Studio Vs. On Location Photography


Unfortunately, the last few years would be associated with a complicated period for the photography business, both in the US and worldwide. According to American business researches, the pandemic outbreak negatively affected the activities of the capturing masters. However, suppose the troubles bother the creative sphere of photography. In that case, this is a chance for talented photographers to think about developing their business and upgrading their skills on the personal studio scale.

So, the typical recession processes could positively impact the photography business, and you may confidently expand your client database within the studio level. Indeed, you may open your artistic photography agency at home or rent the on-location premises. In any case, the background knowledge about what is a studio photography location and how it could be improved is precious.

A personal artistic photo agency well-designed for the customer’s needs is an excellent way to develop professional ambitions. Boost your photography skills in a suitable place and make your dreams about your photo studio come true!

What is studio photography and location shoot?

The masters of photography qualify two places for the possible photography activities - photo studios and on-location shooting. Outdoor photography is an excellent natural solution to receive the daylight illumination and the casual atmosphere for the posed photo sessions. This type of shooting is preferable for the site wedding receptions or the significant family holidays that retain the most remarkable personal life moments.

Otherwise, the studio photography is a well-equipped immobile place or premises which help to produce high-qualitative photos. The proffy studio opens many opportunities to raise the client’s interest and make a comprehensive remote workplace or separate office for the different stages of the job circle. To distinguish the details about the photo studio operation benefits, you may compare the pros and cons of the photo-making venues.

Pro arguments for a photography location shoot

photography location shoot

Perhaps, the answer to the question “What is a studio photography location the best?” has a rhetorical context and could not be completely single-meaningful. However, you may get acquainted with some actual benefits provided by the photography location shoot.

  • The outdoor shoot is very natural and captures the ambient emotions expressed by the concrete persons in particular moments. 
  • Photos taken at a particular location are always sincere and without artificial feelings.
  • The play of daylight illumination allows creating artistic photo masterpieces. Hence, sunrise- or sunset-background photos are classic of every photo session.
  • Frequently a photographer could use only one device, a camera, to make random and creative photos.
  • Photography location shoot sessions have a lower budget than the capturing process performed inside the photo office.

Pros and cons for home or office studio photography

studio photography

Unlike the on-location capture, the studio provides better conditions for the photographer as a pro expert in the shooting and filming business. The photo agencies could be classified into two types classified by the office establishment criteria such as

  •  home-based or in-house domestic workplace
  • office photo agencies which are more acceptable for business activities. 

Also, you may rent the studio premises for the one-after-one events, if needed. Anyway, the interior photo session premises open new favorable horizons for the development of photography opportunities.

A home photo studio is a perfect option for beginners to start their photography business. You may equip it with specific devices and tools to improve your work and set the light, but the big professional photo studios discover better opportunities for any level photographer. You may use the unpopular rooms of your house, including attics, garages, spacious stockroom, basements, etc. to arrange a primitive photo lab. However, the sizes of such photography agencies leave something to be desired. Therefore, you need to know the clear advantages of having your own photography office. Pros: 

  • Photography agencies are the most comfortable way to avoid weather risks. You would not be worried about rain, cloudy, or cold weather complicating your photo session process.
  • Combination of various zones for the client’s needs. You may divide the whole premises into a particular zone: reception, a few decorated areas for the photography process, wardrobe, green room, working or lounge staff zone, VIP zone, etc. Such interior solutions enhance your professional status and increase client flows.
  • You may earn extra money if you decide to rent some of your studio premises for other photographers.
  • Studios optimize your time management and schedule all tasks one by one.
  • You may upgrade your studio by booking an ample space and use it for filming or video production. In such a way, you expand professional horizons and involve many staff members to make your studio well-known.
  • You can arrange cumbersome equipment and a green background to try your skills in animation and 3G technologies.

The advantages of the photo agencies are clear and make them more preferable than on-location capturing.

But, the professional studios have some negative points which cancel out the benefits of what an excellent studio photography location could be. Cons:

  • The personal studio requires high costs for its start and running activities. So, it would help if you had substantial savings for rent, leasing, or buying your photography studio. In addition, you will have high budget costs for equipment and extra expenses to be competitive with other similar studios.
  • Each studio is a large-in-size space that could hardly transform into new areas, zones, and decorations. So, you may feel emotional or professional burnout if you see the same pictures every day.
  • You're not so free if you specialize in the photography location shoot. The studio opportunities are less flexible and need time to adjust untypical decorations, equipment, and attributes.

Designed professional photo studio elements

professional photo studio

Well, you have familiarized yourself a bit with what a photography studio location is, its types, and its benefits. But, before you make a final decision about the professional photo studio, you need to discover its must-have elements:

  • Area for client servicing and prep activities. It would help if you thought about a reception where future clients could check in, investigate your work samples, and discover interesting notes. Also, a green room is essential to work for fashion portfolios and different portrait directions. The growing business needs to involve the additional staff motivated by the bonus, including lounge zone, cantering room, and office space where the photos are processed and redesigned. If you plan to produce paper photos, pictures, or photobooks, you need a special lab zone with appropriate PC equipment.
  • Diversified photo zones. Your main photo production space should be adjusted with a complete set of required luminous devices and capture tools. Such an area almost needs no decorations and focuses only on continuous lights, light modifiers, cameras, and other related items. This room in pastel colors like gray, white, beige should have a primitive design to concentrate the attention on the photographer’s capturing object. To provide thematic photo sessions for celebrities or commercial projects, you may create additional rooms with mobile design options or permanent arrangements.
  • Cozy comics style. To receive the easy-going atmosphere during thematic photo sessions, you may use some self-adhesive prints and posters on the photo room walls and the vivid warm colors. These simple decorations are quickly changeable due to the client’s needs. The topic could also vary from Marvel, or DC attributes to popular TV shows’ mottos.
  • Luxurious bohemian style. To create the gorgeous photo zone, you need to spend a lot of time on flea markets or antique stores. The result should identify the premium class and rich with glamorous, vintage furniture, decors, candles, chimneys, etc.
  • Seasonal nature-like decor. This option could be costly; however, it is a classical solution for a traditional season or holiday photos when the weather changes your plans. Maybe, the best example is a hereditary family Christmas card. Try to arrange some general attributes and the green background; the remaining work will be done with computer graphic design.
  • Country-side style. This is another way of how to create a lovely family or couple portraits. The elements could be different, and you may also rent some country pets or animals to attain realistic authenticity. This style could be supplemented by romantic items like fresh flowers, swing sets, bicycles, etc.
  • Modern loft. The loft design would be a great variant to produce fashion portfolios or stylish celebrity photo sessions. Strict style, cool colors, and concise lines are all you need to catch effects and extraordinary passion.
  • Highly qualitative equipment. Each photo lab should have a broad range of items and mechanisms to satisfy the clients’ needs. Not be afraid of the new technologies in UX design to correct the deliverables and monitor the specialties on the particular websites or e-commerce resources.

Historical facts about the studio photography development

Historical facts about the studio photography development

The first particular premises dedicated to photography were not so famous in the US, and the peer photographers were instead the witches in the Inquisition times. However, ordinary citizens conceived these primitive areas as suitable places to make personal or family portraits. The ancient photography equipment was bulky and inconvenient; they did not allow the entire panorama of colors, movements, and decorations. The locations of these studios were curious and included attic premises, big holes, and even basements. Maybe, these poorly illumined rooms resulted in the scary old black-and-white photos you might see in study books, museum or library records, and your family archives.

The other interesting historical facts about photo studios contain some exciting moments worth discovering:

  • The first photo studios produced selfies. It is not a joke! Two photo inventors, Robert Cornelius and Paul Beck Goddard, decided to take a photo in their studio, turning the camera lens on the photographer sitting in front. The result impressed and seemed the first autoportrait ever taken.
  • A photo studio is a place for ID photos production. In the XX century, photography studios played an essential role in producing standard and stock photos for individual authorization needs. This new function somehow reduced the dedication of the photography agencies but made them familiar to each person.

IT crucially upgrades the photography approaches. The rapid informational technology development positively influenced the photography progress, including various APIs for sound, visual effects and simplifying the process through a broad range of specialized equipment and tools.

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