the payment model does not require large one-time investments. You can pay even monthly while using the service.

It's not enough to create an online teaching portfolio - you need to learn how to use it effectively. To do this, you need to properly fill it and combine it with other sources of customer acquisition (social networks, message boards, specialized platforms for finding tutors / individual services).

High-quality sites will be useful not only for teachers but also for the educational institution because, ultimately, public materials confirm the teachers of the chosen school’s openness and level of skill.

For tutors, your own website is much more important. This is a way to detail your services and skills, provide up-to-date contact info, and sometimes even provide online payments for services.

What to add to your teaching portfolio?

The content and structure of the pages of the business card site at least presuppose the indication of specific services and relevant contact information.

The rest is complete freedom. You can place each separate service on your page and advertise them in contextual campaigns separately.

Or you can make one single page on which you will tell about yourself, about calculating the cost, show a video with an example lesson, present your awards and describe your achievements, provide feedback and submit an application.

Everything is very individual and depends on the specifics of your activity.

Using the "engine" and the corresponding plugins, you can even organize students’ accounts with progress control.


In most cases, a few pages on your online teaching portfolio will suffice:


  • About yourself (here, it is logical to post information about your achievements: certificates, awards, diplomas, etc.).
  • Lesson plan (everything related to the curriculum in your courses/lessons).
  • Examples of lessons (relevant if you have your own video broadcasting channel, although you can show only a few examples of lessons).
  • Contacts (a separate page or a single block for all pages, for example, in the footer of the site).
  • Blog / information section. Add if you have the time and desire to share useful information with the audience.
  • Feedback from your students or their parents.
  • Services. All services can be described on one page, or you can create your own page for each (this way, you can enter more thematic keywords in the meta tags and get traffic from the search results).

The best services for creating an online teaching portfolio:

At the moment, on the network, you can find a huge number of different platforms for quickly creating sites, blogs, business cards, and online stores. Every year it becomes more and more difficult to understand all this diversity.

Below is our list of the most promising platforms that meet all expectations in terms of functionality and convenience.

Portfoliobox - is the best choice for creating an online portfolio

Portfoliobox is one of the best website portfolio builders. It’s profitable, as you can sign up for free and keep that free account for life. This is a convenient way to get your own page on a site with a subdomain, create a unique design and easily implement your fresh ideas for your site. If you want a custom domain, this is one of the many features associated with a professional account.


Unique opportunities with Portfoliobox:

  • A unique opportunity to use several themes at the same time. Create incredible website designs that are unlike any other.
  • Combine templates as you like.
  • Choose an account that suits your creation capabilities and interests. If you do not need a lot of functions and your goal is a simple and concise website, you can choose the Light version.
  • It's easy to create an online teaching portfolio. The easy-to-configure interface will allow you to create masterpieces in the form of websites easily.


WIX - Free Website Builder with Unlimited Possibilities

Wix is ​​a very large and sophisticated online platform. It is suitable for creating any type of site, can integrate with external services, provides special freedom for designers, etc. Tutors and teachers will be interested in Wix primarily because of the convenience of the editor and the huge number of ready-made thematic templates.

Special attention is paid to the artificial intelligence technology Wix ADI, generating unique sites based on user preferences and resource topics. The user only needs to answer a series of questions, and the site is ready. Even the filling will be meaningful.


Features of the Wix Platform for Creating an Online Teaching Portfolio 

  • Given the original functionality of the builder and additional services, problems with Wix are excluded. It has all the necessary elements to create complex portfolios: forms, buttons, menus, galleries (for photo reports), ready-made tools for online recording, chats, a blog, etc.
  • You can easily integrate video into your website (even if it will be stored on external platforms), social media feed, and other specific services.
  • At the stage of creation, you can import existing content from other web resources, add contact information and links to pages on social networks. Then you don't have to search for them separately and edit them manually.

WordPress is the easiest to learn CMS

WordPress is the easiest to learn CMS

WordPress is the most popular website engine in the world. It has a very convenient and user-friendly admin panel. If you choose the right hosting, recommended by Bluehost developers, then the CMS can be installed in one click.

Based on WordPress, you can make a website of any type, including a teacher's business card, portfolio, or even a complex educational resource with a personal account for users.

Features of WordPress for creating an online teaching portfolio 

  • Despite the availability of free templates, it is better to use premium themes for a quality design. Often, along with such themes, you can get premium plugins as a gift (for example, professional sliders with beautiful effects, block page builders similar to the Wix editors, etc.).
  • On specialized sites, you can find ready-made solutions for information business (template + a set of plugins): course sales, user progress, Q&A blocks, a list of students, online teaching portfolio examples, tools for subscription, etc.
  • However, getting into the technical details is absolutely essential. We'll have to figure out what hosting is, set it up, what is a domain, how to send it to the server, what is a CDN, caching, and where themes are configured and applied ...
  • If there is no desire to deal with all this, you will need the help of professionals (and this is a separate budget and the corresponding costs).

Create your online teaching portfolio now! Portfoliobox offers you a great opportunity to create an amazing portfolio easily and quickly.

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