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What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is like helping your website make a great first impression on search engines like Google. Imagine you have a library full of books but no catalogue system. If someone comes in looking for a book on gardening, they might have difficulty finding it without some guidance. SEO is like creating a detailed catalogue for your website so that when someone searches for something you offer, like "gardening tips," the search engine knows exactly how to find and recommend your page.

Let's break it down into easy-to-understand steps.


People type words or phrases into search engines when looking for something. If your website talks about gardening, you want to make sure you mention words related to gardening, like "planting tips" or "best garden tools," so search engines know your site is a good match for those searches.

Content Quality

Just like a well-written book is more enjoyable to read, high-quality content on your website makes people want to stay and explore more. Search engines prefer to show websites that offer valuable and well-explained information because it's likely to be more helpful to the searcher.

Website Structure

This is about making sure your website is easy to navigate, not just for people but for search engines, too. A well-organized site with clear links between pages helps search engines understand your site better and correctly index (or catalogue) it.


If your website loads quickly and works well on mobile devices, it will likely rank higher in search results. People don't like waiting for slow pages to load, nor do search engines.


When other reputable websites link to your site, it's like getting a vote of confidence. Search engines take this as a sign that your site is trustworthy and offers good content, which can help improve your ranking.

In summary, SEO is about making your website easy to find, understand, and use for people and search engines. By focusing on these elements, you can help improve your site's visibility in search results, making it more likely that people will find and visit your site.

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Онлайн-портфолио для творческих профессионалов

Со всеми инструментами, необходимыми профессионалу

  • Динамическая таблица
  • Четные строки
  • Золотое сечение
  • Соотношение площадей
  • Центр выравнивания
  • Пазл
  • Случайно
  • Горизонтальный
  • Горизонтально 2
  • Горизонтально 3
  • Вертикально
  • Два-один
  • Три-один
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