How to create photography packages


Creating such packs will not only simplify your work, pricing and defining genres you work with, but also will make you more professional in your clients’ eyes. Thereby, you will get more orders and make more money. That’s why it is so essential to categorize your works wisely.

The portfolio is crucial to every photographer. Even if you are not interested in participating in professional photography, making your work look neater will certainly be better. For experienced photographers, snapshot packages will add more points. Besides, subdividing your photos into different groups might ease your working process. 

For instance, setting the duration of the photoshoot is a great way to save time. But how can you manage a good package? And what should be included there? Most photographers, when establishing the price, include the time, equipment and some additional services, like editing. Usually, these points are included in all packages but the difference lies in the level of quality of these services. So, how can you make a great photo package that will sell successfully?

Analyze your clients' wishes and needs

Analyze your clients' wishes and needs

The important point when it comes to choosing the best fitting option for your clients is their wishes and possibilities. We distinguished three main points that will open your client's mind to you a bit:

  • Type of shooting. The first thing you have to consider when offering your services to the clients is what genre of shooting it is. You see, wedding photography requires a bit different options and services, compared to portrait photoshoots. That’s why, when creating a photo package, you should first define the genres you work with. You see, the list of services you offer, like editing or duration, might be the same. But their specifics will differ, for instance, the type of editing.
  • Clients’ financial possibilities. You should divide your works by pricing no matter what genre it is. This is probably the main point when you are about to create your photography packages. During your career you will get offers from different people with different financial statuses, therefore to get more orders, your pricing should be versatile. Just decide what services will cost the least and which will cost the most. The financial division will ease and narrow the choice for clients.
  • Additional wishes. This point is closely connected with the previous one. You should pay attention to your clients' additional wishes for the photoshoot. Depending on their desires the price might change a little. Also, knowing all your clients’ needs and possibilities will certainly help you choose the best one among all the photo packages for them.

What should be included in all photography packages?

What should be included in all photography packages?

There is a list of basic services that will be present in all of your packages. These are usually the basic photography tools and services, considered by all the photographers. So, what are they?

  • Equipment expenses. When setting the price, consider the quality of your equipment, i.e., cameras, lighting equipment etc. Also, you should take note of how many of your professional tools you will need during the photoshoot. You should take into consideration the overall quality and level of your equipment, as it directly affects the quality of the photos. 
  • Editing services. Editing is also essential in making a good snapshot. Consider the level of editing software you use and the type of shooting. For instance, portrait photography will require some advanced cosmetic retouching, while wedding photography needs you to focus on the proper color correction and light balancing. 
  • Photoshoot costs. Most photoshoots include some additional spendings which are impossible to avoid. For example, in most cases, you will require a studio, makeup professional’s services or even a stylist. Of course, all of these details should be considered with clients and included in your photo packages.
  • Additional costs. These are usually also called hidden costs and include some minor details. For example, the time of editing, choosing the best one with the client, storing the photos, printing or digital sending. Generally, for these procedures photographers usually take very small additional fees. But they can’t be excluded from the working process, as they will affect the quality of the final result.

Categorizing your photography packages

Categorizing your photography packages

Now, let’s pass on three ways on how you should categorize your packages. You know about 4 basic features that are certain to be included in all of your packages in all photo genres. But how can you unite them?

  • Genre. First of all, divide your works into genres, for instance, portrait shooting, family photos, etc. Though all genres have quite common requirements, still there are certain peculiarities of each one. By specifying your photography packages by genre, you will quickly offer your clients the desired package. 
  • Services offered. When you create photography packages you should strictly classify the services each of them offers. This will ease the choice for your clients, yet still leave them satisfied, as they have got what they need.
  • Duration of the photoshoot. Most photographers define the duration of the photoshoot from the start. Some decide not to set the limits, yet take the pay hourly. We advise you to set the time, as that will soothe your clients from the financial side. You can set the time of minimal duration, medium and maximum for more convenience. 
  • Financial side. Basically, it is the most important point, as it contains all the previous points. The level and number of services in your photo packages will directly affect their price. So think carefully about what services for what price you want to offer. Setting the determined price, will ensure your clients in your honesty and professionalism, as well as soothes them from unexpected spendings. 

4 Types of photography packages

4 Types of photography packages

Considering all the previous points, most photographers distinguish three main types of photo packages, yet some add one more. Usually, they go under different names, but the point here is the 3-level assessment system: low, medium, high. The fourth one is not included by all of the photographers and is usually defined as “additional” or “extra”. Let’s take a closer look at each of them. 

  • Low (basic or silver). As you may have guessed this is the cheapest out of all photo packages, as it offers the most common snap services. Usually, it includes from 6 to 8 hours of the photoshoot, with the most basic photography kit. The editing level is also quite basic. But don’t think that you can offer bad quality for this price. Basic doesn’t mean bad.
  • Medium (standard or gold). This package offers services and tools on a bit more proficient level. The duration of such photoshoots commonly lasts from 8 to 10 hours. Clients get a bit more photos, and also are suggested more ideas. Actually, this type of package is the most popular with people, as we generally tend to pick up the middle options.
  • High (premium, platinum or top-level). These photography packages tend to be the most expensive, as they offer the widest range of features, services and of course top-level quality. For instance, there can be several ideas during the photoshoot. Commonly, such shootings last from 10 to 12 hours.
  • Extra or additional. This is usually not distinguished into a fully-alone package. Usually, additional packages include a mix of the previous packs or some extra wishes, for a complimentary fee. 

Consider your photography package styling

Consider your photography package styling

Your photographer portfolio needs to look very neat and stylish. Creating a special design for each of your photo packages is an excellent idea. That will show you even more professionally, besides your potential clients will see your style, which will help them to decide. Let’s take a look at some crucial points in creating a great photo package:

  • Style. Each type of package requires some special style that will highlight its genre. For example, wedding photography requires something more romantic and light, while boudoir shootings, need to be more sexy and bold, though not vulgar. 
  • Color style. When you are choosing some fancy design for your photography package, pay attention to its colors. It is essential to choose the right colors that will again highlight the genre of the package and its price. Besides, the colors should be compatible with each other.
  • Online and print portfolio. No matter which type of portfolio you choose, what matters is the overall look of it. It should be well set, neat, simple, and reflect your art views. 
  • The name of your packages is also important. You can stick to the traditional naming patterns, mentioned above. Or you can create your names. Just make sure that it is still clear what is implied in those names, as you don’t want to mislead the clients. 

Remember that not only the quality of your works matters but the way you present them!

How to set the price for your photo packages

How to set the price for your photo packages

First of all, you should fairly estimate the level of your skills, experience and equipment. To be a well-demanded photographer, you should set reasonable prices, which vary for clients with different financial abilities. So, how should you price different photo genres?

  • Event photography, like wedding or birthday photography, usually has high prices. The reason for that is a high level of responsibility. Usually, the details of the photoshoots are negotiated quite a lot of times in special consultations. Moreover, usually, people tend to have some particular wishes, which are not so common. Generally, the price depends on several points: clients’ wishes, time, number of consultations and preparations for the photoshoot

We advise you to differentiate event photos, as wedding photography has some particular specifics, which are different from birthday photos or graduate ones.

  • Portrait photography is also quite a popular pic genre, especially now, when so many people use social media. When you decide the price for this package, consider the editing tools, size and format of the photos. 
  • Family photos are usually pricey too, as photographers try to suggest a lot of ideas. It can be full-family photos or each member separately. In these styles of photoshoots you should consider the time, the number of photos and ideas. 
  • Boudoir photoshoots are quite popular too, yet a bit difficult to do as some clients tend to be shy. When you set the price for this type, take note of editing tools, makeup and stylists services, studio (if rented). 

Developing your brand

Developing your brand

It is quite important to gain some core audience for you, even if not all of it will be your clients. Still, the more people know about you the more chances for you to gain new clients. There are certain benefits to social media marketing. Some studies show that using social media can increase your traffic by 84%.

  • Create a website. First of all, you need to create a site which gives you the opportunity to display all of your photo packages and give some general info about yourself (as a photographer), your works and contacts. Having a website will make you more trustworthy with your clients. Besides, it is very convenient as it saves your and their time. 

Instead of calling and asking for a meeting where they can look at your works, people will simply scroll down your blog and decide from the very start, whether they want to work with you or not.

  • Social media page. Popular social media can also serve as an additional tool for your promotion. It is much easier to gain popularity there as everyone uses it. But, while the official site can be your main core, social media can serve as support. For instance, you can post some wedding photography, avoiding posting all of your works, therefore leaving something new on your site. 

An interesting social media page will serve as a lure for your site. So, don’t forget to share the link to it on your page.

All in all, making various photography packages will certainly bring a great number of benefits to your work. In this case, you are sure to attract more clients, as it will show the level of your mastership, diligence and approach to your work. Moreover, the more varied your services, the more people will be interested in them. Therefore, you will be able to suggest something to a bigger group of people. But remember that the most important thing in being a successful photographer is a constant improvement of your skills and experience level!


  • What should be included in a photography package?

Generally, the photoshoot should cover your main expenses, like equipment, time and some clients’ special wishes. Definitely, each photographer takes charge of shooting and editing time. Some even consider the level and quality of the editing software. The others take charge of consultations and storing the photos. The basics are shooting and editing time, equipment used, genre and services that you offer. But, if shooting is in some special place, where, for instance, your equipment is in danger (like in jungles, near the waterfall), or it’s a long destination shooting, you should include possible damage price and cover the flight.

  • How much does a photographer make in an hour?

The price directly depends on the photographer's experience, equipment and photography package. For example, beginners in the US usually charge from $26 to $41. But the price of a proficient photographer is much higher, from $75 up to $400, depending on the photoshoot and photo package type.

  • How much should I charge for family photos?

That highly depends on your skill level. But, for instance, the prices an average photographer in the US charges for a family photoshoot vary from $100 to $400 per hour. Commonly, most photographers take from $100 to $150 per hour. But that also quite depends on a lot of different points

  • How do  beginner photographers get clients?

You will have to spend a great amount of time doing free photoshoots for your family members, friends or other people that would like to get a free photoshoot. The main purpose for you as a beginner is to form a good portfolio. But unfortunately, it is quite hard for a young photographer to get orders, so such free shooting is your only choice.

  • How many photos does a family session take?

Commonly, from 10 hours of shooting you should get at least 40 fine photos to suggest to your clients. Usually, photographers choose from 30 to 65 photos, and then they show them to the clients to select the best ones. 

  • Why are photographers so expensive?

Photographers’ services are expensive as they infer the price of the required equipment (i.e., camera, lighting, tripod) , photographers' skills and the price of a photo package. Also, a lot of photographers include in their price list editing services and overall time of work. If you order a photographer to some far destination, don’t be surprised if the spendings on the flight will be included into pricing.

  • How many photos should I give my clients?

That highly depends on the type of photo package the client has chosen. The more exclusive the package, the more photos you should offer. The standard number of photos are 100 per one hour of shooting.

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