Tips for Showcasing Your Work Online


Talking about working online, we commonly mean remote work or mostly IT-related jobs, which could vary from development engineers to HR managers. All these candidates need to choose a well-balanced technique to sell themselves to the appropriate labor market. Such a technique should provide a self-showcasing effect covering your work results, achievements, and accessible inputs.


Not to sound ironic, but if you are working using internet tools, you should definitely use the respective techniques to present your accomplishments.


Online portfolio, video presentation, cover or motivation letter, simple presentation tools, etc., are worth being used to prove to all the stakeholders that the hard skills enlisted in your CV or during the interview are actually well-developed and meet their expectations.

In addition, you should remember your occupation is connected to the creative industries as you need to draw your focus toward the digital tools for showcasing your work outputs.

Most common and successful methods to demonstrate your work online

Most common and successful methods to demonstrate your work online

As aforesaid, you may use any visual techniques to justify your work experience. To make the most reasonable decision, you may scroll the internet resources or social media pages and investigate the trend-defined tutorials or the real cases explaining the various ways on how to present your abilities and talents to potential employers. To this end, we prepare the most helpful means to present your upsides to the potential stakeholders. You may try to perform some self-presentation items by yourself; however, web-portfolio or showreel need professional skills. That’s why you should better entrust such duties to the pros, who really get to know how to highlight your strengths and abilities.


  • Online portfolio as the multifunctional tool for showcasing your online work

The online portfolio is a sort of personal website targeted to provide the complete picture of your achievements and demonstrate the level of the professional abilities you own. The web portfolio, created on your own or with consulting, helps discover your competence and inner personality features perfectly.

The common success formula for the online portfolio contains the distinguished web structure and the target audience, the wisely prepared content following the minimalism principles, the well-balanced usage of the graphic elements (GIFs, memes, pictures, JS components, colors, sound effects, etc.), the self-description option for the personal relations with the ordinary viewer, the best-selected projects grouped by the chronological or the successful ranks, and the most reasonable and objective comments and feedbacks from the former clients or employers as evidence for showcasing your work online as well.


  • Showreel as a short, cool trailer for the IT-specialized manager projects

Apart from the web portfolio, you may use a modern and confident method to declare yourself called a showreel; this is a demonstrative video that promotes a company, brand, movie actor or director, motion designer, etc. It must show the most advantageous and bright projects which prove your level and make a wow effect.

As a rule, the showreel must last up to 30 sec; however, sometimes, the videos broadcasted for 3-4 minutes happen.

The showreel is not a cartoon, consisting of a culmination and a conclusion. It is highlighting reels of the most exciting outcomes implemented by the skilled pro.

While creating such a type of self-presentation video, you are advised to take care of the subsequence of the work's order and what junctions should be set therein. Some fragments would have more visual effects at the beginning and the other ones - at the end. The showreel must introduce a designer as a professional manager and not focus on any other tasks.


  • Professional CV via social media tools

You need to create an account on LinkedIn or other professional social media such as GitHub or Stack Overflow. To be noticeable, you have to establish the business relations correctly. The other fruitful action is to sign on the pages of the desirable companies to which you are going to apply, or insert them into your life planner. As a small goal-achieving step, you need to search and add to the contact list HR managers and the department seniors.

You should also investigate the Vacancy part on LinkedIn. The vacancy searching algorithm is as follows: select a position, a region, a range of the expected salaries, and order the chosen result. 

In addition, you should pay attention to the ways your other accounts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter look because the HR manager will be likely to observe your public social media pages to make a general overview of the inquired specialist.

In any case, your social media portrait should demonstrate your professionalism and personal character and not adapt to the particular advertisement. 


  • Classic presentation format

Canva, Prezi, or well-known MS PowerPoint tools help everyone lowly experienced in graphic design to demonstrate one’s strengths and advantages. Please prepare 10 to 15 slides using a simple set of animation elements to highlight your professional skills and try to follow the standard structure approach, making your presentation logical and easy to understand.

To make your presentation effective, remarkable, and absorbing, there is a classic rule 10/20/30. This rule emphasizes: 10 slides with no font smaller than 30 points and presented for up to 20 minutes.

However, if potential employers consider you for a design-related position, it is a weak instrument for showcasing your work experience.


  • Old faithful motivation letter

A motivation letter is a must-have tool supporting your documented CV or posted on your online portfolio. It is a creative and inspired way to document your dreams and expectations for the intended position.

This self-advertising tool is your chance to be distinguished among the other candidates. In your letter, you need to write down why you have chosen this company, how your successful cases and career plans contribute to the company mission and strategic objectives, and what skills you would like to improve, and how you can use them in the future.

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