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Maybe you have heard about the Pareto principle that says about such a rule as the 80/20 rule. It means that only 20% of your efforts help you to achieve your goal, but the other 80% are just a distraction. So, we can say that if you want to get more effect and achieve your goal faster, you can pay attention to the essentials and pay your time and efforts into it.

This rule can also work in this situation when we talk about creating websites for sales. The contact us page is one of the most important pages on your site. Because if people want to call you to ask some questions about your products or offers and they can achieve this purpose, their confidence in your company will increase. 

In this article, we talk with you about the contact us page, give you several essential tips, and show you the best examples of such pages.

What Should Contact Us Include

Contact Us Page Examples

Let's start with what your contact page should contain? Include on your page such extremely important information as:

  • Company address;
  • E-mail;
  • Social Media;
  • Working hours.

In fact, marketers and website designers unanimously say that this information is essential for your customers. If they don't find it on your site, they may leave it, and you will lose potential customers and some of the profits.

However, besides the fact that you now know what information is needed on the contact page of your site, you need to know about other important points when creating this page. We will tell you about them in the next section of our article.

5 Great Advice to Create a Contact-Us Page

Great Advice to Create a Contact-Us Page

When you will work on creating your contact us page, use our tips such as:

  • Pay special attention to design;
  • Write killer text for the contact us page;
  • Work on the ability to find your page quickly;
  • Give users a choice;
  • Make your contact form as simple as possible.

These tips are key to working with the site's contact page. We are sure that they will help you attract your customers' attention and gain their trust, but now let's look at them in more detail.

Pay Special Attention to Design

A high-quality and well-done design is the first thing that will help you attract customers. Your page design should be attractive, catchy, and not complicated.

Use the following rules to design your page:

  • Do not mix a lot of text, styles, and fonts on one page. It can be tedious and uninteresting. Keep it simple and elegant.
  • Design the page "Our contacts" in the same style as the overall image of the site. The design of this page should carry the same meaning and message as your entire platform.

Write Killer Text for The Contact Us Page

Most often, people open your page, which displays company contacts, in order to find the information they need. You must carefully consider the text for the us page so that it contains everything the client may be interested in.

So, what relates to the creation of the about us page, the first point from tips that we can give you is to divide it into several parts in order to fill it with various content that the audience needs

In this case, a good example would be the Zendesk contact page. If you pay attention to the page containing their company's contact information, you will notice that it is divided into several blocks. Each user who opens this page can find answers to frequently asked questions, chat with a chatbot, or contact someone who will answer the necessary questions.

Work on the ability to quickly find your page

Although your page may be good enough to outperform your competitors, it may have the disadvantage of being difficult to find. It will be useless if your users can't find it quickly on your site. A study suggests that customers try to find a page in 87% of cases at the very top of the page. Keep this in mind. The top right corner of the header or footer on the page are good options for page location.

Give users a choice

When creating your contact page for your website, make sure that your customer has the right to choose. You must provide alternative ways for people who want to contact you to do so. Therefore, when designing the page, take care to provide complete information about your company. You can create a form that will display such important data as

  • The address of your company. It is better if you set your location to be shown on Google maps.
  • Phone number where you can be contacted. Don't forget to include the area code. Also, if you consider it necessary, you can add department employees' names and photos. This helps to gain the trust of customers and win them over.
  • Email. Add a valid email address to your contact page where you can be contacted for any issue related to your company. To do this, do not forget to increase your security level and create anti-spam protection.
  • Social networks. Your customers may want to contact you using social media. Indicate relevant social networks where you or your employees can answer questions.
  • Working time. Write on your page what time you work so that customers do not waste time contacting you if it is not business hours.

Make your contact form as simple as possible

Simplicity and quality are always attractive. A client's interest in a conversation with your company falls literally with each additional field for entering information.

Let's take a closer look at the rules for creating a contact form:

  • Don't ask a client too many questions if they want to contact you.
  • Do not ask to enter the same information, such as email.
  • Send auto-configured emails to your customers stating that you have received their email and reply as soon as possible. This will increase the credibility and interest in your company.
  • Designate required and optional fields on your form.
  • Check for errors in the form at the moment when the client writes the text, and not when they are trying to submit the form.
  • When answering a customer's question, mention the personal information they left in the field. For example, you can address your customers by name at the beginning of a letter.
  • Don't make the robot check too hard. Use in a simple mathematical example. This is the best way.
  • Shuffle the fields vertically. This makes it easier to view your contact form and doesn't overwhelm you when filling it out.

Contact Us Page Examples

Contact Us Page Examples

To inspire even more when you work on creating your website, we have prepared some great contact us page examples. By watching other people's work, you will get a portion of inspiration and see many moments that you may not have known about. Check our examples out and try to create your own professional contact page by combining our tips from the previous section of our article and our examples.

Viper Chill

The first example we will show you is Viper Chill. If you go to the contact page of this company, you will first be offered answers to frequently asked questions. So, visitors find everything they are looking for there. If they still have questions after that, they can contact the company. In fact, this is a convenient way for companies that are managed by only one person. The owner of this company will be able to save time not answering the same messages and calls every day.


The next example is JetBlue. As in the first example, they first provide a link to answers to frequently asked questions and then offer contact options via phone and email. Also, what is remarkable about the design of their page is its design and colors, which have a relaxing effect on customers.

Mostly Serious

The following example of a best contact page design is Mostly Serious. These guys did a great job working on the design of the page. It is very clean and precise. A great combination of simplicity, humor, and originality.

Code Quest

This is the next option for a decent contact page. The company that developed this page did a great job on an attractive and stylish design. One of the distinguishing features of this page is a map showing the location of the company. This is a good idea that you can take note of.

Quick Sprout

This page is quite original. Among its features is an infographic that shows the number of emails the business owner receives daily. The client will be able to fill out the contact form of the page only after getting acquainted with the infographic. In this way, the company is trying to show how many questions they receive and hopes that people will think several times and find the answer to their question among those that are already on the page.

Coca Cola

This well-known company approached the creation of its page in a very creative way. Their virtual chat is right in the middle of the contact us page. Today, most people get in touch with the help of virtual chat rather than making phone calls. This company knows the demographics of its customers and offers a quick solution to their problems. Directly below the chat, you can find a section for answers to frequently asked questions and ways to contact the company.

The Band Agency

This is one of those pages that doesn't seem boring. Its advantage is the easy accessibility of information, which is conveniently located above the map and the location of the company. Also, a funny and interesting point is the silhouettes of animals.

Thus, we have given you some recommendations on how to make your contact us page the best way. Follow our pieces of advice, and you will receive more clients and, as a result, more profits.

Thus, we have given you a lot of advice on the topic of creating a contact page. Remember that this is indeed an essential part of your site. Use our tips, and you will start getting much more positive feedback and dose from your biz.

How does PortfolioBox help clients?

To summarize, it is worth saying that the contact page is very important for your website. Through it, your customers can contact you or leave a request so that your employees can call them back. If you are designing a website, you will use a good website builder. The PortfolioBox provides an opportunity to create high-quality, convenient, and attractive sites that will interest your customers. Our website builder does not require any knowledge of programming or web design. Try our themes and templates if you have not been into website layout before. Go to our site and start creating pages for your site right now.


What do you say on the Contact Us page? 

Your contact page should include information such as your company's business hours, email address, location of your office, and phone number where you can contact the company. Another important point is the presence of a form in which the client can provide personal information that will help the company to contact him.

What is the purpose of a contact us page? 

The contact page provides an opportunity for customers to contact the company and ask the necessary questions. It can also be useful in that it contains important information such as answers to frequently asked questions, business hours and physical location. Creating such a page helps to be closer to customers and show them that it is important for you to help them with any issue that arises.

What should a contact us page look like on a website?

A good contact page consists of several blocks, which include the placement of a form to fill out, information about the company and how to contact it, as well as a column for answers to frequently asked questions. It is best if the contact page is made in a simple and clean style without a lot of text and intrusive banners.

Is a contact form necessary? 

Each site must have its own page with contacts. Most sites are aimed at active interaction with customers in order to sell a product or service and make a profit. Therefore, your page must necessarily have a description of your contacts so that customers can contact you for future transactions and purchases.

What should you include on a contact page?

Your contact page should contain an email address, a phone number where you can contact your employees, and what time they receive a call. To facilitate the work of your employees, you can leave answers to popular questions and a form for filling out data to receive a call back from you on your page. So, most people will be able to find the answer to their question and will not be bothered by your company's technical department.

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