How to create your brand in 7 steps


To create the brand you need to follow 7 steps, such as:

  1. Research your target audience and your competitors;
  2. Pick your focus and personality;
  3. Choose your business name;
  4. Write your slogan;
  5. Choose the look of your brand (colors and font);
  6. Design your brand logo;
  7. Apply your branding across your business.

In fact, creating a brand that looks original, attractive, and stylish may seem complicated. However, you will achieve success if approached correctly. At the beginning of working on making a good brand, you may have a lot of doubts and thoughts such as “What should a good brand look like?”, “How do I attract the attention of people?”, “How do I define my target audience?”.

These questions always come up when you're trying to make a path between what you want to sell and who you want to sell to. Don't worry if you are at the beginning of working on your biz, there is a definite list of recommendations to it as well as it is possible.

In our article, we will explain to you how to create the brand, what to do to become famous in the application market, and how to interest people.

What is a brand?

What is a brand

Actually, this word means a set of people's ideas about you and your products.
Just as a person can have their own differences and characteristics of face, hair, name, character, behavior, and profession, so a biz has its own features that differ it from others companies and it forms the brand. These features can be such as 

  • The name of the company, 
  • Logo,
  • Your products, 
  • Quality, 
  • The style of packaging. 

All this affects the whole image of the biz that has developed among the audience.
If you wanna be more popular, successful, and profitable, your task will be to identify and maintain the specific features and style of your biz. 
Before you try to improve your biz, analyze the market and look at the activity of people who do the things that do you. You need to know who you are competing with for people’s attention.

Research your target audience and your competitors

Research your target audience and your competitors

When you try to figure out “How to build a brand?”, you should know that an essential point in market analysis is the analysis of the target audience. You need to determine what people try to find and who in the marketplace is best able to help them. Imagine yourself in the place of your customers, think about who you would choose if you need the services that you offer. Would you choose yourself? If not, why and who would you choose then? Analyze your answers. This will help you to look at your brand from the outside and figure out how it can be improved. Go to the social networks of your clients and try to understand what interests them. This will help you get closer to people that find the solutions to their problems and give them exactly what they are looking for.

Pick your focus and personality

Pick your focus and personality

Another helpful tip is to look for companies that do the same things you do. Analyze their services, products, logo, name, and people’s reviews. Do you think they are better than you? If so, why and what is stopping you from becoming better? How can you outperform your competitors? Ask yourself these questions and you will create the brand as well as possible.

You must adhere to the rule that says that it is better to occupy a smaller but certain niche. If you have a question such as “How to create a brand identity?” follow the next tips

  • Describe your company with adjectives, what words would you use for this? Why? Do you want it to be exactly as you described it?
  • Think over the history of your company, and describe in detail its goals, ideas, and directions in which you want to develop. This will increase the level of confidence your customers have in you and let them know that you are working on exactly what they are looking for.

The famous author Simon Sinek said that customers are not looking for what you offer them, but why you offer it. It encourages you to define your goals and everything else will fall into place.

To understand what you want when you try to create the brand, ask questions such as:

  • Why did you create the brand?
  • How it works?
  • What are you doing and what do you want to do in the future?

The next thing you will need to work on is what makes your work unique, how can you distinguish it from others? Put yourself in your client's shoes again and see if you're good enough for them. How can you become the best? Maybe you have relatively low prices? Or is your delivery lightning fast? Think and create areas where you can be number one.

Choose your business name 

Choose your business name

There is no specific answer to the question of how to come up with the best name when you will create the brand. However, we can definitely say that the right name will help your brand gain fame, trust, profit, and become a leader in the sales market.

The main thing to remember when choosing a name is not to make it too complicated. Choose a name that is easy to pronounce, and short enough so that it can be catched and remembered easily. For example, if your main highlight is the speed of delivery or custom-made goods, say so in the title.

Your name should not only reflect your current business but also reflect the level of development you are aiming for. If over time you expand your business and improve your products, your current name should look harmonious even with a developed business.

Write your slogan

Write your slogan

When you study the answers to the question “How to build a brand” you need to take into account that besides the fact that you will need to come up with a sounding and impressive name for your company, you will also need to think about a slogan. It should reflect the: 

  • spirit
  • style
  • purpose of your activity

Not every company creates the brand’s slogan, but its presence helps to attract attention, be heard, and be popular. As good examples of slogans, we can say about Tik Tok and its slogan "Real People, Real Videos" It sounds quite simple, unobtrusive, and interesting.

Choose the look of your brand (colors and font)

Choose the look of your brand (colors and font)

Also when you create the brand, you need to think about visuals. Think about how you want to see your brand, what colors it should be in, and what fonts you would choose for inscriptions.

We have prepared some recommendations for you on how you can improve your brand.

  • Decide on a color for your company

The color chosen for the company will convey a certain feeling, emotion, and message to your customers. Therefore, color is of great importance. Think about what color you associate with your company and what color conveys exactly the emotions you want to convey. Marketing also resorts to color psychology, which talks about what message a certain color carries and what emotion it can convey.

When choosing colors, be sure to test how a well white and black font will look on your chosen color. To experiment with colors, you can use a Coolors tool. It will help you choose your favorite color among a huge number of shades.

  • Choose the right font

Pay attention to the fonts and choose a font that you think will work well with the overall style of your brand. The best advice would be to choose a simple font option. Do not use more than two types of fonts, so the client will be more pleasant to read your messages. You can use one of the fonts for headings and the second for body text. You can try combining several fonts and see how they look together.

Design your brand logo

Design your brand logo

In fact, designing a logo is one of the first things that comes to mind when you start to create the brand. The logo is the representation of your company and it will accompany it everywhere.

When designing your own logo, you will need to work on making it original, eye-catching, and scalable so that the logo can be used in any size you want.

Think of all the places where your logo will be placed. This includes social media profiles, video feeds, and even browser favicons.

Also think about what exactly you want to display on the logo, in what style it should be done, and what you want to get as a result. Asking yourself probing questions during the logo design process will help you decide on the style and look of it.

Apply your branding across your business

Apply your branding across your business

The use of branding in a business makes history. This, in turn, speaks of what this business is. Marketing says it's the foundation for customer interaction and branding.

The next point that you have to take into account when finding answers to the question “How to build a brand?” is the fact that research has shown that when customers first buy something online, they look for the purpose of the business to see if it aligns with the goal of the company. As a rule, in order to understand the goal of the business, they turn to the "About Us" page on the company's website, which tells about its history, who sells this product, and also contains information about the purposes and mission of the company.

Share your brand story openly, what you do, and what you want to achieve in your business. This increases the level of customer confidence in your company and convinces him that you are not a scammer.

When telling the story of your brand, use questions such as:

  • Why did I decide to start my own biz?
  • How do I help people?
  • What my clients want to know about me.

Not every biz sets itself a mission. However, if your biz has a mission and purposes, be sure to tell people about them. Share with them the story of why you decided to start your own company.

TOMS is a good example. They sell shoes and accessories. This company is engaged in charity. They donated shoes to needy children and showed themselves to be generous on other occasions. This contributes to the level of trust and credibility they receive from buyers. When people buy goods from them, they know that thanks to the generosity of the biz, their money can help someone.

More tips to improve your brand

We have a few more secret tips on how to get success working on your biz. Let's find out what things will effectively help you.

  • Look at your brand from the outside

In fact, your brand is not how you present it to people, but rather how people see it. So, we can say that this term means the opinion of people about your activities. Therefore, when you try to make your biz as good as you want, we recommend you begin by getting opinions about your activities from clients or specialists.

To figure out how people see your biz, try searching for info or opinions about yourself on the Internet. Perhaps someone has left reviews about you, rated your biz, or mentioned you in their activities.

If you want not only to get the opinion of ordinary people, but also to get professional recommendations that can help beginners to make their businesses better, ask a biz coach for his assessment. They will point out the possible mistakes you make and give you valuable business advice.

  • Don't try to fit every client

Another step is to accept the fact that you can't please each of your clients. Your customers will expect all possible and impossible things from you. Your task is to take into account their wishes but take them calmly. You don't have to change every element of your company or work on adding all features that people want to see in your brand at once just because every person has a different demand. Keep a cool mind and realize that if you try to please each person, you can lose some of the profits and customers because of irrationality of actions, and at the same time someone can still criticize you or make even more demands. Therefore, it would be a reasonable decision to listen to the opinion of people, take it into account, however, you should make decisions well after thinking everything over, based on a combination of many factors.

  • Become more popular through hidden activities

There are some non-standard ways you can become more popular in your field. Try our tips to become more famous:

  • Set up referral programs;
  • Engage in infographics;
  • Collaborate with local companies;
  • Organize contests on social networks;
  • Launch contextual advertising.

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How much does it cost to make your own brand?

It costs around $20,000-$70,000. If you are looking for the perfect branding look for agencies that offer a complete branding package. This includes your brand strategy, messaging, and visuals.

What must I do for building a brand from scratch?

If you are just at the beginning of developing your branding, you may need to heed the advice of more experienced professionals. To build your own brand follow such steps as defining your target audience, engaging in the development of the position of your company, choosing the right name for your brand, coming up with a good story for your brand, creating a good logo and slogan, and integrating your brand wherever you can.

What makes a good brand?

A good brand consists of such points as clearly explaining ideas and motives to its customers, giving credibility, inspiring its audience and demonstrating its distinctive qualities, explaining how its business differs from competitors' companies. These and other factors form a good and recognizable brand that brings the desired profit.

Can I create my own branding?

Yes, of course you can create your own branding. In fact, being the president of your branding is not an easy and responsible job. However, today there are a large number of modern technologies that allow you to create and maintain your brand without much difficulty. You just need to make an effort and responsibly approach the development of your brand.

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